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The Possibilities of Pinterest outlines methods for positively practical pinning for pros.

Designed for beginners to everyday users, Doug Antkowiak outlines why Pinterest is important to marketers, methods of profile optimization and tools to successfully use the social network as a referral traffic generator.

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  • Use the hashtag #PortentU for any questions during the webinar. @Portent will be answering questions throughout and after the presentation.
  • Two ways to add a pin: Pin something from the internet or upload an image from your computer.
  • Users are more likely to follow boards compared to people because boards tend to share a common theme
  • It ’s a bitter sweet moment. Everything looks amazing, but you have no idea what the heck is going on.
  • It ’s a bitter sweet moment. Everything looks amazing, but you have no idea what the heck is going on.
  • 20 million unique visitors. That’s million… with a “B” (that’s supposed to be a joke)
  • Most search traffic comes from organic Google search (46.8%). Pinterest now beats Bing, StumbleUpon, Google referral sites like Google News & Twitter. Beats Google+, LinkedIn & YouTube combined. Stats presented by Shareaholic on TechCrunch.
  • Simply, Pinterest refers the most profitable buying traffic. Pinners have a high buying power, they spend more and they buy more often compared to other social networks.
  • Zappos makes so much money from Pinterest referrals, they’ve set up an app called PinPointing. This site will allow Zappos customers get product suggestions based on Pinterest activity. Story broke on Aug. 29.
  • It ’s a bitter sweet moment. Everything looks amazing, but you have no idea what the heck is going on.
  • The top 8 pinners on Pinterest as ranked by followers on repinly.com. These folks are outliers because they all started early in Pinterest ’s development and they were able to persuade users to follow their profile instead of specific boards, which is far more typical in the social network. This might correlate with the subjects and styles of boards in their profile.
  • The majority of top pinners describe themselves as graphic designers and social media experts. This is unique because they have an eye for style and they have an opportunity to share content they create, which is far more valuable than sharing someone else ’s content.
  • Top pinners pin a lot. Average amount of pins 7,111. Surprisingly, they don ’t follow many people. Average pinners only follow 167.
  • You have to be active if you want to be a popular pinner.
  • It ’s a bitter sweet moment. Everything looks amazing, but you have no idea what the heck is going on.
  • The more often you pin, the more chances you have to be seen by your followers.
  • This is something I stole from Ian ’s social media webinar. It works for just about any social media updating process: http://www.slideshare.net/wrttnwrd/portent-webinar-7-your-daily-social-media-routine
  • Drag the Pin It button into your bookmarks (works best with Chrome and Firefox).
  • When the button is in your browser, click it.
  • After you click the pin it button, it will pull all the pinnable images on the page.
  • Create special content for Pinterest. When you own the content, you’re more likely to receive the majority of repins and likes for the content.
  • Bryden is going to tweet this article out on @Portent if you want to read it
  • Kate Spade New York did very well at Pinterest in the beginning because they pinned interesting images that stayed within a theme of some of their products.
  • You’re more likely to receive repins when you have longer descriptions because your description can add to the user experience and it will help index your pin in the Pinterest major categories.
  • If you ’re running a smaller business, it’s very common to add an email address to the “about” section. For your profile image, optimize it for a 27px X 27px picture (really small) – that means not a lot of text. Don’t link Facebook to the page because Pinterest only connects to profiles, not pages. Add Twitter. Don’t hide Pinterest from search engines. We want them to find you.
  • Add a fun and descriptive title. For the board description, add a 200 character, keyword rich paragraph (we added the Twitter handles for the curators, but it ’s very common for people to add email addresses). Assigning a category is vital now that Pinterest separates pins into categories on the home page. Assigning additional people to pin will help share the workload of the board across multiple accounts.
  • Add a relevant category and a 200 word description with hashtags and profile tags if needed.
  • All pins with a money symbol ($) will add a price marker to the pin. This can help you pin get categorized in the Pinterest gifts category.
  • Liking and commenting are great ways to build interactions and stay social on the social network. Like items that you find interesting, but don’t have a designated pin board. Comment when you want to share an idea or tag another Pinterest user so they see the pin too.
  • Pinterest hashtags follow many of the same rules as Twitter hashtags
  • All hashtags become links to a Pinterest search for that term
  • My #webinar hashtag generated a search for all pins with the word “webinar” in the description
  • Hashtags also help Pinterest to categorize new pins in categories, which can help expose your pin to a wider audience.
  • If you repin an image and add a hashtag, it doesn ’t optimize the pin.
  • Repinned images won ’t display in search because the pin has already been indexed. Also, Intelligent Designs says you have to wait up to 4-5 hours to see your pin in search.
  • One click to follow buttons are awesome because they allow users to follow a page without leaving your site.
  • Add the pin it button on blog or product pages to increase sharing and to create a better user experience.
  • Pinerly is good, but it only works if you upload all of your pins through their tool, which takes away from simplicity of Pinterest. Also, Pinerly allows you to attribute any URL to a pin, which can create spam. Kitten pictures could lead to anything.
  • Tool allows you to add domains and subdomains, but not subfolders. When we tried it, the tracking wasn’t so instant.
  • So far my favorite tool because it’s the most simplistic tool to schedule updates that I’ve seen and it comes with a bookmarket. It does have the same spam potential from Pinerly.
  • When your mom asks how to make the picture with the words on it, you will now send her to PicMonkey.
  • Mornings and non-working hours are best.
  • Don ’t pin too many things at once. Pinterest blocks spam by only allowing pins to make the category boards ever few hours (some say Pinterest waits one hour, but it’s not an exact science yet). To be on the safe site, wait one to three hours when adding a pin into a category.
  • Images from imgur don ’t make the popular category pages. The best guess is that they want to be different from Reddit, but no one knows for sure.
  • We’ve worked with lifestyle brands and this idea would work with clothing, interior design and home décor brands.
  • Instructographics are different from infographics because they tell you how to create something.
  • While taller images are more important, any pins over 800 px will make the instrotographic unreadable in the Pinterest dashboard
  • Pin about popular topics like food recipes, home décor, weddings, inspirational items and quotes.
  • Rafflecopter is a simple way to create and track participation in a contest. Use the rafflecopter widget on your website or Facebook.
  • Example of rafflecopter widget in a Facebook application.
  • A few pieces of the puzzle were displayed as pins. Users were then asked to find the missing images throughout the website. This incentivized users to explore parts of a website that they might not normally see. We work with a lifestyle brand that asked users to make a specific board and list their five favorite products. It’s also a great opportunity to include hashtags in the promotion.
  • Possibilities of Pinterest

    1. 1. Possibilities of PinterestPositively Practical Pinning for Pros Find this Presentation: http://portent.co/webinarpinBy: DOUG ANTKOWIAK PORTENT, INC. Lead Social Media Strategist An Internet Marketing Company @SocialDoug @Portent
    2. 2. Use #PortentUSend any questions to @Portent
    3. 3. Quick Pinterest Intro
    4. 4. Pinterest = Virtual Pinboard Pin & organize online images
    5. 5. Add a Pin/Upload PinImage/video Image/video Collection of on internet on your images/videos computer Two ways to add a pin
    6. 6. Pinning Stuff I want to pin that! Awesome article from @WaitWait http://portent.co/PZAPsK
    7. 7. We Love Pins that Link to Content Pins create referral traffic sources
    8. 8. We Heart Pins that Link to Content ClickPicture Anyone who clicks this picture will now go to the article
    9. 9. Pinterest Boards Use boards to categorize pins by theme
    10. 10. Everyone had a first day on Pinterest
    11. 11. Mid 2010 Totally Don’t look gonna stupid pin this Squirrel! Neck deep in picture taking and wedding planning
    12. 12. Found a new site to bite onSometimes I can read Pluto’s mind
    13. 13. May the Force Be With Chew Pluto wanted to show me his new toys
    14. 14. What was I missing?
    15. 15. Audience 20 million unique visitors Stats from Compete.com
    16. 16. Referral Traffic Stats from http://portent.co/PKhNqd
    17. 17. Monetization Stats from http://portent.co/Q2c3Z4
    18. 18. Zappos Knows What’s Up Info from http://portent.co/Q2d1EF & http://pinpointing.apps.zappos.com/
    19. 19. Who’s doing Pinterest right?
    20. 20. Top 8 Pinners (ranked by followers) Stats from Repinly.com as of 8/20/2012
    21. 21. Top 8 Pinners (ranked by followers) Mother of Pinterest Founder Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Secret Squirrel Graphic Designer Social Media Graphic Designer Fabric Designer Stats from Repinly.com
    22. 22. Top 8 Pinners (ranked by followers) Mother of Pinterest Founder Graphic Designer 18,981 Pins 4,202 Pins Graphic Designer Secret Squirrel 4,699 Pins 3,416 Pins Graphic Designer Social Media 14,949 Pins 2,901 Pins Graphic Designer Fabric Designer 5,418 Pins 2,529 Pins Stats from Repinly.com
    23. 23. What It Takes Stats from http://portent.co/TvQ8b3
    24. 24. What can we learn?
    25. 25. AlwaysBePinningThe AIDA model might also help
    26. 26. 10 – 5 – 10 RuleCheck out portent.co/socnar
    27. 27. Start Pinning 10 minutes: Morning 5 minutes: Every 90 min 10 minutes: Evening Nobody said this was going to be easy
    28. 28. Pin It Button Drag intoBookmarks Pinterest.com/About/Goodies
    29. 29. ClickPinterest.com/About/Goodies
    30. 30. ClickPinterest.com/About/Goodies
    31. 31. Create Tons of Content Add your own happy clouds
    32. 32. That’s What We Did @Bryden13’s article http://portent.co/IbCYMe
    33. 33. Stay Within a Theme Pinterest.com/katespadeny/decorate-colorfully/
    34. 34. Describe Your Pictures Dan Zarrella’s got tons of awesome stats like this: http://portent.co/HxOYev
    35. 35. Raising Your Pinterest Potential
    36. 36. Optimize Your Profile
    37. 37. Optimize Your Boards
    38. 38. Optimize Pins Edit & optimize pins you’ve already created
    39. 39. Optimize Pins Add Hashtags and profile tags to descriptions when needed
    40. 40. Add a Price Add a price in the description & it will display on your pin
    41. 41. Like/Comment/Repin
    42. 42. Like/Comment/Repin Stats from http://portent.co/TvQ8b3
    43. 43. #Hashtag Detour
    44. 44. Pinterest Hashtags = Twitter Hashtags
    45. 45. Pinterest Hashtags Click
    46. 46. Pinterest Hashtags
    47. 47. Pinterest Hashtags Help Categorize
    48. 48. Only Use Fresh Pins w/ Hashtags Repinned with Added Hashtag http://portent.co/Tr19KS /
    49. 49. Only Use Fresh Pins w/ Hashtags My Repin Won’t Show Up Here Intelligentdesignsmedia.com/2010/02/14/using-hashtags-on-pinterest/
    50. 50. On Site Optimizations
    51. 51. Optimize Your Site Pinterest.com/About/Goodies
    52. 52. Remind People to Pin Pinterest.com/About/Goodies
    53. 53. Analyze Your Pinning
    54. 54. Google Analytics Social - Sources Start with Google Analytics to find referral traffic
    55. 55. Pinerly Pinerly.com only works when you upload all pins with their tool
    56. 56. PinAlerts PinAlerts.com will alert you when someone pins from your site
    57. 57. PinGraphy PinGraphy.com allows you to create pin queue & schedule updates
    58. 58. PicMonkey PicMonkey.com is a super amazing meme generator
    59. 59. Get Popular on Pinterest
    60. 60. Time is Important Great Scott! I forgot to pin this morning Pin during Mornings & Non- working hours
    61. 61. Pin Once Per Hour The pinning rampage ends now Pinterest limits ONE piece of content on category pages every one to three hours Source http://portent.co/GDgOlM
    62. 62. Don’t Use Imgur Pinterest just wants to be different from Reddit Source http://portent.co/GDgOlM
    63. 63. The Possibilities of Pinterst
    64. 64. Polyvore It Up 30 seconds in Polyvore Polyvore.com
    65. 65. Instructographics Search “instructographics” in Pinterest
    66. 66. Instructographics Stats at http://portent.co/HxOYev
    67. 67. Popular Topics Stats at http://portent.co/HxOYev
    68. 68. Contests Rafflecopter.com
    69. 69. Contests Rafflecopter.com
    70. 70. Contests Pick winners with Random.org Rafflecopter.com
    71. 71. Peugeot’s Panama Puzzle http://portent.co/Tr1WeI
    72. 72. Thank You Find this Presentation: http://portent.co/webinarpinBy: DOUG ANTKOWIAK PORTENT, INC. Lead Social Media Strategist An Internet Marketing Company @SocialDoug @Portent Send any questions to @Portent with #PortentU/