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Pinterest for Business: Quick Reference


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Highlights from a recent teleseminar I gave about Pinterest. More details here:

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Pinterest for Business: Quick Reference

  1. for Your Business How businesses can leverage theBy Aliza Sherman popular niche social network.
  2. Pinterest defined:According to Pinterest, their site is a Virtual Pinboard. On it’sAbout page, Pinterest explains that you can use their site to:•  Organize•  Share•  Discover•  Get inspirationThis kind of visual exploration and expression makes sense foran individual. But what about for a company or brand? How cana small business, for example, use Pinterest to their advantage?Before we take a look at some ways that businesses are alreadyusing Pinterest, let’s first talk a little bit more about howPinterest works. 1
  3. A few Pinterest stats•  Pinterest has over 10.4 million registered users, 9 millionmonthly Facebook-connecting users, and 2 million dailyFacebook users. (Inside Network, 2012)•  97.9% of Pinterest users are female. (Inside Network, 2012)•  Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube andLinkedIn combined. (Shareholic, 2012) 1
  4. Pinterest is still by invitation only Anyone with an account can easily invite you.   But this does create a sense of exclusivity.   1
  5. How Pinterest works…Pinterest provides a way for you to showcase your tastes,affinities, interests and style. You do this through “Pins” on“Boards” that represent different categories. You can set up as many boards and pins as you’d like. You canpin images you find on the web using the Pinterest “Pin It”bookmarklet, a button that you can add to your web browser. Youcan take images with your smartphone and upload them to yourPinterest account and to any board you specify or upload imagesfrom your computer.You can follow other “Pinners,” and they can follow you back,similar to Twitter with your followers and following. You can also“Like” other people’s pins, comment on them, and “Repin” themto one of your boards. 1
  6. Pinterest elements A Pin   A Board   A Repin   1
  7. Pinterest interactions A Comment   Likes & Repins   1
  8. #Pintip: Follow others with careWhen you follow others on Pinterest, you can either click the redbutton under their photo or logo to follow all their Boards, oryou can choose to follow specific individual boards. Don’t feel compelled to follow everything from everyone. Beingselective about your follows helps keep your Pinterest streammore relevant, less cluttered and “repinable.” 1
  9. Install the “Pin It” buttonFollow the instructions on the Goodies page to install the “Pin It”button ( on your web browser. 1
  10. Create BoardsYou can create a Pinterest board, name it, and categorize it.Pinterest starts you off with some default boards such as Placesand Spaces and My Style. You can edit those board names toanything that makes sense for you. Pinterest can display up to 9of your most recent images per board on your profile page. 1
  11. Pinning from your browserWhen you’re at a website that contains an image you’d like to pinto one of your boards, just click the Pin It button on your webbrowser that you’ve already installed. You’ll see a selection of images – and video – that is “pinable.” Choose a larger version of the image you want, if available. 1
  12. Pinning from the WebFrom the Pinterest website, you can also click the “Add+” link atthe upper right side of your Pinterest page. From there you canchoose to add a Pin by entering a URL of a site, and Pinterestwill search that site for pinable images. You can also upload aPin from your computer or create a new Board. 1
  13. #PinTip: Fill up your BoardsFill up a Board so it appears complete on your Pinterest profilepage. This takes only 9 images to appear complete. Incompleteboards look sloppy and convey a lack of interest. 1
  14. #PinTip: Rearrange your boardsAs you create and fill up your boards, you can rearrange them tobetter convey what you want others to know about you and yourbusiness. Prioritize your boards with the most relevant at thetop. Boards at the bottom may be noticed less so keep this inmind as you are arranging.You can also position boards that aren’t yet completed towardthe bottom. Some work in progress is perfectly acceptable. 1
  15. #Pintip: CollaborateInvite others to pin on your board to collaborate, organize andplan together, inspire and support one another… 1
  16. #PinTip: Check site “pinability.”If you want people to pin images or video from your site, youwant to make sure your multimedia is accessible to Pinterest. NOTE: You can also prevent people from pinning your site:   1
  17. #PinTip: Add the “Pin It” buttonIf you want to encourage pins of images or video on your site,you can add the “Pin It” button to your site. Go to the Goodiespage in Pinterest’s Help section. 1
  18. #Pintip: Pinterest widgetsYou can access widgets to display your pins on your WordPresssite or blog. Search for Pinterest in the widget directory. 1
  19. Things to do with Pinterest Get inspiration. Introduce your team. Organize images. Promote places or things. Drive traffic. Bookmark sites. Build a brand. Aggregate content. Reach new audiences. Share on Facebook & Twitter. Engage with consumers. Show pins on your site. Hold a contest. Let people pin your site content. Display products. Share “behind-the-scenes.” Demonstrate expertise. Tell a story. Promote events. Collaborate. Showcase clients or portfolio. Educate. 1
  20. Brands That Pin Here’s a list of some brands using Pinterest: Nordstrom – Bergdorf Goodman – Whole Foods – Chobani – Cabot Cheese – West Elm – Michaels – Better Homes & Gardens – Real Simple – Scholastic – Uncommon Goods – Birds Barber Shop – Domestica – 1
  21. Pinterest for Your BusinessFollow me at This presentation contains highlights from a recent teleseminar. Sign up to access the free MP3 recording plus an extended version of this presentation. Presented by Aliza Sherman @alizasherman