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Another slide deck on Pinterest


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An overview with some thoughts on use for B2B and a look at how to start using it.

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Another slide deck on Pinterest

  1. Quick Intro toand thoughts for B2B
  2. What is it?Virtual pin boards• Lets you organiseand share images and movies you find on the web or upload.• People use pinboards to curate images of things they like into niche groups.• Many use it to organise weddings, collect recipes and design homes….in their heads
  3. The opposite of Facebook Not what I am doing now – It’s what I wish I was doing It is aspirational
  4. How else can I use it?• You can browse pinboards created by other people.• To discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.• Create groups and contribute to others groups I LOVE this!!!
  5. Connects people throughshared interests and interesting imagery
  6. What you won’t find• Foursquare*• Status updates*• Applications*• Mafia Wars*• Spam*• Many men**Some commentators say this is why people, especially women, are sharing more
  7. What you will find• Craft• Female fashion• Food• Cats (and dogs)• Mostly women (83% female in USA)
  8. What sort of images?• Iconic• Cool• Funny• Sharp• Clever• Creative• Well taken photos• Brilliantly created graphics
  9. User demographicsbetween USA and UKvary considerably.Source
  10. Some more stats• 10m users, 2m active each day (USA)• Growing at 145% in 2012• Users spend 72 mins a day• More referral traffic than YouTube + LinkedIn + Google+• 80% of pins are re-pins, meaning it is viral• Appears to be more sticky that Twitter (keeps users)
  11. (followers) Big brands?• Etsy (53,784)• Real Simple (34,517)• HGTV (17,824) Do you spot anything here?• Nordstrom (9,886)• West Elm (11,547)• ModCloth(11,813)• Whole Foods (14,217)• Better Homes and Gardens (15,127)• Kate Spade (16,371)
  12. So what does this mean for B2B business? Most content B2B produce is not visualThis is the sort of thing you find when searching for IBM
  13. ..and this
  14. But not this *yawn*
  15. Yikes!
  16. Good Example See what I did there? Getting it right, not just broadcasting
  17. Awesome 1288 followers!
  18. Thoughts on B2B use• Great for capturing your • Don’t just use Pinterest to brand identity and spirit build your social world• Promote the things your • Don’t use it to advertise brand stands for • Don’t push your products• Find who is sharing your • Stock footage won’t cut it content• Put imagery into your communication plan• Crowdsource using shared groups• Play with it
  19. Big tipIt’s more about allowing people to find your content interesting than beingactive and pushing a message.. Pushing a message will fail.You don’t decide what is interesting, the community does.If something needs pushing, it ain’t viral.Remember this guy? He isn’t from IBM.
  20. Using Pinterest
  21. Pin Etiquette• Be nice• Credit your sources• Avoid self promotion• Report objectionable material• Tell us how to make it better
  22. When you find something you like..Use the “Pin it” button
  23. 1. Click the “Pin it” button in your browsertoolbar Adding a pin 2. Select the image 4. Looks like this 3. Select which board to pin it to, add a description
  24. Closer lookat a pin‘Repin’ it to your own board Clicking image takes and/or ‘Like’ it you to the original page – which is where it can drive traffic to your website Visitors can comment.. duh Who originally pinned it Who else pinned this? You might like to follow them or one of their boards – get connected
  25. SourceHow to master Pinterest for B2B marketingPinterest for BusinessWhy Pinterest is Addictive17 Stats about Pinterest