The pinterest guide oct 2012


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You've probably heard of Pinterest? You know that it is said to be the fastest website in history to blast beyond the 10-million-visitors-a-month!
WELL but how to use this new social platform? And most important, how to integrate your communication strategy on the web?
Because it's you, we will deliver you the key to Pinterest here!

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The pinterest guide oct 2012

  2. 2.    TABLE OF CONTENT Section 1: Introduction to Pinterest What is Pinterest? Why we should care? Top 10 Pinterest Boards Pinterest Vocabulary Section 2: Your Pinterest Board How to sign up for Pinterest? How do I install the "Pin It" button? How do I Pin stuff I find on the web? How to use Pinterest? When is the best time to make a Pin? How often should I share content? Which categories are Pinteresting on Pinterest? Which content for your Pinterest? Section 3: Pinterest Best Practice Section 4: Disko for your Pinterest
  4. 4.    WHAT IS PINTEREST?Pinterest is a social media website that allows users to organize andshare P(interesting) content from around the web on a virtual Pinboard.The content is organised in virtual Pinboards that appear as differentcategories. Popular categories to follow are travel, cars, film, humour,home design, sport, fashion, and art.All the photos, images and videos from the websites, as well as thevideos that have been created personally by the users, can be uploaded.Every content is called « Pin ».The users can like your pins or they can « repin » them on their ownPinboards. Other Pinners can comment on your Pins or share them onFacebook and Twitter.You can follow other Pinboards of friends or people and they canfollow you.
  5. 5.    WHY WE SHOULD CARE?Fastest website in historyPinterest is said to be the fastest website in history to blast beyond the10-million-visitors-a-month benchmark and it is growing at anastounding rate.1,3 million visitors per dayToday, more than 1million daily visitors can’t stop pinning their favouritephotos and images on Pinterest every day.More than 14,9 million usersIn July 2012, Pinterest had more than 14,9 million users. Pinterest usershave increased by more than 145% since the beginning of 2012.Passionate usersPinterest users are passionate and tend to spend a lot of time on thesite. American users of the social network spend an average of 1hourand 17 minutes on Pinterest as compared to: Twitter (36minutes),LinkedIn (17 minutes), Google+ (6minutes).2-3 times as active as Twitter usersPinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times moreefficiently than Twitter was at a similar time in history.
  6. 6.    Ladies Love PinningPinterest users are overwhelmingly female. 80% of Pinterest user base isfemale.Pinterest generates revenueStatistics show that Pinterest generates four times more revenue perclick than Twitter, and increases revenue by 27 % more per click thanFacebook.Growing referral trafficBesides its enormous user base, Pinterest referral traffic grew by 43.7%from June to July and grew again by 33.33% from July to August.Undoubtedly, the success of Pinterest may be due to the fact that itprovides a component of interest and social exchange, which iscontextually relevant content to users and their friends.Pinterest differs from many other social media platforms in that it isimage-based, which has allowed the possibility for users to follow theseimages, giving it a strong visual component.This is why Pinterest is popular for recipe sharing, interior design,fashion, and online shopping.
  7. 7.    TOP 10 PINTEREST BOARDSThe top profiles, owned by individuals, on Pinterest are over 10 timeslarger than the top profiles owned by companies — and none arecelebrity accounts.Heres the top 10 according to ZoomSphere (July 2012): Personal Account Followers Jane Wang 3,828,116 Jennifer Chong 2,153,203 Mike D 1,833,889 Maia McDonald 1,792,461 Caitlin Cawley 1,721,870 anna h 1,666,806 Daniel Bear Hunley1,645,151 Michael Wurm Jr. 1,318,859 Bright.Bazaar 1,314,796 Ez Pudewa 1,268,812
  8. 8.    PINTEREST VOCABULARYPin – A pin is an image saved to Pinterest. You can pin any image yousee online or repin one that another user has already pinned.Board – A board is a collection of pins. These are usually themed andusers can have as many different boards as they like.Pinning – The act of saving an image to one of your boards onPinterest.Repin – Pinning an image to one of your boards that was previouslypinned by another user to one of their boards.Pin it button – The tool Pinterest has created to make it easy to pinany image in your browser just by a button. When you sign up,Pinterest will guide you on how to install this button.Like – That is similar to repinning, however you do not make a copy onyour own boards. You’ll find the entire listing of things, which you likedbelow “Likes” in your profile page.Comment – It’s possible to add comments to pins. Simply click thecomment button to comment.Categories – Pinterest offers already defined general topics orcategories. When creating boards, it is possible to choose the categoryshowing which board it is closely associated with, for example Cars &Motorcycles, Architecture, Fitness, Outdoors, Men’s Apparel,Photography, Tech and so on.# – You may use hash tags (#) to include searchable tags to your pinssimilar to Twitter@ – You can suggest a pin to a different user under definite conditions.
  10. 10.    HOW TO SIGN UP FOR PINTEREST?To sign up for Pinterest, go to and select thebutton "Join Pinterest" at the top of the page. You can register viaFacebook, Twitter, or an e-mail address.Be sure to register your account with the same email address you usefor your business’ Twitter account so you can easily share your newpins through your Twitter account, too.HOW DO I INSTALL THE “PIN IT” BUTTON?Installing the Pinterest bookmark will enable you to easily add to yourpinboards while you search the web. Add this link to your BookmarksBar: to install the Pin It button on different navigators:Internet Explorer 9 installed in your browser, the “Pin It” button lets you grab animage from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. Whenyou pin from a website, it automatically grab the source link with acredit of the original creator.
  11. 11.    HOW DO I PIN STUFF I FIND ON THE WEB?Some websites have a “Pin It” button at the bottom of their posts. Click that button to pin the article. If the website doesn’t have a “Pin It” button you can add one to your bookmarks bar on your browser. It just takes a minute to install.
  12. 12.    HOW TO USE PINTEREST?Once your account is activated, set up your Pinterest profile. This willhelp your Pinterest account show up in search engine results:Set Up Your Personal PreferencesIn the top right corner, you should see your name and avatar picture,which displays a dropdown menu of all your settings when you roll yourmouse over it. Invite Friends/Find Friends: You can invite friends without Pinterest accounts or find friends with existing Pinterest accounts by using Email, Yahoo, Gmail or your Facebook network. Boards: Displays all the pinboards you created. Pins: Displays all the things you recently pinned.Likes: Displays all the things you liked by pressing the heart icon (foundon each pin).Settings: Change all your personal settings like your bio, profile picture,email, password, location, website, social networks and privacy settings.
  13. 13.    Add Things to Your BoardsOnce you have set up your profile you can start adding things to yourboards. In order add a Pin, a video, upload a pin or create a board youhave to click the “Add +” option.Add a Pin: Option to add a direct URL to a specific image you want topin.Upload a Pin: Option to add an image from your computer, so youcan upload it to the web.Create a Board: Creation of different boards and to organize your pins.Hint: You can create new boards even as you pin something new.Before you pin a new image, Pinterest will ask you which board to pin itto, and you can even create a new board if desired.
  14. 14.    Follow Other UsersIf you find that you really like the boards and pins of specific users, youcan follow them so that their images will show up on your personalhomepage board feed. Simply click the username of any Pinterest user to pull up their profile and click “Follow ” to follow of that user’s boards, or you can alternatively follow specific boards of that user if you just want to follow a few.Interact with Other UsersPinterest’s intuitive user platform makes it extremely easy for anyone toshare and interact with other people. When you roll your mouse overevery pinned item, you should see the following buttons pop up: Repin: Use this to repin the item to one of your own boards. Like: Click “Like” to let the user know you put your own sort of “stamp of approval” on that item by liking it. Comment: If you have something to say about the pinned item, feel free to leave a comment.If you click on any pinned item, you can also see it in a larger viewframe with even more options. You can tweet the link, post it to yourFacebook profile, embed the code onto a website, and see relatedpinned items from the same board and user.
  15. 15.    Discover new things by navigating through PinterestOn your homepage you should notice a few options in the middle ofthe top menu bar. These will help you to find new users to follow andnew things to pin to your boards. Homepage: The homepage displays all the things that people you follow are pinning. Everything: Option to display a list of categories of things you can browse through. Popular: Images that generate the most interest, the most repins, the most likes and the most comments on Pinterest. Gifts: Users like to recommend things they buy or products they sell on places like Etsy. Gifts are categorized by a price. Click on any item to enlarge it and scroll down to the bottom to see the website link where you can purchase the item.
  16. 16.    WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO MAKE A PIN?If you want to pin during the day, do so between 2 and 4 p.m. EST. Thebest time to post in the evening is between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. EST.HOW OFTEN SHOULD I SHARE CONTENT?Pin and maintain your boards regularly to keep your Pinterest presencealive and well. If you have a regular update schedule for other platformsyou’re on, make a point of going to Pinterest on a pre-determinedschedule to see what’s being pinned by people/brands you alreadyfollow, everything and popular pins (ones with a high number of likes,comments and repins). By looking at popular pins, you’ll also get an ideaof the type of content that the Pinterest community tends to favour.
  17. 17.    WHICH CATEGORIES ARE PINTERESTING ONPINTEREST?Pinterest is a Social Media platform focused on lifestyle. Lifestyle Seekerson Pinterest are looking for Information, Ideas and Inspiration.
  18. 18.    WHICH CONTENT FOR YOUR PINTEREST?Pinterest offers a range of activities you can initiate to market yourcompany to a new audience. The goal here is to gain brand recognition,drive traffic to your website and be successful at converting the newvisits into leads.Pinterest is a visual social network. In order to enabled real businessesto leverage photos as an inbound marketing mechanism you needcreate pinboards that highlight your best visual content.Promote a LifestyleInstead of simply blasting people with product pictures, it’s important tothink outside of the box. Work on creating pins that create the actuallifestyle that your brand has to offer. This type of marketing is moreengaging and effective, since it allows consumers to see how your brandwill fit with their lifestyle.Asos includes product ideas, lifestyle and celebrity content, andcompetitions. Unlike some other retailers ASOS also gets the social
  19. 19.    aspect of Pinterest and has repined a number of images that link toother blogs and articles.Showcase Your BrandUse Pinterest to present your brand and your attractive products onPinterest. You can create boards for different product ranges.Create a user-generated pinboardBy enabling other users to contribute their own pins to your pinboards,you open up a great opportunity to involve fans and customers in yourmarketing. Pick out a few of your top evangelists or customers, andcreate a board dedicated to their pins. Ask the customer to pin imagesthat showcase the lifestyle they enjoy because of your brand. This is agreat way to leverage customer testimonials in a unique and visual way.
  20. 20.    Visual content from BlogsInteresting photos or videos from your blog or website can beconnected with Pinterest. Start using beautiful images in your blogarticles with the point of pinning them to your pinboards.Personalizing your brands style or what your brand stands for. UsePinterest to show your style, what makes you different, what yourbrand stands for. Putting a face to your brand is easily done withPinterest.Create a video galleryAlthough images are the main things that get shared on Pinterest,there’s also a special section for videos too. Create a pinboard of someof the interesting videos that promotes your product, service orcompany.If the videos are more then puff pieces and add actual value they standevery chance of getting repined – thus promoting your brand evenfurther.
  21. 21.    Host a contestUsing Pinterest contests, your brand can engage with consumers in apersonal and cost-effective way.Contests can also help you collect customer information, preferencesand feedback. This valuable data can then be put into action to enhanceyour offerings and acquire more customers.There are different types of Pinterest contests and examples to get youinspired to craft a Pinterest contest for your business.One creative way to utilize Pinterest is to hold a « Pin It to Win It»contest. Participants are encouraged to browse your website, createpins of items they liked and the most creative and stylish entries wonprizes. This kind of contest can engage your audience and also getsthem to your site, browsing your products and linking to them!
  22. 22.    Sell your productsWhen pinning an image, it has to be accompanied by a description. Ifyou add a “$” or “£” to your pin, Pinterest will automatically create aprice banner for your photo and your pin will also be listed in a special‘Gifts’ section on the site.Use Pinterest as a research toolPinterest is incredibly valuable in regards to consumer insights. Itinstantly shows us what catches people’s eyes and how are they talkingabout it through the number of likes and re-pins and the captions. Youhave the possibility to have a look at the content being pinned to findideas around your vertical markets, observe first-hand reactions on newproducts or or test product launches.
  23. 23.    Add links in the descriptions of you pinsWhenever possible, include links back to your website and landingpages in your pins to drive traffic back to your website. Keep track ofreferral traffic and leads generated from Pinterest. Such insights willinform you about how useful this platform is in comparison to yourother efforts.If you are uploading a photo instead of pinning something live on yourwebsite, select a link that makes sense and include that in the pindescription.The combined impact from each pin’s clicks and re-pins will give you abig advantage. Also consider adding more and more pins to yourboards over time as you promote new visual content by your company.Be creative and foolishThe concept of Pinterest is to discover and share new things. Becreative, innovative and foolish to get the attention of the followers.
  25. 25.    Think before you pinBe strategic about your brand’s Pinterest messaging and concept beforelaunching your brand’s page.Chose the right name for your boardsName your pin boards after your business type, products, and services.Be creativeCreate the quirky, odd, funny pictures that have some relevance toyour brand, products, or services, and that appeal to women.Get visibilityTo get the most visibility for your pins, connect your Pinterest accountto your other social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter. Besure to add your companys home page URL.Choose quality over quantityChoose quality over quantity; only pin things that are relevant andinteresting to your audience. Instead of creating hundreds of boards andpinning items, choose content that is appropriate, creative andshareable.Cross promote your pinsShare your pins on Facebook and Twitter, but carefully. Select only themost interesting pins to share on the other platforms to avoid over-promotion.Use hash tags #Just like Twitter and Google+, Pinterest supports the usage of hash tags.Users can use hash tags to tag their pins and make their content moresearch-friendly.Follow other Pinterest usersFollow other Pinterest users in your local area and/or field of expertise.Comment on and share their pins; theyll often return the favour.
  26. 26.    Post regularly on your pinboard.If you regularly update your Pinterest with content that can only befound there, the more your followers will be aware of it. Promote yourbrand by coming up with a catchy slogan that is tied to your businessand memorable enough so that the images get re-pinned.Encourage PinningMake sure that your website includes Pinterest “Pin It” buttons so thatyour site users can easily post and share content with their friends andfollowers.Dont get too self-referentialPinterest is about sharing passions; its not for talking about yourself (likeon Facebook). Re-pin pins from your followers and add them to yourboards. Create boards for things that pertain to your industry. Just shareinteresting, funny, beautiful image, which the users can like.Embed videos on your PinboardThere is no reason why you should send people to YouTube to watchyour videos. Keep them right on your board with embedded videos!Watermark Your ImagesConsider discretely watermarking photos that can be used for socialmedia promotion with the source website and/or product information.Develop an infographicInfographics are highly popular these days and the best ones tend to getreposted and shared widely.Create Infographics related to your area of expertise and distribute iton Pinterest.
  28. 28.    Pinterest Launch and Management. Creation and launch of thePinterest account including development of the profile photo, and themanagement of the pins and boards. Design Adaptations of thePinterest profile according to news of the brand.Strategic planning. Disko proposes to accompany you in a veritablestrategy of activation, engagement and community visibility byimplementing a visual guideline. A device built around Pinterest,Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to build up an image of your brandand to relay promotional offers.Creative Design. The Brand Content team of Disko support thePinterest profile with creative content such as photos and videos, etc.All Brand content is innovative and in line with your news and yourvisual guidelines.Pinterest Contests.Management of a contest, including the design concept and theanimation of the community during the competition. Cross-mediacommunication on Facebook and Twitter with a final report of theresults.Brand Support. With the arrival of the Pinterest for brands, the visualcontent is more than ever THE king. Disko accompanies the brand andmanages the news (New product releases, Events, etc.) on the Pinterestboard.Real-Time Conversation. Animation of the community in real-time andresponding to questions based on the defined visual guideline in orderto achieve a positive influence and create a relationship between thefans and the brand.