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Ideas for business. BRAVE presentation, January 201

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Social Media

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAIdeas For Business Jon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey
  2. 2. A SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE You do not want
  3. 3. WHO IS THIS MUPPET?Jon PayneOver 12 years in Online MarketingFounder of…Noisy Little Monkey LtdDigital Marketing Agency
  4. 4. NOISY LITTLE WHAT?Noisy Little Monkey LtdSearch & Social Media Agency Winner: Best Innovation Finalist: Best Recruitment Campaign
  5. 5. consultreport research do train
  6. 6. Who trusts you?Over 80 businesses, charities and government bodies in Europe, North America & Africa
  7. 7. whytakeaways where style roi guide
  8. 8. whytakeaways where style roi guide
  9. 9. Become A Lebeouf Brand g Be here, be there, be every-flipping-where.
  10. 10. Turn Customers Into Beleibers Talk about brand loyalty
  11. 11. It’s So SpreadableYour audience is already segmented into groups who’ll spread different elements of your message
  12. 12. For Market IntelligenceLearn what people are saying about your brand, your competitors Respond accordingly
  13. 13. Authority gSeed content that gets shared by, mentioned by and links from real people will get you rank on Google
  14. 14. More Web Traffic, More Leads, Less Money Seriously. Investment in intelligent use of social media gives you long term return in terms of visitors to your siteg long term Google ranking and
  16. 16. Doing The UsualUsing Job Boards, adding nothing but jobs to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  17. 17. Getting Imaginative 22% additional unique visits to the website
  18. 18. Short Term Campaign Seeded with influencers online and offlineUser Generated Content (UGC), well seeded. Genuine interaction with audience.
  19. 19. Keep The Audience Engaged 3 times the traffic
  20. 20. It’s Bootsy, baby Keep itg fresh, get noticed
  21. 21. whytakeaways where style roi guide
  22. 22. WHERE SHALL WE ENGAGE? And who with?
  23. 23. There are loads more than this g
  24. 24. But we’ll concentrate on these Ones where weg really get results can
  25. 25. WHERE SHALL WE ENGAGE? On Your Site
  26. 26. Where? On your site! • Social media works best when there is some meat on the bone • WordPress is the best • Your web designer will love it• It needs to be: – On www.<yoursite>/blog – Updated regularly – Give useful information – Contain unique insights / perspective / news – Running the Yoast SEO plug in
  27. 27. You may not use another platform People recognise WordPress and use it easily. Google loves it
  28. 28. You may not stick with what you have Unless it is WordPress
  29. 29. Social media will not work effectively without it Srsly.
  30. 30. I don’t make any commission It’s free.
  31. 31. Choose An Adaptive Design g Because people get their social on from smart phones
  32. 32. A home page g So far, so normal
  33. 33. The blog bit g Note the categories menu
  34. 34. A blog post g Yay! Video! People love video.
  35. 35. A home page g So far, so boring
  36. 36. The blog bit Note theg calls to action
  37. 37. A blog post Yay, people g helicopters! love
  38. 38. Don’t forget sharing buttons… Think g Goldilocks!
  39. 39. The results gAmazing Google rank – this sort of stuff has got them mentions in Parliament!
  40. 40. Keep The Audience Engaged 3 times the traffic
  41. 41. WHERE SHALL WE ENGAGE? On Facebook
  42. 42. Where? On Facebook• Soft messages – Or at least consider the audience• Sharing blog posts – Great to get them ranked on Google• Encourage customer testimonials• Share pictures and videos• Consider Advertising Talk to me later if you want some advice about advertising
  43. 43. gThere are profiles for people and pages for organisations , this is my PUBLIC profile
  44. 44. Facebook gThis is my news feed from here I can access most stuff
  45. 45. gThis is a company page
  46. 46. Create your organisation’s page• Go to any company page on Facebook• Click ‘Create a Page’ g You’ll need a personal Facebook account
  47. 47. Create a page Don’t get clever. If you’re a local business, choose that… gYou can change it later, but it will affect how this page ranks in Google
  48. 48. Finesse it I like this Get 25+ fans and choose a username / vanity URL at g makes it easier to share your page
  49. 49. I like thisDon’t forget to g to your website! link
  50. 50. What is interesting to your target market? g Like relevant organisations and causes, share INTERESTING stuff,
  51. 51. See what works g Show the Admin Panel for your page
  52. 52. See what works gGo into insights to see what gets shared / increases likes
  53. 53. InsightsIf you lose / gain a few likes in a month, no problem. g It’s the overall trend that is important.
  54. 54. Don’t expect too muchIn any given week,less than 0.5% ofFacebook fans engagewith the brand theyare fans of.Marketing Science g It takes time to find your feet
  55. 55. Don’t expect too muchIn any given week, less than 0.5% of 74% of our client’s FacebookFacebook fans engage with the brand fans engaged with them inthey are fans of. Marketing Science November 2012 g But don’t settle for what everybody else gets
  56. 56. Don’tYou want people who want to engage. Not this crap. g I will come to your house and slap you.
  57. 57. WHERE SHALL WE ENGAGE? On Twitter
  58. 58. Where? On Twitter• Quick! Max 140 Characters – Actually, only 100 – leave room for comments & RTs• Sharing blog posts• Outreach to influencers• Use #s sparingly• Quality, quality, quality• Relevance For more tips check us out
  59. 59. gThis is my profile
  60. 60. First name, Last nameBio Good ratio of followers to following Location Web link g This is a company profile
  61. 61. Tweetiquette It doesn’t have to be a ‘reply’ it can be just a way to get attention…@<name> at the beginning = a replyThis will show up on both your twitter profilesAnd in the tweetfeeds of people who followBOTH of youIt’s kind of direct, so expect the recipient to see it 140 Characters in the tweet+20 (max) in your twitter name = 160 characters g 160 characters = maximum size of SMS message (a text message)
  62. 62. TweetiquetteRT@<name> at the beginning = a ReTweetThis will show up on your twitter profileAnd in the tweetfeeds of people who follow youThe person you RT’d can also see you did this g ReTweeting is a great way to share useful info while giving attribution to the creator
  63. 63. TweetiquetteThough mostly today people just click theRetweet icon which is quicker and moreeconomical and saves characters. g MT = Modified Tweet, to RT but edit slightly… you can also do this with quotation marks
  64. 64. TweetiquetteSome words @<name> = mentionThis will show up on your twitter profileAnd in the tweetfeeds of people who follow youIt’s not very direct though, so don’t expect a reply g A mention is less in your face than a reply – often a good way to get an RT off an influencer
  65. 65. TweetiquetteDM @<twittername> is a direct messageThese are ‘private’ but are easy to accidentallyshareIf you want privacy, use an email g You can only DM someone who follows you
  66. 66. TweetiquetteLinks show up in long formOr shortened automatically, to save characters A link in the middle of a tweet, g with no @s or #s attracts most clicks
  67. 67. Tweetiquette#s or Hashtags denote ‘keywords’ or ‘topics’ thatpeople may follow using an automated searchOr for ‘hilarious’ comedy effect g #EpicFail
  68. 68. Twitter ResultsReTweets and engagement with real people arewhat countDon’t measure ‘Klout’ it’s flakyCheck out Followerwonk for insightsDoing it properly can take time g - it’s free
  69. 69. WHERE SHALL WE ENGAGE? On Google+
  70. 70. Where? On Google+• Like Facebook + Twitter + Video Skype• Sharing blog posts• Outreach to influencers• Quality, quality, quality• Relevance
  71. 71. You already have it if you use GMail g Google Circles in Gmail?
  72. 72. It’s changing Google’s results This is a HUGE change. Google g doesn’t mess with it’s results pages lightly
  73. 73. Personal recommendations to me g Google already does this a little, but this is quite a jump
  74. 74. Google+ gLike Facebook there are profiles for people and pages for organisations , this is my profile
  75. 75. Google+ gThis is my news feed from here I can access most stuff
  76. 76. gThis is a company page
  77. 77. Sign up, create a page g You will need a personal profile to do this
  78. 78. Follow the instructions• Get your web designer to add the +1 button to your site• Follow brands that are using G+ well – Burberry – Red Bull – The Muppets• Come hangout with Noisy Little Monkey – We’ll experiment together g We love hangouts
  79. 79. Google+ results g Local SEO
  80. 80. Google+ results g Local SEO
  81. 81. Google+ results gOWN Google (Yeah, we’re working on “the trousersnake issue”)
  82. 82. FOLLOWER NUMBERS = VANITYEngagement & quality shares are what matter
  83. 83. whytakeaways where style roi guide
  84. 84. Who are the passionate ones? These will share your content and brand messages. They have influence over…
  85. 85. The silent stalker. These will visit your site, convert to leads, but rarely share and are sometimes members of the press
  86. 86. Which will give you easy, free PR Not always quite as good as the real thing, but you’ll sound maven when you talk to your PR nebbish
  87. 87. Style Guide Kick Off• What do we want from social media?• Who are your audience?• What do my audience want?• Who do they trust? – How can we get them to share our content?• What does that mean for my writing style? – (edgy, chatty, professional, informal?)• From a brand perspective how do we work it?• Who is empowered to do this?• How do we deal with negative comments? Get the brand guardians, free thinkers and social junkies in on the chat Take AT LEAST half a day to discuss it
  88. 88. Sometimes, people feel let down by your business. They may mention this on social media
  89. 89. What does it mean to you?
  90. 90. Old SkoolBut shiny new channels
  91. 91. Tiger Giraffe BreadGreat customer service from clever people gets more shares than bad customer service
  92. 92. Tiger Giraffe Bread Someone even made him a fan page
  93. 93. Tiger Giraffe Bread Expensive space to buy
  94. 94. New SkoolListening to what people say about you
  95. 95. Listen to Social Channels At the very least, monitor brand mentions – Respond helpfully.
  96. 96. Lots of people could stumble across your conversations Some people will actively monitor them
  97. 97. It’s All PublicMost conversations are public and you can normally turn people around with decent customer service
  98. 98.
  99. 99. REPUTATION MANAGEMENT & SEO (or winning on Google)
  100. 100. We can push • bad press • negative feedback • nuisance listings down because we OWN this pageSearch for your brand (use an incognito / private browsing window)
  101. 101. A velocity of sharing + branded search volume demonstrates to Google which sites should be included in the Search SuggestionsThis becomes self fulfilling – because people click suggest
  102. 102. ON THE SUBJECT OF SEO Search Engine Optimisation
  103. 103. Typically SEO = NGreat content is what gets you great rankings g If you’re paying someone for ‘SEO’ – run an audit. Most of us them are crooks.
  104. 104. whytakeaways where style roi guide
  105. 105. Measuring Return On Investment• It’s really difficult but vital• Start with the end in mind – What are your marketing / PR goals?• Get the right data• Act on it Plan, do, review, improve
  106. 106. Accurate Data Required Our first Chrome Extension:
  107. 107. Accurate Data Required With Professor Traffic from Noisy Little Monkey all you work shows up in Google Analytics, no mess, no fuss.
  108. 108. Takeaways• Does your marketing team KNOW your audience? – Your nerds might not be your target market for sales – Try producing content for ‘personas’ in your audience• Does your style guide fit that audience?• Is your team is empowered to: – Deal with difficult questions? – Deliver amazing customer service?• Are you measuring the goals that demonstrate ROI? – Clue: this is not numbers of followers / likes• Are you refining and innovating? Ask me questions here - @MrJonPayne
  109. 109. The Best Social MediaCelebrates Creativity
  110. 110. THANKS!@NoisyMonkey ?