Google Shopping: Make the Migration to PLAs


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Our September webinar on Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads (PLAs) as Google retires the “free” product feed format on Google Shopping and moves to pay to play listings. We’ll go over best practices on how to set up in AdWords, Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics, lesser known details and tips for success.

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  • Ad examples
  • Rick’s quote on “product feed optimization”
  • 1-2 layers in
  • 6 layers in
  • 4 layers in
  • Don’t duplicate, follow your site taxonomy, mimic google product type
  • More time consuming that using filters
  • We’ll discuss how to maximize your success against the competition in your industry and in your local area. 
  • Google Shopping: Make the Migration to PLAs

    1. 1. MAKE THE MIGRATION:GOOGLE PRODUCT LISTING ADS The Portent Webinar Series Elizabeth Marsten @ebkendo
    2. 2. #PORTENTU
    3. 3. What’s Happening?Google Shopping is going from free to not free.
    4. 4. What’s Changing
    5. 5. What Should You Do?
    6. 6. PANIC!!!
    7. 7. …or pay attention to this webinar.
    8. 8. It’ll be OK.
    10. 10. Google Merchant Center Account a/k/a Google Base
    11. 11. Product Feed
    12. 12. Ability to edit the product feed
    13. 13. Google AdWords Account
    14. 14. Google Analytics/Conversion Tracking
    15. 15. Putting the Pieces Together
    16. 16. Merchant Center Checklist Create feed Upload to Merchant Center Make sure Merchant Center info is filled in Wait for feed to be accepted Link Merchant Center with AdWords
    17. 17. AdWords Checklist Create new campaigns for PLAs Create new ad groups for PLAs Set ad group bids, campaign budget Do NOT add any keywords/text ads Write promotional adsSet bids for AdWords attributes
    18. 18. Analytics Checklist Tag all destination URLs AdWords conversion tracking Auto- tagging enabled eCommerce/goal tracking in GA
    19. 19. Research Cart Capabilities Can you export the needed attributes? Can you submit directly to Google? Can you edit the feed or submission to use AdWords attributes? Do you need any plugins, extensions or support?
    21. 21. Create a New Campaign
    22. 22. Create Ad Groups
    23. 23. Writing the Ads•Technically “optional”•35 characters•No DKI•Follow AdWords Editorial Guidelines
    24. 24. “Optimizing” The Feed•Do more than the required attributes•Be descriptive, unique•Watch character limits•Use the AdWords attributes•Consider the “freshness” factor•Feeds have a sort of “quality score” too
    25. 25. “The term data feed optimization got reallypopular a few years ago. And it’s something thatkind of resonates with retailers who don’t workwith feeds a lot. So they think that data feedoptimization is some sort of magical formulawhere you take their feed and you’re doing all thiscrazy stuff to send out their feed and that’s goingto magically get you better results.” -Rick Backus, CPC Strategy
    26. 26. Categorization/Google Product Type
    27. 27. “All Products”
    28. 28. Maximizing the ROI on Your Feed
    29. 29. Google Product Type vs. Product TypeProduct Type = YOUR taxonomy
    30. 30. Using Brand
    31. 31. Bidding by Labels/Groups
    32. 32. Bid On One Product
    33. 33. Layer Attributes
    34. 34. Removing Products True = included in AdWords/PLAs False = don’t include
    35. 35. Using Negative KeywordsPLAs don’t use search keywords, but you can use negative keywordsat the ad group and campaign level.
    36. 36. Ad Group Bid vs. Target Bid
    37. 37. Using GA
    38. 38. Use the Product Performance section
    39. 39. Use the MCF Section in GA
    40. 40. No One Knows Everything… not even close.
    41. 41. GA Questions?• Will adwords_redirect attribute to separate the soon to be retired “free” from paid?• ValueTrack parameters?• Tagging all destination URLs becoming obsolete?
    42. 42. Multi Client Account – Merchant Center• What is it?• You might need one.• It might not work.• Must submit this form to get one.
    43. 43. Other Mysteries• CPA % Bidding• More attributes?• Separate PLA traffic from
    44. 44. Resources(links also available through bundle)• CPC Strategy: Google Shopping 2.0 ebook• Portent Blog• Google Merchant Center Help• Sign up for AdWords & Merchant Center blogs
    45. 45. My Newest PPC eBook(and my last shameless plug)
    46. 46. Write Ad Copy that Inspires GreatnessWhy you need this book: Craft clickable, clever content Flourish in today’s competitive advertising SERP Avoid the mockery of Pull profit (from) clicks Transform your ads from money suckers to money makers Leap tall buildings in a single bound OK, that last one isn’t true
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    48. 48. After the webinar:•Email with Vzzar, Slideshare links for re-enjoyment• bundle of links mentioned•Check out that sweet new ebook on ad copyAnd here is October’s FREE webinar…
    49. 49. The Portent Webinar SeriesSEO FOR SMALL BUSINESSESThursday, October 24, 11am PST Josh Patrice @syzlak
    50. 50. Q&A#PORTENTU
    51. 51. Thank You!Elizabeth