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Staffing Industry Marketing Show 'n Tell

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Staffing Industry Marketing Show 'n Tell

  1. 1. Show‘N Tell Recent work and case studies
  2. 2. Custom Website Design
  3. 3. A&A Search A & A Search was looking to combine all of their divisions (IT, IT Financial and ClinLab Scientific) into one easy-to-navigate site. • Three main boxes use a rollover to provide an overview of each division. • Blog feed autopopulates as new posts are added.
  4. 4. A&A Search Large drop down nav allows easy access to any of the services pages.
  5. 5. A&A Search An accordion menu displays details on frequently available jobs.
  6. 6. StaffMasters wanted to strongly brand themselves as a high-end, quality staffing firm, who are experts at high-volume industrial staffing. • Tall home page design provides an introduction to all their services. • Hot jobs are dynamically fed into the home page. • Multiple navigation options make it easy for employers and job seekers to find information. • Contact form is integrated into home page for easy response. StaffMasters
  7. 7. Full home page * We know this is a little hard to see in a slideshare. Check out the live site to see this website in action: StaffMasters
  8. 8. • Subpage banners effectively introduce services. • Relevant news is fed in from the blog. • Contact form integrated into every page. • Testimonials update as new ones are received. • Paralax effect adds a fun element to the design. StaffMasters
  9. 9. BOS Staffing wanted a clean, professional site to help their firm expand into new markets. • Home page features a simple Employers / Job Seeker focus. • Responsive design ensures site looks great on all devices. BOS Staffing
  10. 10. BOS Staffing This is the full home page featuring news, jobs and quick links. This site includes the Haley Marketing Job Board with TempWorks integration: • SEO-optimized job posts • Mobile search • Candidates apply right in the TempWorks ATS
  11. 11. @Work Personnel wanted a bold design for their new site. • Parallax scrolling effectively introduces all divisions. • Simple copy with clear calls-to-action. @Work Personnel
  12. 12. The NEW Starter Sites
  13. 13. In 2013, Haley Marketing completely re-engineered our Starter Site process. The result: • Great new designs. • Mobile-optimized sites. • Faster builds. • More features for 30% less cost than before. The NEW Starter Sites
  14. 14. Starter #2 This is the base design. The NEW Starter Sites
  15. 15. And here is a finished example. The NEW Starter Sites
  16. 16. Starter #9 This is the base design (partial home page shown). The NEW Starter Sites
  17. 17. And a finished example. The NEW Starter Sites
  18. 18. Starter #5 This is the base design (partial home page shown). The NEW Starter Sites
  19. 19. A finished example. The NEW Starter Sites
  20. 20. Starter #13 This is the base design (partial home page shown). The NEW Starter Sites
  21. 21. A finished example. Want to see all the Starter Designs? Contact Haley Marketing at 1.888.696.2900. The NEW Starter Sites
  22. 22. We’re Going MOBILE
  23. 23. Mobile design has become a BIG trend in 2014. • 15% of all staffing web traffic. • 30% of job seekers. We’re Going MOBILE
  24. 24. We’re Going MOBILE All our new Starter Sites feature unique mobile designs. And all our websites are responsive (so they look great on any device).
  25. 25. Mobile Job Board
  26. 26. Our Job Board software has been updated. • New look • Mobile optimized • Proximity searching • Full SEO for each job • Two standard applications • Dozens of new display options and customization settings Mobile Job Board
  27. 27. Mobile Job Board Google Analytics for a client that launched our mobile-optimized job board in Jan. 2014.
  28. 28. More ATS integrations are available! • ABD (Ultrastaff) • Akken Cloud • AST • Avionte • Bond eEmpACT • Bullhorn • COATS • Sendouts • Talent Rover • Tempworks • TKO • WinSearch Job Board Integrations
  29. 29. Blogging & Social Media
  30. 30. Blogging’s not new. But the results continue to grow. Blogging remains the #1 way to improve SEO and drive web traffic! Blogging
  31. 31. Call-to-Action Banners Adding graphic calls-to-action to blog posts yields more response.
  32. 32. Here are a few examples of blogging results. Look at both the increase in traffic from search engines and increase in total traffic. Blogging Increases Traffic
  33. 33. Blogging Increases Traffic Even after four years – blogging continues to drive more and more site visits.
  34. 34. Another example of consistent gains over time. Blogging Increases Traffic
  35. 35. While we often see seasonal traffic declines in the 4th quarter, the overall direction continues up even after three years of blogging. Blogging Increases Traffic
  36. 36. Adding visuals to blog posts is ideal for social sharing. Unique variations of graphics are created for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Social Sharing
  37. 37. Can you guess when we started social sharing? (Hint: January 2014) Social Sharing
  38. 38. Social referrals to this firm’s website have exploded.   Comparing November 2013 (first month) to April 2014.   Social Sharing
  39. 39. Another example for an IT staffing firm. Social Sharing
  40. 40. Once again, can you guess when we started social sharing? (Hint: April!) Social Sharing - IT Staffing
  41. 41. More great results.   Comparing November 2013 (first month) to April 2014 (current).   Social Sharing - IT Staffing
  42. 42. Another example of sharing blog posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For this firm, some had graphics, some did not. Social Sharing
  43. 43. Social Sharing Look at the impact on Facebook likes from 2013 to 2014!
  44. 44. Blogs are great for SEO and social media. But they should also be shared directly with people you know. Repurpose blog content into a monthly email publication. Blogs to Newsletters
  45. 45. Or convert blog content to rich media like an eBook. Blogs to eBooks
  46. 46. Content Marketing (HaleyMail)
  47. 47. We completely revamped HaleyMail in 2013. • Redesigned our client and candidate newsletters. • More than doubled the monthly content. • And in 2014, we added bolder visuals, more rich media content, and graphics for social sharing. Content Marketing (HaleyMail)
  48. 48. Here’s an example of a fully branded version of a HaleyMail email. (The left side is a close-up) Content Marketing (HaleyMail)
  49. 49. Other Cool Projects
  50. 50. Skill marketing works. This tool lets you use your website to market talent with a social media type of look. Talent Showcase
  51. 51. Today, everything old is new again. Direct mail is the express lane to your prospects. A well-designed campaign will dramatically increase your closing rates! Direct Marketing
  52. 52. More than 70% of email is read on a mobile device. So we’re designing email to be more mobile friendly. • Shorter copy • Bigger fonts • Larger calls-to-action Mobile-friendly email
  53. 53. ABOUT HALEY MARKETING GROUP At Haley Marketing, we are staffing industry specialists. We offer a range of services to satisfy the marketing needs and fit the budgets of all kinds of staffing firms. Our services include: • Website Design • Website Content • Social Media Marketing • Blogging & Content Marketing • SEO & PPC Management • Newsletters & Email Marketing • Integrated Staffing Campaigns • Direct Mail • Marketing Strategy • Creative Services Solutions to the staffing industry’s challenges. Prices YOU can afford. For more information, call us today. 1-888-696-2900