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How to Succeed with the New Bing Product Ads


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CPC Strategy & Bing team up to deliver the definitive resource on Bing Product Ads, Bing's new online product advertising program for ecommerce merchants.

CPC's Jeff Coleman and Bing's Lindsay LaFran dive into how to set up Bing Product Ads, what it means for retail advertisers, and overall best practices and strategy.

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How to Succeed with the New Bing Product Ads

  1. 1. Bing Product Ads Are Here: Are You Ready? CPC Strategy & Bing
  2. 2. Webinar Housekeeping Webinar Recording & Questions  Stay tuned for webinar recording email  Q&A following the presentation  Chat box to the right Jon Gregoire Marketing & Communications Specialist @Jon_Gregs | (619) 677-2453 | ?
  3. 3. About CPC Strategy We Drive Conversions by Matching Retail Inventory with Consumer Intent. Services Include  Retail-focused Paid Search (PPC)  Product Listing Ads Management  Dynamic Remarketing  Product Feed Management | (619) 677-2453 |  More than $35 million a year in managed ad spend  Founded in 2007  Over +250 active clients  Top 50 fastest growing companies in San Diego  Google Partner Visit
  4. 4. Jeff Coleman Director of Retail Search  7+ years of CPC program expertise  Google Analytics certified  Google AdWords certified  Runs our Google Shopping & CSE training program  New Dad Speaker | (619) 677-2453 |
  5. 5. Lindsay LaFran SMB Planner, Sales Enablement Microsoft  Involved in the earliest stages of new features on the Bing Ads platform  Manages pilot programs and product releases | (619) 677-2453 | Speaker
  6. 6. What We’ll Cover  Background on Bing Product Advertising  Deep Dive into Bing Product Ads  How to Get Started with BPA  Insider Best Practices  Open Q&A | (619) 677-2453 |
  7. 7. Intro to Bing Product Ads With Lindsay LaFran Lindsay LaFran SMB Planner, Sales Enablement Microsoft | (619) 677-2453 |
  8. 8. Product Ads for Bing Ads
  9. 9. Lindsay LaFranSMB Planner, Sales Enablement at Bing Ads I work at the intersection of • Engineering • Sales and Service Teams • Bing Ads advertisers
  10. 10. Today you’ll learn A little bit about Bing Why Product Ads rock How to get started with Product Ads Differences between Google Product Listing Ads and Bing Product Ads
  11. 11. Most consumers shop and buy online 82 %of US digital shoppers made a purchase online last year. 90 %of US consumers browsed, researched or compared products online via PC, smartphone or tablet last year. Source: US Retail Ecommerce: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates,” eMarke
  12. 12. # 1 Product Ads surface the top information consumers are looking for while “showrooming,” putting the shopper closer to an online purchase. Source: Mobile Search Helps 82% of In-Store Shoppers Make Purchase Decisions [Study], Search Engi Consumers choose search as their top in- store resource
  13. 13. The Yahoo Bing Network delivers significant traffic from online shopping Millio n 51 0 Millio n65 Source: comScore Search Categories Report (custom), U Monthly retail searches Monthly retail searchers
  14. 14. 5.5Bmonthly searches The Yahoo Bing Network has
  15. 15. 167 M One ad buy through Bing Ads reaches 167 million unique searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network.
  16. 16. Today you’ll learn A little bit about Bing Why Product Ads rock How to get started with Product Ads Differences between Google Product Listing Ads and Bing Product Ads
  17. 17. Product Ads put your brand closer to the moment of purchase Showcase your latest products in an engaging and impactful ad format. Products Ads include custom images from an advertiser’s own product catalog, plus promotional text, pricing and your company name.
  18. 18. Product Ads give you more real estate on the search results page Product Ads can also show simultaneously with text ads even for the same merchant, giving advertisers even more real estate. Up to 8 Product Ads may show at once.
  19. 19. Product Ads don’t need ad copy or keyword lists Product Ads pulls information from your feed to generate your ad – like image, price and brand name.
  20. 20. Product Ads bidding is based on product, not keyword Instead of bidding on keywords, you’ll define and bid on Product Targets. Your Product Target can be as broad as all products in your catalog, or as specific as your brand or SKU. Product Target examples: All products Shoes Nike running shoes Nike running shoes over $100
  21. 21. Today you’ll learn A little bit about Bing Why Product Ads rock How to get started with Product Ads Differences between Google Product Listing Ads and Bing Product Ads
  22. 22. Campaig n Manage ment Feed Manage ment Product Ads Manageme nt Product Ads management – it’s simple
  23. 23. I do not yet have MSA login I already have MSA login Go to Bing Webmaster Tools and claim your domain. This allows you to create your store. Set up your feed Create your Product Ad campaign Create an MSA login Create your store Getting started with Product Ads
  24. 24. Go to Bing Webmaster Tools and claim your domain. This allows you to create your store.
  25. 25. If you already have a store within the BMC, you should use that store. 1 2 Create your store
  26. 26. Make sure your destination URL begins with http Make sure your store description has at least 32 characters Your Store Name is the Merchant Name that will appear in your ads – so name your store accordingly No adult items/adult advertisers at this time Find your store ID and info on the Store Settings tab – make sure Product Ads box is checked Create your store ALERTS
  27. 27. Set up your feed Your ads are created from your feed – if there’s no feed, there are no ads. Click on Catalog Management to upload your feed.
  28. 28. Set up your feed BEST PRACTICES Freshness matters. Change/update your feed at least every 30 days. Required fields and optional fields Bing Ads Label * Bing Ads Grouping * Merchant Category * Bing Category Describe products in a way that is relevant to the user: “cooler”, not “ice chest” Update sale prices Go to Catalog Management tab for feed reports
  29. 29. Make sure the feed meets BMC requirements Use description field to highlight product details Make sure Product Title is descriptive and showing, not truncated (32 characters show) Fill in all fields in order for Bing to surface the most relevant products Editorial policy must be followed. Note that initially, you may get dissaprovals. Bingbot must be allowed to crawl your site or your products will Set up your feed ALERTS
  30. 30. Common feed errors 3. Product restrictions 1. Missing required attributes Missing manufacturer. There’s a reason something might not be showing. In the Bing Merchant Center, advertisers can view their Product Ads Feed rejection reports, including common errors like these: 1.Editorial rejection A term you’re using is not allowed; remove that term or resolve with the editorial team 2.Image processing Theimage is currently beingadded to the Bing index and the offer will beavailable when it is done. 3. Missing fields Fields cannotbe empty.
  31. 31. Create your Product Ad campaign: Campaign structure example All products Shoes Nike running shoes Nike running shoes over $50 Create at least one product target that targets all products. Group similar product IDs. [Nike, women’s, running] Create additional product targets that include specific brands or product types. The more specific your product targets are, the more control you have over which product serves.
  32. 32. • Brand: Product’s Brand • Condition: New • Product Type: Merchant Category • BingAds label: Custom Value (multi value) • BingAds group: Custom Value • SKU: Parent / Style Identifier • ID: Product Identifier • Seller Name: All Products for broker Create your Product Ad campaign
  33. 33. Wizard experience Manually rename “Ad Group 1” Must have at least one ad per ad group to serve Bidding on product should be as much or more as the same product targets in your text search ads 10k product target limit per ad group Create your Product Ad campaign
  34. 34. Promo text: Is at the Ad Group level, so it applies to any product in that ad group Is a hover Is limited to 45 characters Has the same editorial policies as copy for text ads Create your Product Ad campaign
  35. 35. Make sure your ad groups are specific so your promo copy applies to all of the products in that group Set up an “All Products” campaign as a catch-all Keep product campaigns separate from text campaigns Use different promotional text to highlight unique offers and key selling points that apply to all of the product targets in an ad group Create a negative keyword strategy Create your Product Ad campaign ALERTS
  36. 36. Reporting Find all reports in the Reports tab
  37. 37. Reporting SEARCH TERM REPORT PRODUCT TARGET REPORT OFFER REPORT Average Position and Quality Score do not apply to Product Ads. Granular level – what offers are performing well in this campaign? Which products are performing best? Which queries are surfacing your products?
  38. 38. Reporting PRODUCT TARGET REPORTWhich products are performing best?
  39. 39. Reporting OFFER REPORTGranular level – what offers are performing well in this campaign?
  40. 40. Today you’ll learn A little bit about Bing Why Product Ads rock How to get started with Product Ads Differences between Google Product Listing Ads and Bing Product Ads
  41. 41. Feed attributes available on Google, but not on Bing Google and Bing feed attribute differences • Additional image link • Product Variants (Item Group ID * Color * Material * Pattern *Size) • Apparel Products (Gender *AgeGroup *Color * Size) • Merchant Defined Multi-packs • Adult • Excluded Destination • Expiration Date • CustomLabels (When using Shopping Campaigns) • Product identifiers toidentify hand made,custom goods,vintage goods,etc. • Usedand refurbished goods • Country Specific Feed Attributes Google offers that BINGdoesnot: • Unit Prices (EU Countries and Switzerland only) • Energy Labels (EU Countries and Switzerland only) • Loyalty Points (Japan Only) • Multiple Installments (Brazil Only)
  42. 42. Questions
  43. 43. Appendix
  44. 44. Rich Captions Paid listing – an ad. Product image shows. A Product Ad and Rich Caption can show simultaneously – potential for more real estate on the search results page. Free – not an ad product. No product image shows. Enhanced organic listings, include price, availability, etc. When you sign up for Product Ads you’ll notice there’s another option – Rich captions
  45. 45. Pre- Product Ads:  Bing Shopping  What Bing Product Ads Mean for Retailers Background On Bing | (619) 677-2453 |
  46. 46. Google Shopping Is Now Paid  Free  Feed-based  Campaign performance was based on your feed Bing Shopping | (619) 677-2453 |
  47. 47. Google Shopping Is Now Paid What Does The New Product Ads Program Mean For Retailers?  More Campaign Control  More Volume  Pay-to-play = Higher Stakes  Proven Ad Format Background On Bing Product Ads | (619) 677-2453 |
  48. 48. Things to Keep in Mind for Product Ads:  Please The Feed  Campaign Optimization Bing Product Ad Best Practices | (619) 677-2453 |
  49. 49. Google Shopping Is Now Paid Follow Standard Feed Best Practices:  Send your whole catalog  Frequent submissions  Enhance product titles and descriptions  Brand Names  Type Of Product  Color, Size, or Other Variant Info Include As Many Fields As Possible  MPN, UPC, Availability (Stock), Condition, Product Type/Merchant , Category, Bing Category | (619) 677-2453 | Feed Optimization
  50. 50. Google Shopping Is Now Paid Save A Lot Of Work By Transferring Your PLA Campaign From Adwords  You have until August 2014 to transfer your traditional-format (non Shopping Campaigns) PLA campaign into Bing  Product Extensions do not transfer Campaign Optimization | (619) 677-2453 |
  51. 51. Google Shopping Is Now PaidCampaign Optimization Structure | (619) 677-2453 | Bid
  52. 52. Google Shopping Is Now Paid Structure 1st tier  All Products: Catch-all 2nd tier  Product Category or Type 3rd tier  Brand (if you’re a brand oriented retailer) 4th tier  Custom ex. best sellers, seasonal products, high AOV products, etc. | (619) 677-2453 | Campaign Optimization 1 2 3 4
  53. 53. Google Shopping Is Now Paid  Use the Bingads label column to create custom product targets If transferring your Google Merchant Center Feed, edit the label column before submitting to Bing. | (619) 677-2453 | Feed Optimization (Please The Feed)
  54. 54. Google Shopping Is Now Paid Using A Bingads_Label In Bing Ads | (619) 677-2453 | Feed Optimization (Please The Feed)
  55. 55. Google Shopping Is Now Paid Bid Modifications What Do You Do With The Underperformers?  Never cut or pause products within your Bing catalog  Identify underperformers reduce the bid Campaign Optimization | (619) 677-2453 |
  56. 56. Google Shopping Is Now Paid Mobile Traffic  If you don’t have a mobile -optimized website, you’ll probably want to pause smart phone traffic for now  Unlike PLAs, you can bid separately on tablet traffic Campaign Optimization | (619) 677-2453 |
  57. 57. Google Shopping Is Now Paid Geo-Targeting Start tracking Geographic performance as soon as you make the switch to the new Campaign - the State level is a perfect place to start Decide which regions to target based on your site, audience, and performance goals.  Consider segmenting for online and B&M locations.  Utilize mobile ads for customers close to stores  Avoid setting location to the entire US to limit click spend  Exclude areas which don’t improve ROI and CTR Geo-Bid Modifiers | (619) 677-2453 |
  58. 58. Google Shopping Is Now Paid What Time Do Your Visitors Shop The Most And Convert Highest? Create an Ad Schedule as soon as you make the switch. Break it out into six, 4-hour blocks :  i.e. Midnight - 4 AM, 4 AM - 8 AM, 8 AM - Noon, etc.  Consider running ads during peak times on off-days to measure and test performance  Modify spend and budget based on high converting days and times Remember to look at performance for individual campaigns, ads, and your campaign as a whole Day-Parting | (619) 677-2453 |
  59. 59. Bottom Line: Bing Product Ads can drive NEW orders for your business to a NEW audience  Take advantage of the program before there’s more competition  Retailers who know how the program works for them now will be better off in Q4  Transfer your PLA campaign by August so you don’t have to build it from scratch | (619) 677-2453 | Hop On The Bing Train Early On
  60. 60. Shoot Us An Email @CPCStrategy | (619) 677-2453 | Questions? Comments? Check Out Our Extensive Library Of Resources On Retail Search