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Cycling, Hot Dogs, Marginal Gains and Digital Marketing


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From the most recent Drink Digital here are my slides about how marginal gains can improve the efficiency of your website and get you more leads/make you more money. Marginal gains and Kaizen have been used in business for some time - but how can you use it to to improve your website?

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Cycling, Hot Dogs, Marginal Gains and Digital Marketing

  1. 1. This is David Brailsford
  2. 2. How?
  3. 3. Marginal Gains
  4. 4. He Started With The Obvious • Nutrition of riders • Improving weekly training programmes • How the bikes worked • Better seats • Better tyres • Aerodynamics of the bikes
  5. 5. Then The Not So Obvious • Finding the best hotels • Taking their own pillows to those hotels • Finding the best massage gel • Better hygiene to prevent infection • Painting floors in the maintenance area to avoid dust
  6. 6. Marginal Gains
  7. 7. Meet Takeru Kobayashi
  8. 8. Hot Dog Strategy • Breaks them in half = more options for chewing and also frees hands for quick fire loading • Tested spraying them with water and vegetable oil • Tested different ways of chewing • Improved how it landed in stomach to reduce the chance of vomiting
  9. 9. In Outsider|Left Champ
  10. 10. Marginal Gains
  11. 11. 2 Isolated Cases? • Aviation • NHS • QuantamBlack • Toyota
  12. 12. Chrome Wasn't Built In A Day
  13. 13. What Does This Have To Do With Digital Marketing?
  14. 14. Turns Out We Do This For PPC • Regularly reviewed bids and adjusted up or down depending on what the bid needed to be to meet the client's targets. • Reviewed bid modifiers for mobile and location. Again, these were adjusted to meet the client's targets. • Added a price extension - this only is eligible to show for top position mobile impressions so it's a really marginal gain. Of the 63789 possible times it could show, the extension only had 2193 impressions, but it delivered a 4.21% conversion rate compared to 1.35% conversion rate without it. • Paused underperforming keywords and added new keywords to the account. • Excluded poor performing search queries. • Created new campaigns and new ad groups.
  15. 15. SEO? Web Development? Content?
  16. 16. What Not To Do
  17. 17. What Not To Do
  18. 18. SEO: Lots Of Small Changes • Less friction with the gaffer • Less fighting with devs • Ticking things off feels gooooood! • Your boss thinks you are doing more than you are ;) • You aren’t getting bogged down in big stuff • Eggs and baskets and all that jazz
  19. 19. Improve One Area Of Site
  20. 20. Optimise CTR
  21. 21. Other Things ThatYou Can Add To The Mix • Automate product Title Tags • Automate product Meta Descriptions • Get the intern to build internal links • Add one new product description a day
  22. 22. How Ebay Did It
  23. 23. How Pinterest Do It
  24. 24. How Etsy Do It
  25. 25. Tiny Improvements Across Lots Of Pages
  26. 26. Apply It To Outreach
  27. 27. Apply It To Outreach
  28. 28. Apply It To Ranking
  29. 29. See The Bigger Picture
  30. 30. Do They Rank?
  31. 31. Do They Rank?
  32. 32. Web Development
  33. 33. Work Life • Set you to dos the night before, not in the morning • Make sure all meetings have a purpose • Don't use default times on meetings • Only answer emails at set times • Have don't disturb time
  34. 34. Kaizen
  35. 35. Kaizen • Observe • Plan • Do • Check • Adjust • Repeat
  36. 36. Thanks!