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Hosting a virtual party with live trivia


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Today we will be hosting a virtual party with Zoom Video Conferencing. First, we will review best practices for hosting virtual parties and talk about “How to Keep the Party Crashers from Crashing Your Zoom Event” recently posted on the Zoom Blog. From there, the StreamGeeks will talk about live streaming the Zoom Party and presenting the party online with social media integrations. This is where you can share your party with social media viewers around the world and integrate comments from social media into your broadcast.

Once the team has taken a few minutes to explain how to set up a virtual party and how to live stream it, the Zoom Party will begin! We invite you to join us with the Zoom Meeting ID that will be shared with you on the screen. During the party we are going to talk about screen sharing capabilities and remote desktop among other video meeting technologys.

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Hosting a virtual party with live trivia

  1. 1. Hosting a Virtual Party with Live Trivia And Live Streaming it!
  2. 2. How to Keep the Party Crashers from Crashing Your Zoom Event
  3. 3. Tips from Zoom for Virtual Parties 1. Do not use your PMI (Personal Meeting ID 2. Use the Waiting Room Feature 3. Do not allow screen sharing 4. Lock the Meeting 5. Remove unwanted participants (use participants menu) 6. Mute participants See more at
  4. 4. Tips from the NY Times 1. Keep it small 2. Get comfy 3. Go for the Grid View 4. Be a good listener 5. End on a High Note How to Have a Successful Virtual Happy Hour By Anna Goldfarb Source = hour.html
  5. 5. Public Broadcasts: Private Meetings:
  6. 6. Live Stream Video Conference Breakout Sessions
  7. 7. PUBLIC PRIVATE Public Announcement Private Webinar/CDN Small Breakout Sessions On-Demand Access Collaboration Tools
  8. 8. Hosting Virtual Trivia We have used Crowdpurr for a very long time. 1. It’s managed in the cloud. 2. It can be captured into our video production software via a web browser input. 3. Everyone can go to a known custom URL (
  9. 9. Video Production Software:Video Conference Software: CAPTURE Capture Remote Guests for Live Production:
  10. 10. Video Production Software:Live Trivia Software CAPTURE Capture Live Trivia for Live Stream
  11. 11. Video Production Software: PRODUCE Video Conference Software: Create Captivating Productions for Online Meetings Virtual Webcam Input Breakout Sessions
  12. 12. Case Study: 2020 Worship Summit Live Stream Zoom Video Call On-Demand Access / Share & Collaborate
  13. 13. Engage the Audience Consider ways to engage your audience and increase viewer retention. How about hosting live trivia? Share a leaderboard for sales and/or other data...
  14. 14. Ideas for Successful Video Production If you can make your presentation entertaining it will increase viewer retention. Consider striking a balance between information and entertainment. EntertainingInformative