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Published in: Design, Business, Education
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  1. 1. Public & Collaborative NYC presents Teaching Possibility supporting business ideas of youth from start to finishChristopher Patten on [ Social Entrepreneurship ]
  2. 2. Problems and OpportunitiesIn Melrose, high-school students have limitedopportunities to after school programs,libraries, or other learning services.How might we design an after-schoolcurriculum that brings local entrepreneursinto the classroom to share theirexperiences?
  3. 3. Case Study
  4. 4. Service IdeaLocal entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and experiencedbusiness people from Melrose engage in an after schoolcurriculum that consists of three parts:1) bring about an awareness of entrepreneurship ingeneral, so that business ideas with potential arerecognized and2) give students an awareness of where to turn for thesupport needed to take thenext step in the venture creative process.3) sponsor a competition that selects the best idea orideas and takes them to the next level or development(funding).
  5. 5. How It Works
  6. 6. Expected OutcomesTeaching Possibility brings together local entrepreneurs andstudents to nurture the business ideas of young people, but alsoto give them the knowledge and skillset to take their ideas fromconcept to a professional, revised business model that can bepresented to business incubators and other entities that exist totake these ideas to the next level.
  7. 7. Main Actors Local Business Young Public Owners Entrepreneurs Schools Mentor Dreamer SupporterRole ● ● Storyteller ● ● Advocate ● ● Protector ● Confidant ● Celebrity ● Organizer Image for personal business Competition Future of MelroseMotivation ● ● Chance to interact with Melrose ● ● Financial power ● ● Image of school ● Chance to impact the future ● Community respect and pride ● Sense of student belonging Share personal experiences Unique skillsets Provider of spaceCapabilities ● ● Critically discuss concepts ● ● Passion ● ● Cataloging ideas ● Encourage strong concepts ● Fearlessness ● Documenting work ● Encourage business in Melrose ● Time ● Publicity/Communication
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