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  1. 1. Public & Collaborative Services: Case StudyHong Kong Honey Local an intense city Hong Kong, there is lack of green space for bees, while beespollinated one- third of our foods. So Michael Leung, a product designer, started up thisnon-profit organization to do and experiment urban bee keeping on the rooftop of thebuildings. He started with collaborating the bee farmers in the rural space and nowspreading out to the public with promoting honey’s product (wax candle, honey) andorganizing seminars and lectures to the schools. He also amplifies the project with otherorganizations/ brands to the celebrity’s level to raise awareness.Citizen RoleThey are designers, artists, teachers and students.Public RoleDescribe the involvement of public agencies in the service (if any).Degrees of InvolvementHong Kong Honey local requires people who can take responsibility to keep their beehives ontheir rooftop and take responsibilities of the day-by-day caring.Residents need to call Michael (the organizer) to talk about how to do beekeeping, there arecertain skillsets and knowledge to do it. Team Topic: Janet, Q, Aly, Nelson
  2. 2. Public & Collaborative Services: Case StudyService DiagramEnabling SystemsThe entire system is based on individual who is interested in beekeeping to take actionon their rooftops or other empty space. They work individually and as a community at thesame time to share experience and learn from each other about keeping bees. Theiraction is to raise awareness and to improve other urban citizens knowledge ofenvironmental issues and the affection by the life cycle of other living species.Role of Digital EnvironmentThe digital environment is a promotional tool for the service, which gives a certain brandimage on to the service, while it needs to attract people. But also keeping updates oftheir actions and events. It’s digital platform that has given a huge promotional effect onto beekeeping as a cool and trendy thing. Team Topic: Janet, Q, Aly, Nelson
  3. 3. Public & Collaborative Services: Case StudyBackground / HistoryThe service is a recent development started in July 2010. Michael became Hong Kong’sfirst urban keeper. HK Honey is a an organization of Hong Kong beekeepers, artists &designers that aim to communicate the value of bees and benefits of locally producedhoney. Team Topic: Janet, Q, Aly, Nelson