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  1. 1. Public & Collaborative Services: Case StudyThe Real Life Superhero Project!DescriptionIndeed, there is a real subculture of genuine heroes that bridge the gap between thefantastic and the practical. Anonymous and selfless, they choose every day, to make adifference in the world around them. Whether it be feeding the hungry, comforting thesick, or cleaning up their neighborhoods, they save real lives in very real ways. Theseare not “kooks in costumes,” as they may seem at first glance. They are, simply put, aradical response… to a radical problem.Citizen RoleThey are our neighbors, our friends, our family members. They are artists, musicians,athletes, and yes, politicians. A volunteer project, largely through infectious enthusiasm,the scope and purpose expanded exponentially.Public RoleDescribe the involvement of public agencies in the service (if any).Degrees of Involvement-Super Heroes project requires each person to act as an individual service to the community.There is no registration, it is purely based on personal commitment.-Each person is required or encouraged to create their own identity/ costume.-To represent the community and fellow super heroes Team Topic: Janet, Q, Aly, Nelson
  2. 2. Public & Collaborative Services: Case StudyService DiagramCreate a diagram that depicts the activities, artifacts, and actors involved in the serviceand makes some distinction between the foreground elements and background supportsof the service.Enabling SystemsThe entire system is based through internal community communication. They work inthere local neighborhoods to improve safety and prevent crime. They help inspire youthand others to do more acts of kindness and to put a collective effort in to making theirlocal communities better places live.Role of Digital EnvironmentThe digital environment is completely self controlled by the heroes themselves. They dohave a place where they share their biographies and official information but most of it ison youtube or on the news. The media plays in huge role in spreading the word andsocial networking.Background / HistoryThe service is a recent development. It started just over two years ago and it is nowspreading all over North America and in Europe. It started off as a fantastical idea ofgrown ups being able to dress up and live out their childhood super heroes, which turnedinto a real life service that helps out the neighborhoods. Team Topic: Janet, Q, Aly, Nelson