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Easy Steps1. Identify violation(s).                                                      TAGAT                            ...
To Residence                                  Before reporting a violation     The type of violation will                 ...
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  1. 1. Easy Steps1. Identify violation(s). TAGAT tenant empowerment2. Report to 311 when building owner ignores the complaint. TENANT3. Book an inspection. powered by direct4. Book a maintenance/repair service. ! IDENTIFY REPORT Conacts: me.shtml REPAIR INSPECT enants.shtml uitem.78f09d1f955d3ae6a62fa24601c789a0/
  2. 2. To Residence Before reporting a violation The type of violation will and starting the process, determine its seriousness.Welcome identify the problem. These Residence should understand violations can be bedbugs, what their basic rights and Reporting and registering heating and cooling, water, responsabilities are as ten-problems in your home mold, paint and a number of ants.should not be stressful. Here others. If you do not know or under-are some tips and references stand your rights and respon-to help you and your family sabilities visit the official HPDlive in a safer, more site for more infromation.comfortable home. html/tenants/tenants.shtml ! Contact your building supervisor or owner about the violation and proceed with TENANT either reporting the violation For more information on types with 311 or fixing the violation of violations, how to identify with the building supervisor them, or any other questions or owner. visit the site HPD OFFICER OWNER TENANT OWNER