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Published in: Design, Sports, Automotive
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  1. 1. Service CenterIndianapolis, Indianawww.bigcar.orgDescriptionService Center is an abandoned Sears auto repair shop that has been turned into a venue forart education, performance, and a large community garden.Citizen RoleA team of dedicated volunteers take charge of weeding, planting, spreading mulch andcompost, and educating passerby on their methods, techniques, and results. Other volunteersmaintain the building itself, which is in the process of being converted to a structure that is moresuited to the organization’s purpose.Degrees of InvolvementService Center obviously requires a dedicated volunteer network in order that the spacefunction properly. However, an agreement must be made with the property owners of theabandoned space in order for the building and surrounding parking lot is to be used. Therefore,
  2. 2. real estate and its market are directly related to this project.Contact Person Responsibilities:Contact persons must not only instruct volunteers, but emark on the challenge of creating trustbetween the Chinese and Latin cultures existent in the city and whose neighborhoods directlybound the Service Center site. Contact people must be excellent communicators and sell theirideas to a serious audience, into which is embedded a series of social abnormalities the gardenseems to somehow interrupt.Public RoleCitizens of Milan have an opportunity that has not existed since WWII, when Piazza del Duomowas converted to a victory garden. The chance to garden, the chance to grow produce is not somuch about practicality or produce, but rather questioning the capitalistic and feudalistic waysthe city (and country) are being governed. Citizen participation in this organized guerilla gardenare making a statement Italy desperately needs to be made.Service DiagramEnabling SystemsOne of main reasons this project came about was because of the blatant decline of theNorthwest side of Indianapolis, not to mention the closing of a shopping mall that was at oncehigh class. If the system of urban decline can be an enabling system, then this is certainly thecase.
  3. 3. Role of Digital EnvironmentService Center relies heavily on its digital presence, as its location along a major street preventspasserby from really beginning to understand the importance of this project. A website run by aset of passionate collaborators has become necessary to understand what is being shown.Background / HistoryService Center has taken the place of an automotive repair center located in a mall known asLafayette Square -- or to some as Lafayette Scare. The city has long been uncertain aboutwhat to do with this large, sprawling expanse of pavement and lack of vegetation to balanceyour morning with something.Public & Collaborative Services: Case StudyNeighborhood Care: Christopher Patten