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Panasas ActiveStor 14 accelerates Media production for Calvary Chapel


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Calvary Chapel broadcasts sermons to a congregation of roughly 25,000 at its main
sanctuary in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and several other venues each week. Another
10,000 people watch online. When it came time to update its video production
infrastructure, Calvary selected Panasas ActiveStor 14, PanFS® storage operating
system and Panasas content distribution software to streamline its workflow, protect
vital digital assets and accelerate distribution.

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Panasas ActiveStor 14 accelerates Media production for Calvary Chapel

  1. 1. INDUSTRY:Media1.888.PANASAS | www.panasas.comSUMMARYSUCCESSSTORY:CALVARYCHAPEL“I take my responsibility veryseriously for getting the bestvalue possible for my money.We need to honor the moneywe are given. The advice andsupport we’ve gotten fromPanasas and ReelData has beengreat. My experience deployingActiveStor 14 tells me that this isthe kind of company you keep.”Jack ChewVideo Operations Manager / Calvary ChapelHelp is at Hand“When Calvary Chapel’s, Jack Chew, cameto visit us at NAB,” explained Jeff Spalla,co-founder at ReelData, a technologyprovider to the Media and Entertainmentindustry, “we showed him some of thecritical components, like ActiveStor 14 andPanasas content distribution technology,he would need to create a multi-channel,all-digital, shared storage workflow.”Panasas and ReelData designed a work-flow capable of ingesting and logging rawdigital footage and adding Calvary roll-inmaterial to create a master for immediatebroadcast to its geographically dispersedvenues. Calvary producers also gained theability to index their digital assets for futurepost production and rendering work.CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES“We went to the last National Associationof Broadcasters (NAB) show to research atechnology refresh,” said Jack Chew, VideoOperations Manager at the Calvary Chapelin Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. “We had toomany close calls due to failing equipment.It was clear we were living on borrowedtime. We also knew it was time to movefrom SD to HD 1080i, move off videotapeto an all-digital workflow, and introducedisk-based video archiving, but we neededto be sure we could find solution compo-nents that provided the performance, scal-ability and reliability to sustain the heavyworkloads we anticipated.”“I also needed to be absolutely certain thatthe companies we selected would supportus, before, during and after the sale. Thequality and integrity of the companies weworked with was at least as important asproduct features,” Chew concluded.Calvary Chapel clearly needed to move toa state-of-the-art production infrastructurein order to streamline its workflows anddelivery systems. Most of Calvary’s videoproduction equipment, however, was wellover eight years old when producers theredecided to upgrade their capabilities.CUSTOMERCalvary ChapelINDUSTRYMediaChallenge• Upgrade to reliable, scalable shared storage• Support new file-based HD digitalworkflow• Protect mission critical content• Leverage prior dark fiber investment• Select reliable vendors with productsthat scaleSolution• Panasas ActiveStor 14 and PanFS• Panasas content distribution technology• MediaDB softwareResult• Tapeless digital workflow designed aroundActiveStor 14• Video upgraded to digital HD 1080i• Mission critical video content protected• Content distribution technology to leveragedark fiber investment• Improved digital media asset managementCALVARY CHAPELPanasas®ActiveStor®14 Accelerates Media ProductionCalvary Chapel broadcasts sermons to a congregation of roughly 25,000 at its mainsanctuary in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and several other venues each week. Another10,000 people watch online. When it came time to update its video productioninfrastructure, Calvary selected Panasas ActiveStor 14, PanFS®storage operatingsystem and Panasas content distribution software to streamline its workflow, protectvital digital assets and accelerate distribution.
  2. 2. SUCCESSSTORY:CALVARYCHAPELINDUSTRY:MEDIA032020131100© 2013 Panasas, Inc. All rights reserved. Panasas, the Panasas logo, ActiveStor, PanFS and DirectFlow are trademarks or registered trademarks of Panasas, Inc., in the U.S.and/or other countries. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, trade names, company names and service marks are the respective properties of their holders.A NEW DAY—TapelessDigital WorkflowThe Calvary Chapel video production teamnow runs five Ikegami HDK-55 cameraswith Fujinon XA 77x9.5 BESM lenses to aHarmony (formerly Omneon) video serversupported by ActiveStor 14 containing threedirector blades and eight storage blades toprovide performance, redundancy and 70TBof capacity. Each camera captures 10 bit1920x1080 at 50Mb/sec which is ingestedto both the video server and ActiveStor 14using XDCAM HD 422 file formats.“The video server runs our EditWareFASTRACK application and MediaDB soft-ware on which we log raw video for postand archiving. Simultaneously, we pickup two of the raw files, lock them to atime code and send them down opticalfiber links to remote campuses miles away.We do all of this live, seven times a week,”Chew said.“We generate data files in the 90 to 100GBrange, on each of five cameras for eachsermon, or roughly 500GB of raw videoper week. Our master file is about 100GB.That is why initial capacity and the abilityto scale out easily were important factorsfor us,” Chew concluded.By accelerating performance with SolidState Drive (SSD) technology, ActiveStor 14easily meets the needs of file-based work-loads commonly found in broadcast videoproduction. The blade architecture and thePanasas®PanFS®operating system, assuresthat ActiveStor 14 delivers the scale-out NASperformance, reliability, and value that per-fectly suits media production environments.“ActiveStor 14 gave us the bandwidth,scalability and reliability to process andprotect our mission critical video contentas we modernized our workflow,” Chewsaid. “I particularly like the linear perfor-mance scaling as capacity is added, andthe way ActiveStor director blades, the“brains-in-the-box,” automatically clustertogether for increased metadata perfor-mance and reliability. ActiveStor givesme a sense of security that other storageproducts didn’t,” Chew went on.Goodbye, Florida TurnpikeBy deploying Panasas content distributiontechnology, Calvary Chapel has eliminated‘sneaker-net’ as its preferred delivery method.Chew explained, “What used to takefive people spending hours in their carsdriving tapes to remote locations, nowtakes ten minutes. Our remote locationsare watching video streaming from ourcentral production facility in minutes.”Calvary had previously run fiber to itspost processing facility across its campusand to its other venues. One of Calgary’sgoals with its technology refresh was toleverage that investment in fiber. The newserver and ActiveStor 14 with content dis-tribution software, allows the organizationto do just that.Panasas is Already in the Budget“Panasas talked to us the way I thoughta vendor should talk to a customer. Theylistened to what I was trying to accomplishand then helped me get there. The productdid exactly what they said it would, andthey stood behind it. Panasas went aboveand beyond. ActiveStor 14 was so fast, itexposed bottlenecks in other parts of ourworkflow, and Panasas helped us over-come them,” Chew said.ActiveStor systems support mission criticaldata in energy, finance, manufacturing, sci-entific and government settings. Video pro-duction at Calvary Chapel is mission criticalto what it does, too, and it gave its produc-ers confidence, knowing ActiveStor deliversin other very demanding environments.“I feel great about the advice and supportwe’ve gotten from Panasas and ReelData.Next year, when I need to add capacity, Iwill simply add another ActiveStor 14 shelfand be good to go. It’s already in our capi-tal budget,” Chew concluded.Panasas and ReelData make it happenJeff Spalla, co-founder at ReelData, explained, “Jack and the videoproduction team at Calvary Chapel have vision and skill. We wereexcited to begin when they invited us to help them define thecomponents and processes for a workflow that would really lettheir work shine.”“We recommended the best solution elements available, includingPanasas ActiveStor 14 with the integrated PanFS file system, togetherwith content distribution technology. ActiveStor 14 is an impressiveproduct, perfect for the broadcast video market.”