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Generation S Bridging the Social Divide #IBMConnect INV109


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Generation S is the first generation that self selects to be part of the generation. Welcome to Generation S, the social generation. It spans all demographics and is not limited by age, location or education.

It's time we acknowledge the social digital divide. We are leaving out entire segments of people who don't understand the social media technologies. As a result many business marketers are talking to themselves instead of with customers, partners & industry leaders. Brand evangelists and subject matter experts have information to share, they want to engage but they don't know how. There is a younger generation thirsty for their knowledge. To bridge the social digital divide we must acknowledge the people being ignored and find ways to engage them in the conversation, enable them to share their knowledge. By using mediums such as audio /video we can tap into their wisdom and then package the conversation up for social ecosystem to devour.

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Generation S Bridging the Social Divide #IBMConnect INV109

  1. INV109: Bridging the Social Divide – C-Suite & Beyond Pam Moore, CEO / Founder, Marketing Nutz @PamMktgNut © 2014 IBM Corporation
  2. Embrace the JOURNEY!
  3. Guarantee = CHANGE
  4. news no longer breaks ! It     tweets!    
  5. IDC predicts 1.3B mobile workers by 2015
  6. 90% mobile users have device within arms reach 100% of time
  7. YOU are the media
  8. your ultimate platform
  9. Houston, we have a problem .
  10. is anyone listening to you?
  11. talk to yourself much?
  12. 76% marketers think they know what customers want 34% have asked them Source: Pivot
  13. - 59% social customers want to share feedback - 58% want customer service only 34% marketers think these services are in demand Source: Pivot
  15. What the “unsocial” Exec Thinks 15
  16. Align Social to top business goals Pick Goals where social can have an impact
  17. Get Real: Social Business Maturity •  Mindset •  Social Media Program •  Leadership & Organizational Model •  Processes & Policies •  Education •  Measurement •  Technology
  18. What are you measuring? Business metrics: revenue, CSAT, reputation. Corporate LOB/Geo Stakeholders Social Strategist/ Community Manager Social media analytics: Insights, share of voice, resonance, WOM. Engagement metrics: fans, followers, clicks. Source: Altimeter Group
  19. Communities Create Markets Opportunity Free     member   Community Zone Harvest Paid     member   Loyal     evangelist   Customer Zone $ $
  20. Stop the Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) 21
  21. Quit selling your CEO Twitter! 22
  22. It’s About Your Audience, Not You! 23
  23. Don’t Fake It Until You Make It! 24
  24. Activate influencers
  25. Start From Inside Out
  26. The Human Brand “Social didn’t transform our culture, it revealed it.” ~Clarissa Felts, Lowes
  27. Human Brands: §  Think like humans §  Care about humans §  Value relationships §  Listen to other humans §  Talk like humans §  Have a personality §  Show their “human” §  Make & own their mistakes §  Are available §  Know themselves §  Know their audience §  Invest in people
  28. My Brand is… §  What I say §  What I do §  What I tweet §  What I post on Facebook §  What I Instagram §  What I write in email §  What I share §  How I respond §  How I interact on & offline! §  How I drive! § ME!
  29. Think DNA, Not Tools
  30. Think Relevant Conversation
  31. templates hangout think assets
  32. Audio Bridging The Divide
  33. Connect the Dots For Them
  34. Communities Create Markets Opportunity Free     member   Community Zone Harvest Paid     member   Loyal     evangelist   Customer Zone $ $
  35. §  Access Connect Online to complete your session surveys using any: –  Web or mobile browser –  Connect Online kiosk onsite 37