Social Media Teen Safety Seminar Training #SocialSavvyFamily


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It is critical we help our entire family become socially savvy. Being socially savvy includes being smart about the social networks, knowing the risks, knowing how to get out of trouble when it happens and having fun! Communication is critical to success from the start to help it be an enjoyable experience for all.

This presentation was delivered as part of a social media training seminar in partnership with CrossPointe church Orlando.

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Social Media Teen Safety Seminar Training #SocialSavvyFamily

  1. Social Savvy Family Pam Moore CEO / Founder Marketing Nutz @PamMktgNut
  2. Pam Moore CEO /Founder @PamMktgNut Marke&ng  Nutz  Founders   Josh Moore CCO /Founder @JoshROINut
  3. “Experience helping brands of all size bridge complex gap to social success.” why  Marke&ng  Nutz?   Founders have 30+ years combined experience in digital marketing, corporate brand, startups & platforms. “PHD in acronyms not required. We help you fit social business in a nut shell so you can focus on what you do best, your business!” “CEO, best selling author recognized by Forbes as Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer + Top 10 Social Media Women Influencers!
  4. Marke&ng  Nutz  
  5. It’s  Not  Going  Away!   •  72% internet users active on social media •  89% usage among 18-29 yr olds •  71% access social media from mobile device
  6. 90%  mobile  users  have  device   within  arms  reach  100%  of  &me    
  7. social media “Refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.”
  8. What  happens  on   Facebook,  Tumblr,   SnapChat  &  Instagram   doesn’t  stay  there!    
  9. Houston  we  have  a   failure  to   communicate  
  10. •  Smart •  Partner & work together •  Safe •  Has purpose •  Keeps identity in check •  Find balance Social  Savvy  Family  
  11. •  Have a plan •  Know the technology •  Know the risks •  Know your child •  Communicate! Be  Smart  
  12. •  Parent / teen social media contract •  Set boundaries •  Select one social network to start •  Add 2nd social network after trust earned •  Don’t be afraid to pull the plug if it doesn’t work out •  Establish social networking as a privilege •  Keep family values in tact Be  Smart:  Have  a  Plan  
  13. Partner  &  Work  Together  
  14. Communicate   early  &  oQen!     Be proactive! Don’t wait until there is a problem to communicate.
  15. •  Communicate early & always •  Parent 1st, Facebook friend 2nd •  Open communication •  Ask questions •  Practice what you preach •  Leverage for teen to earn trust •  Teen/ parent social media contract •  Remember you are the parent! Partner  &  Work  Together  
  16. •  Talk to strangers in real life? •  Share pictures with strangers? •  Answer questions from strangers? •  Take pictures & post on billboard? •  Hide behind fake persona/ mask? •  Bully other teens? •  Be bullied by others? •  Hide all of the above from you? Would  you  let  your  teen…    
  17. •  Is your child ready? •  Do your research, know tools & risks •  Set privacy settings •  Educate them about dangers •  Use filtering software (Net Nanny) •  Keep computer in central location •  Avoid contests, giveaways, questionnaires •  Monitor online activity and content uploaded •  Require parent logon/ approval mobile apps Be  Safe  
  18. •  Privacy •  Personal information shared •  Reputation •  Psychological via bullying, narcissism •  Exposure to pornography or adult content •  Added peer pressure Be  Safe:  What  are  risks?    
  19. •  Risks •  Tools and technology •  How to get out of trouble •  How to set privacy •  How to block •  Always communicate with you Be  Safe:  Teach  Them  
  20. •  What is your purpose? –  Connect with friends –  Nurture relationships –  Learn –  Help & support others –  Support social good / causes / evangelize Have  a  Purpose    
  21. •  Who are you? •  Who is your teen? •  What are your family values? •  Watch for changed behavior. •  Be careful with vanity metrics (likes, comments, shares, followers, friends) •  FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out •  Guilty by association •  What they do now can come to haunt them in up to 7 years! Keep  Iden&ty  in  Check    
  22. •  Turn it off •  Set boundaries •  Set time limits •  Hands Free Mama / Family •  Be a role model •  Focus on having a life story to tell vs telling the story! Find  Balance    
  23. SnapChat    
  24. •  Founded 2011 •  26m+ users •  400m snaps per day •  12% snaps shared with multiple recipients •  32% use on mobile device •  30 SnapChat employees •  Facebook reportedly offered to acquire Snapchat for $3B •  SnapChat CEO 23 yrs old SnapChat    
  25. •  Advertises as an app that lets you send media to friends that gets deleted automatically •  What gets snapped goes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & school! •  Once photo sent consider it public •  Teens don’t initially engage on site for sexting, but for socializing •  Bullying is big concern on site •  Reputation concerns SnapChat    
  26. Snapchat:  Monitor  ac&vity    
  27. •  100M+ users •  Founded 2009 •  App-based alternative to standard texting •  Social networking app for smartphones •  Can easily setup multiple identities •  Teens need to difference between texting friends 1:1, groups & broader social networking environment •  For older teens & adults who use to communicate with family and friends. •  Do NOT give out personal information •  Keep very close eye •  Teach teen safety and privacy
  28. •  Launched 2010 •  Acquired by Facebook 2012 •  200M+ active monthly users •  75M+ active daily users •  70% login at least once a day •  66% year over year growth •  13% internet users use Instagram •  20 Billion photos shared (3/26/14) •  60M+ Instagram photos posted daily •  35+ million selfies posted to date (10/17/13) •  8500 likes per second/ 1000 comments/ second •  5M videos posted in first 24 hours
  29. •  Fun & quirky way to share life with friends •  Provides a storyboard of your life, similar to Facebook •  Social networking app for smartphones •  Recently launched private messaging •  For mature teens and adults •  Keep very close eye •  Teach teen safety and privacy
  30. •  Founded 2004 •  1.26B users /1.23B monthly active users •  757M daily active users •  128M daily active users in US •  66% millenials use Facebook (15-34 yr olds) •  300 = average number of friends teens have on Facebook •  70% friends with their parent •  34% users are between ages of 18-29 Facebook    
  31. •  Social networking site / app to connect with friends, share life stories •  Upload photos, videos, status updates •  Search engine basically an eye to the web •  1-2 clicks away from adult content •  Watch sources of content sharing, engagement •  You are who you associate with Facebook    
  32. •  Learn detailed privacy settings •  Monitor weekly / bi-weekly •  Connect with your child •  Connect with their friends •  Share positive information, encourage them •  Be a role model Facebook    
  33. •  Smart •  Partner & work together •  Safe •  Has purpose •  Keeps identity in check •  Find balance Social  Savvy  Family  
  34. What’s  Your  Story?    
  35. Questions? Pam Moore CEO / Founder Marketing Nutz @pammktgnut Josh Moore CRO / Co-Founder Marketing Nutz @JoshROINut