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Social Media Plan - Eliminate Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) Keynote iSummit


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social media plan, Random Acts of Marketing & Social Media (RAMs) Keynote presented by Pam Moore at iSummit in Orlando, Fl. RAMs will eat every last morsel of ROI if you're not careful.

Social Media Plan - Eliminate Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) Keynote iSummit

  1. RandomActs ofMarketingKeynote PresentationiSummitOrlando, FloridaSeptember 17, 2012Pam MooreCEO / Founder Marketing Nutz@PamMktgNut
  2. agenda • What is a RAM? • Identifying RAMs • Eliminating RAMs • When to embrace RAMs Proprietary & Confidential - Copyright Marketing Nutz 2012
  3. why Marketing Nutz? “CEO best selling author recognized by Forbes as Top 10 Social Media Women + Top 10 & Top 50 Social Media Power Founders have 30+ years Influencers!” combined experience in digital marketing, corporate brand, startups & platforms. “Experience helping brands of all size bridge complex gap to social success.” “PHD in acronyms not required. We help you fit social business in a nut shell so you can focus on what you do best, your business!”
  4. Why should we listen to these nutz?• 2 Founders 30+ combined years digital services and partner relations with business entrepreneur to enterprise• “Walk the Walk” – 90K+ Twitter Followers, 4000+ FB “likes” and 3000+ Connections on LinkedIn.• New York Times best selling book author (X2)• Forbes “Top 10 most influential people on Social Media 2012”.• Forbes “Top 5 most influential women on Social Media 2012”.• Driving innovation across global social ecosystem 18 - 24 mos ahead.
  5. founders Pam Moore CEO /Founder @PamMktgNut Josh Moore CCO /Founder @JoshROINut
  6. what we doIntegrated business & conversation platforms• Social brand management• Digital development• Social Media Marketing• Online Reputation Management• Social Search Engine Optimization• Social business consulting• Training: 1:many online, corporate training, team & executive workshops
  7. we believe…• In the little guy• In sharing our best stuff• Integrated• Slowing down to speed up• Heartbeat of social is YOU!
  8. Get Comfortable BeingUNComfortable
  9. Guarantee = CHANGE Only guarantee = change. #isummit @pammktgnut
  10. Bring it!
  11. where do you begin? Where you start depends on goals, objectives and audience.
  12. Step 1: ID & Acknowledge RAMs!Not fundedNot in the planNot integratedNo metrics for success
  13. The result….
  14. Step 2: Eliminate the RAMs
  15. We usePOSTstrategy toframe theSocial MediaStrategy #isummit @pammktgnut
  16. POST+GM People Identify WHO & assess their social activities Objectives What do you want to accomplish? WHY? Strategy Plan for how relationships with the “people” will change Technology Decide which social technologies to use Goals Set goals for achievement, qualitative & quantitative Metricsbe used to measure success What metrics willBased Upon POST Methodology Source: Forrester Research #isummit @pammktgnut
  17. Social Media = Ultimate RelationshipNurture Platform #isummit @pammktgnut
  18. StopINTERRUPTING #isummit @pammktgnut
  19. It’s what HappensAFTERtheLIKE & FOLLOW that matters Most ! #isummit @pammktgnut
  20. Heartbeat of Social = People
  21. Know youraudience #isummit @pammktgnut
  22. People don’t buy things, they join things #isummit @pammktgnut
  23. COMMUNITIES CREATEMARKETS Opportunity Harvest Free member Community Zone Paid member Loyal evangelist Customer Zone $ $ #isummit @pammktgnut
  24. Social Currency = ACTION #isummit @pammktgnut
  25. Social media Businessplugsinto yourBusiness #isummit @pammktgnut
  26. Not about next big thing 4
  27. Set goals 28
  28. SMARTObjectives&Goals are key to Success #isummit @pammktgnut
  29. Social Business Maturity• Mindset• Social Media Program• Leadership & Organizational Model• Processes & Policies• Education• Measurement• Technology #isummit @pammktgnut
  30. EVALUATE EACH INITIATIVE Impact Readiness How does it Do we have support an people who can objective? do this? What metrics Is there budget? matter? Risks Priority What are the risks Does this if we do this? initiative enable What if we don’t? other work?Source: Altimeter Group #isummit @pammktgnut
  31. Time =Money #isummit @pammktgnut
  32. Step 3: Prevent Future Re- Occurence “There is gold in them there analytics!” #isummit @pammktgnut
  33. Use appropriate Metrics • Business metrics: revenue, CSAT, Corporate reputation. LOB/Geo • Social media analytics: Stakeholders Insights, share of voice, resonance, Social WOM. Strategist/Communit • Engagement metrics: y Manager fans, followers, clicks.Source: Altimeter Group
  34. Questions?
  35. Stomp those RAMs!Facebook: http://www.pamsfanpage.comBlog: http://www.pammarketingnut.comAgency: http://www.themarketingnutz.comTwitter: @PamMktgNut