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PICK ONE! OrgSync Integration


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Published in: Education, Technology
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PICK ONE! OrgSync Integration

  1. 1. PICK ONE! andOrgSync Integration Engaging First-Year Students Eric Rossow, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership The University of Iowa
  2. 2. Getting Involved Matters• Student Success Team Initiative in 2007• Benefits of Involvement• First-Year, First-Semester Students• Extra-Curricular, Outside of the Classroom• Nine Categories• Orientation through October 1• Registration and Exploration Tool• Incentives
  3. 3. Initial Exploration Tool• Opportunity to Discover• Nine Categories Represented• Student Entered Data and Shopping Cart• Type Ahead Lists• Labor Intensive Process for Assessment• Confusion• Something had to Change
  4. 4. Exploration Tool and OrgSync• PICK ONE’s New Home• Campus IT Built Exploration Tool and New Website Design• Elimination of Shopping Cart• Information Pull from OrgSync for Student Organization Information• API Pull – Calls
  5. 5. API Calls• Nightly Process• =[key]• y=[key].•[or gID]?key=[key].
  6. 6. OrgSync Advances• Easier Connections• Messages emailed to Organization Representatives and First-Year Students• Accurate Information• Initial Contact and Direction Provided• Organized• Accessibility to Data• Ability to Not Include Certain Data (Grad Orgs)• 90% Pick Student Organizations• Other Eight Categories Don’t Utilize OrgSync
  7. 7. PICK ONE! Assessment• Students are Getting Involved• Key Messaging Tool• Ambassador Program• Registration Numbers Peak in 2010• Students Connected to Campus, Picked Sooner• Site Used for Registration• Increased Connections with Generated Email• Increased Access to Information and Contacts for Organizations
  8. 8. PICK ONE! Moving Forward• Continue Using OrgSync• Modifying Exploration Site• Updates to Generated Messages• Continued Marketing Efforts• Transfer Students