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  • Many really great things –Amazing facilities, Jens first program newsletters, Collaboration with parents ProfSuh giving English lectures,Jamaal and Sunwoo creating a sports program, Kip and Joices work on the gallery,Ians efforts with the curriculum WASC have always been impressed when they visit with the teaching
  • Also employment records
  • Start preparing evidence from your classKeeping high/medium/ low copies of work
  • Wasc orientation

    1. 1. WASC / CDS 2014-2015
    2. 2. Is our school perfect? Observe AnalyzeAct
    3. 3. Why is WASC Important? • The process is one that allows our school to improve. • Gives our school accreditation so our students’ diplomas mean something!! • Because we care about the future of all our students
    4. 4. 2014-2015 WASC GOALS • Involvement of all staff and stakeholders • Create an effortless and continuous WASC process • Improvement of the school
    5. 5. What is the WASC Process? • Ongoing, repeating, 6 year process! • Where are we now in 2014-2015?! o Year 2!! • Assessing/collecting evidence of CDS progress on the WASC recommendations from the 2012 WASC revisit o Year 3 • WASC visiting committee • Completion of a WASC self-study o Determines if we receive accreditation and for how long
    6. 6. Self Study VisitFollow-up Observe AnalyzeAction The WASC Process?
    7. 7. To Receive Accreditation We Must!! • Have 5 outcomes: o 1) Must have the involvement of all staff and stakeholders o 2) Must have the clarification and measurement of what all students should know, understand, and be able to do through expected school wide learning results (ESLRS) and academic standards o 3) Must have the gathering and analyzing of data about students and student achievement o 4) Must have the assessment of the entire school program and its impact on student learning in relation to expected school-wide learning results (ESLRS), academic standards, and WASC criteria o 5) Must have an action plan for student achievement
    8. 8. What is the Self-Study? • An in depth look into CDS that answers two questions: o 1) How are the students achieving? o 2) Is the school doing everything possible to support high achievement for all its students? • Comprised of: o 3 groups • End Result: o Self-study report o Updated 3-5 year single plan for student achievement o Full 6 year accreditation!!
    9. 9. 3 Groups • Leadership Team o School Administrators o WASC coordinator • Home Groups (All Teachers) • Admissions • Facility • Finance • HR and clerical • IT • Math • Science • Social Studies • World Language • English • P.E. • Parents • First Program • Middle School • High School • Focus Groups • 4 groups that do an in depth look into the 4 WASC criteria: o Organization for Student Learning o Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment o Support for Student Personal and Academic Growth o Resource Management and Development
    10. 10. Organization for Student Learning • Dr Park • Ryan Rutherford, • Jennifer Kim • Christina Kim • David Hill
    11. 11. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment • Mrs Shim • Julian Taylor • Kelly Cho • Ian Kennedy • Peter Mukwevho • Claire Park • Marybeth Anderson • Ramon Chapa III • Edina Yoon • Jessie Begelfer • Jennifer Lee
    12. 12. Support for Student Personal and Academic Growth • Christine Oh • Maria Lee • Victor Cho • Ilho Pak • Craig Tronsgard • Sunwoo Hwang
    13. 13. Resource Management and Development • Jiho Park • Ana Sokoli • Heather Kim • Jonathon Cho • Jin Greene
    14. 14. How does this work? • Leadership team will assign three criteria based on the school profile information • Focus groups will ask questions or ask for information from Home groups • Home groups will provide information and evidence to the Focus groups
    15. 15. What is Asked of You?! • Participate! o Attend your home and focus group meetings and provide meaningful information in a concise manner o All home groups will complete the self study section about Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.
    16. 16. 2014-2015 WASC GOALS • Involvement of all staff and stakeholders • Create an effortless and continuous WASC process • Improvement of the school
    17. 17. What to Expect Next? • Look for an email from me that will include the following: o Your Focus Group o Google Drive training survey o Our Current ESLRS o CDS School profile o CDS updated action plan o WASC meeting dates o WASC online resources • Meet in your focus groups to plan the information needed from the home groups • Any Questions?