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ucla presentation - multiple umbrellas


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Published in: Education
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ucla presentation - multiple umbrellas

  1. 1. Working withMultiple Umbrellas @UCLA Kenn Heller, Associate Director of Innovation & Assistant Dean of Stunts Jason Zeck, Competitive Sports Director & Assistant Dean of Students
  2. 2. Purpose of the Session• Help Participants better understand how useful Multiple Umbrellas can be• Illustrate how Umbrellas have been used at UCLA• Create a Value Proposition to determine if you need to add umbrellas• To challenge the thought that we can do this in our sleep
  3. 3. Quick UCLA OrgSync Stats• Launched OrgSync in June 2007• 1053 Organization Portals• 16,364 Users - But who is Counting• 4 Separate Umbrellas• 36,400 UCLA Students• Quarter System and Semester (Law and Med)
  4. 4. Current Umbrellas• Student Life - 912 Portals• Greek Life - 72 Portals• Club Sports - 55 Portals• Community Programs Office - 3 growing to 40
  5. 5. Before Student Life 1053 Campus Organizations/Portals
  6. 6. Greek Life Club Sports72 Portals 55 Portals Student Life 912 Portals Community Programs After 3 Portals
  7. 7. Single Umbrella Operational Considerations• One size must fit all• Registration/Structures need to apply to all• Communications to all may be confusing• Difficult to Manage Multiple School Calendars• Community Calendar is TOO BIG
  8. 8. Multiple Umbrella Advantages• Reverse Previous Slide - Go Back One Step• Distribution of Responsibilities
  9. 9. Multiple Umbrella Disadvantages• COST•When everything is the same
  10. 10. How will you Pay for it or Sell it?• How did you pay for OrgSync initially?• Identify the direct beneficiaries and seek their involvement.• Identify what and whose problem are you solving• Give others Full Admin Rights of Large Portions of your community
  11. 11. Let’s Go Exploring