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Nclc orgsync


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Nclc orgsync

  1. 1. Utilizing Different Aspects ofOrgSync to Plan a Large Conference Alyssa Martinez National Collegiate Leadership Conference University of Arizona
  2. 2. About NCLC• 24 years• Planning Committee – All students • Spans three days at the University of Arizona ure=player_embedded&v=35CvtdC6fRk
  3. 3. The Conference• Leadership Workshops• Service projects throughout Tucson• Keynote speaker and banquet• Motivational speakers• Teambuilding sessions
  4. 4. The Conference• Networking opportunities• Tucson Excursions• Awards ceremony• Leadership Enrichment Certification
  5. 5. By the Numbers• NCLC 2012 – 652 participants – 75 institutions – 22 states and Mexico – 89 workshops – 104 presenters – 60 student volunteers
  6. 6. Why Me?• 3 years on the committee• 3 positions – Service Chair – Conference Administration – Director of Operations
  7. 7. OrgSync• Forms• To-Do List• Website• Calendar, Polls, Files
  8. 8. Forms• Registration• Call for Programs• Scholarships• Awards• Internal Use
  9. 9. Registration• Manage it ourselves• Easily organize participant information• Customizable• Payments• Open/Close Times
  10. 10. Call for Programs• Review function – Include people from a distance• Organization of Presenter information
  11. 11. Other Forms• Excursions – Payment collected ahead of time – Attendance/selection• Scholarships/Awards – Keep private• Internal use – Tracking internship hours – Admin paperwork – Applications for positions/co-curricular transcript
  12. 12. To-Do List• Hold everyone accountable – Even when absent• More efficient meetings – Check on current tasks – Assign new tasks easily
  13. 13. Website• Can easily make changes at any time• Link committee profiles to bios
  14. 14. Other• Calendar – Meetings • Attendance for internship credit• Polls – Vote on a theme, socials• Files – Meeting minutes, logos
  15. 15. Next Steps• Improve CyberSource payments• Learn from excursions for service projects• Expand planning committee – Opening up reviewing to others – Use technology to shorten distance gap• Open NCLC community to all participants• Have participants join the group ahead of time• Create Advisor group• Use OrgSync to strengthen NCLC tie to NCLA• Use store to sell NCLC merchandise• Logic for forms (registration)
  16. 16. Discussion/QuestionsAlyssa Martinez