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OpsRamp Summer 2019 Platform Update


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The Summer 2019 Release introduces OpsQ Observed Mode to build confidence in machine learning models for IT event and performance analysis. It also includes automated alert suppression to reduce human time spent on first-response to alerts, continuous learning-based alert escalation using live event data, and new infrastructure monitoring capabilities for cloud native environments.

Watch our on-demand webinar to see all the new enhancements to the platform, including:

OpsQ Observed Mode: OpsQ Observed Mode helps incident management teams assess the accuracy of the OpsRamp machine learning algorithms in a live production environment before they take effect.
Learning-Based Auto-Alert Suppression: OpsQ looks for recurring alert patterns in production environments and suppresses those alerts that occur at a predictable cadence. OpsQ uses seasonality-based and attribute-based auto-alert suppression techniques as a first-response mechanism.
Service and Topology Maps: The Summer 2019 Release introduces new impact visibility and service context features that deliver dynamic relationship data for public cloud services and actionable insights for understanding cross-site interconnections.

Cloud Native Discovery and Monitoring: DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams can now monitor popular open source applications used in cloud native environments and access relevant performance insights for Mesosphere and Azure Stack in the OpsRamp platform

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OpsRamp Summer 2019 Platform Update

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  10. 10. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 10 OpsQ Observed Mode Build trust and confidence in how machine learning algorithms can surface relevant insights for recognizing, repairing, and fixing problems with actionable insights.
  11. 11. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 11 Learning-Based Auto-Alert Suppression OpsQ automatically suppresses known and expected alerts using first-response policies and reduces alert noise with time-based and attributed-based pattern matching.
  12. 12. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 12 Automatic Resource Creation from 3rd Party Events OpsQ now creates new managed resources (if the resource does not already exist in OpsRamp) from third-party alerts.
  13. 13. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 13 Continuous Learning for Alert Escalation Continuous learning in OpsQ adjusts and optimizes alert assignment and priority across dynamic IT environments and ensures timely action for outstanding alerts.
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  15. 15. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 15 CloudTopology for AWS DevOps and SRE teams can visualize the topology context for AWS resources like EC2,VPC, RDS, or ELB and troubleshoot issues with context-aware confidence.
  16. 16. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 16 Cross-Site ConnectionTopology OpsRamp now supportsWAN discovery protocols (BGP/OSPF) so that IT teams can keep of track network connections across multiple enterprise deployments.
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  18. 18. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 18 Out-of-the-Box Kubernetes Dashboards OpsRamp delivers granular insights for Kubernetes clusters and underlying containers, pods, and nodes with default Kubernetes dashboards across both on-prem and public cloud environments (AKS, EKS, and GKE).
  19. 19. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential Expanded Application Monitoring Agentless monitoring for ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Apache Spark, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, CockroachDB, Couchbase, Fluentd, and Neo4j with relevant metrics.
  20. 20. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 20 Integrations for Azure Stack and Mesosphere Azure Stack: Discover and monitor network connections, virtual networks and load balancers in an Azure Stack environment. Mesosphere: The integration captures performance metrics for Mesos master and agent nodes.
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  22. 22. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential • Expanded synthetic monitoring • Bulk data export • Improved dashboard templates, widgets • UI: Improved search options in infrastructure page, resource listing/details pages, integration pages Other Platform Updates Customers and Partners:
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