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Utrecht Region : healthy urban living


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Presentation given by Thomas Kruse, City of Utrecht, at Open & Agile Smart Cities' annual Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference 2020 on 23 January in Brussels, Belgium.

Published in: Technology
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Utrecht Region : healthy urban living

  1. 1. Thomas Krüse Lead Digital City Program Utrecht Region: healthy urban living
  2. 2. Utrecht Challenges
  3. 3. Data driven Consortia
  4. 4. 9 Sensor: Air quality, GPS and accelerometer Connectivity: LTE-M Data services: FIWARE Algorithm Dashboard and app
  5. 5. Sensors for EV charging stations
  6. 6. Combining two data streams EV charging point OCPI Agent Context broker Parking spot sensor Context broker Context processor push publish 3rd party pull Time series database preferabl y push OCPI to NGSI Deter- mine state of charging point Create time series databas eStatus updates subscrib e Context broker
  7. 7. User stories • Charging point operators • Comparison of different EV charging station set-ups • With or without traffic sign • Navigation service provider • Routing to nearest available EV charging station • Law enforcement • Receive warnings of illegal parking
  8. 8. 2. Connect for status updates 3. Toggle car 4. Toggle EV charging point 3. Toggle car 4. Toggle EV charging point status updates
  9. 9. microservices 1 2 3 4 1. OCPI agent • OCPI to NGSI 2. Orion context broker • Keep current state • Publish updates 3. Context processor • Combine data streams • Publish updates 4. WebSocket • Push updates to app
  10. 10. Practical Guideline Open Urban Platforms NPR 8284:2019 NEN Standardization Group Smart Cities Standards and Regulations 18
  11. 11. Practical Guideline Open Urban Platforms Standards and Regulations 19 EIP-SCC Open Urban Platforms TM FORUM A guideline building further on existing standards, with practical tips & trics, examples and how to start. Key ingredients: • Governance • Explaining current standards • Interoperability & data portability • Use Cases (illustrated with Mobility as a Service) • Implementation guide • Examples • Hilversum Procurement Experience & RACI Publishes December 2019