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Case law database— beyond user consent


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Presentation given by Kimmo Karhu, City of Helsinki, at Open & Agile Smart Cities' annual Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference 2020 on 23 January in Brussels, Belgium

Published in: Technology
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Case law database— beyond user consent

  1. 1. Case law database— beyond user consent CSCC20, Jan 23, 2020 Kimmo Karhu Head of Data City of Helsinki
  2. 2. Data vision Helsinki’s data is the most used and usable urban data by 2025. Proactive and personalized digital services at citizen’s terms. Photo: Eetu Ahanen / City of Helsinki
  3. 3. European perspective—Enable citizens and their data to roam between cities • Sharing and reuse of personal data is increasingly important for cities in providing digital services to their citizens • Data interoperability needed for citizens to “roam” across cities 3
  4. 4. How can I grant access to a private doctor to see my health records maintained by city and revoke access after the visit?
  5. 5. How could a student living in Helsinki ”roam” to Brussels and benefit from a student discount at Brussels public transportation?
  6. 6. MyData principles as a basis for personal data management 6
  7. 7. GDPR identifies six distinct reasons for processing the data 1. specific user consent 2. based on a contract 3. legal obligation 4. to protect interests of the data subject 5. public interest, and 6. other legitimate reasons 7
  8. 8. To build privacy and trust, citizen need to… 1. understand what personal data is collected 2. understand the city’s policies for sharing and using data 3. be able to give specific consent 4. transparently see when data is shared (transactions) 27.1.2020 Etunimi Sukunimi 8
  9. 9. “Case law” database to make policies visible • Analyze public service use cases to clarify the legal basis for data sharing • Joint effort with privacy officers and product owners • Develop a ”case law database” • To make city’s policies visible to citizens • To develop reusable consent templates for future use cases (navigate through the ”legal mine field”) • How could this work be shared between cities to avoid overlapping work? …and to build larger market 9
  10. 10. Thank you! Kimmo Karhu Head of Data City of Helsinki 10Jan 23, 2020 Kimmo Karhu,