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Double page spread analysis


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Double page spread analysis

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Analysis By Nishat Aziz.
  2. 2. The set up of this double page spread is not one that is commonly used as there is not much text on the page. The image of the artist takes up most of the page as well as the huge title leaving only a third of one side for text. The artist who is the main feature is of Lily Allen who is well known in the music industry.
  3. 3. The title of this article is extremely disjointed but fits in extremely well with the person who has quite a grungy look. There is a large ‘I’ at the beginning of the article which highlights the start of the article. The colour scheme is something that fits well with red that Lily Allen is wearing. It makes her stand out more. The red text is used to highlight the key parts of the double page spread such as the name of the artist ‘Lily Allen’ and the writers name.
  4. 4. The person in the picture is Lady Gaga who is well known in the music industry. She is obviously of high significance as she takes up the majority of the page. The picture has been edited to black and white which makes the picture seem more classic.
  5. 5. The large L which covers the majority of the double page spread article highlights that the article is about Lady Gaga. The red makes it stand out and draws readers in. The large S at the start of one of the paragraphs suggests that this is the start of the main part of this article. A t the bottom right hand corner of the page, the logo of the magazine is just visible highlighting what magazine this is.
  6. 6. This double page spread focuses on Florence from ‘Florence and the machine’. She is sat on a large USA flag which highlights the nationality of the artist. The large USA in the background highlights where she comes from. The text is almost an elegant calligraphic typography which is extremely feminine and it also fits in well because the artist is a female.
  7. 7. The provocative clothing in which she is wearing and the eye contact which she holds with the audience helps to gain more readers. The serious look on her face suggest that she is extremely serious about music. Red is an extremely bold colour and signifies passion which could connote the artists passion for music. The letter ‘D’ is in large compared to the rest of the text to make the reader aware this is the start.