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Double page spreads


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Double page spreads

  1. 1. Double page spreads<br />x10<br />
  2. 2. NME: Black and white text fonts set out like a newspaper type double page. <br />On the far right is a large photo of a famous singer ‘Lily Allen’ Dressed in dull colours. Which joins in with theme of this page as its not bright and its just black and white with red. <br />The text is small and paragraphed as a newspaper at the bottom in four rows.<br />The background is grey and dull just like a newspapers background would normally be.<br />The colour of the texts are Typical rock type colours in these pages.<br />The main quote of the page is printed in bold writing which fills the majority of the left hand side showing its importance to the article featuring the celebrity.<br />The main large quote looks like it has been cut out from something and stuck onto the page individually, this gives a edgier rock feel and this could attract the younger audiences more.<br />Her pose is very casual with her hands on her hips to give off this feel that the interview is casual, her make up is simple but with dark Smokey eyes showing this indie/rock look the magazine is aiming for, he pose connects to the pull out quote as she looks as if she has abit of attitude and is dress in a indie/rock way giving off this whole idea of what the magazine is going for.<br />The page represents an edgy look therefore works for this NME magazine<br />With a quick glance you see that this double page is about Lilly Allen before even reading it.<br />
  3. 3. The main photo takes up the whole of the double pages. It is of a couple (a man and woman) who are in a car the slight blur of car and blurry background and hair swept behind them shows that this car is travelling at a relatively high speed when the photo was taken.<br />‘An affair to Remember’ is in italics and a formal layout this makes it look elegant when this contrasts to the actual text as it is referring to affairs and they are not something you would call elegant.<br />It is sunny and the colours are bright with the car being yellow as well this attracts the eye with its bright colours and large photo if you were to skim through the magazine pages quickly.<br />
  4. 4. This magazine gives off a ‘country’ style and feel to it.In a way ‘hippie’<br />The main photo takes up the whole right side and half of the left.<br />On the left hand side the background of the text is a sandy colour looks like it is an old page to an old book or the colour of the old brown parcels. The written text is black and has the style of what you’d see on signs in ‘Texas’ (a western).<br />‘GETTING IT TOGETHER IN THE COUNTRY’ using the word country gives the impression they are trying to create this certain style of the calm country surroundings.<br />The text underneath is in a pink colour, and in a small font. The whole text fonts are bordered round by a brown frame which rounds at the edges.<br />I like this double page spread because its unique and has its own style. <br />
  5. 5. This double page has the main photograph of the band ‘the black eye peas’ more to the left of the page but overlapping into the right page.<br />‘Will-I-am’ is in a more distinct colour to the other band mates and he has been made to stand out more, the other three are a more faded colour<br />The text other the photo is. ‘WILL HE, WONT HE?’<br />This relates to the photo as they are asking if he will leave the band and has put him in bold to show its him there referring to and also he is in bold because he is the one going solo and out shinning his other band mates who are in the background.<br />The text is positioned on the right hand side starting from the top of the page to the bottom, it is in black and the background of this double page is white. This Helps us to see the text more clearly.<br />There is a different font in the middle of the texts which is white and the background is boxed black, this could indicate an important quote or something that is important enough that it has to be bolder then the other text in order to attract the audience to read it.<br />
  6. 6. The background to this double page is white and plain, there is not much to see that is eye catching. However being simpler it draws attention to the black text on the right page side and it draws attention to the black and white photo on the left hand page of a girl with her hair swished across her face looking down at this masthead in-front of her body saying ‘SELF OBSESSION’.<br />The girl model is not smiling and this could be due to the masthead underneath her to give off this dim feel. <br />Being in black and white could show the darker mood, I get this feel that this text I'm about to read is going to be in a negative manner.<br />
  7. 7. The article is on the pop cultural.<br /> Lady Gaga is the main photo of the left hand page, she is a famous singer and she is in mid shot with her upper body and head visible, she's in black and white and the background behind her is plain white.<br />In the photograph the model ‘Gaga’ is posing, The artist naked is both for controversy, which gains both the artist and the magazine an audience, and for a sexual image and attraction.<br />Her hair is styled to be wild, eccentric and untamed, this represents the artist to have a wild, crazy and eccentric personality that cannot be tamed. The image itself has been edited in post-production into black and white, to create a certain type of mood and a dramatic effect, <br />This image also gives her the look of an old film star which contrast as she is already a massive star and will survive the test of time in her career.<br />The text is all in black and white as well apart from the large transparent L in front of the text. This L is in bold red and symbolises L for Lady Gaga.<br />
  8. 8. The subheading is stylised by the formal text being interrupted by a font that resembles some ones handwriting. This contrasts the idea of a rapper writing in his rhyme book and it also shows the fact that a rapper: Asher Roth is writing carefree lyrics.<br />The large ‘I’ Before the text shows the emphasise the first letter of the article and draws attention towards it, adding a distinctive style to the article.<br />The heading is a rhetorical question. The effect of this is makes the reader want to read more in order to seek the answer to the question.<br />The whole left page is taken up of the photo and the right is the text of information in-front of a white background.<br />‘LOVE’ and the written in word styles in the piece gives this article are more eye-catching approach I really like this idea and this has given me some other ideas to how I want to design my magazine double paged spread.<br />
  9. 9. This double page is very dark and uses dim colours. This works with The 'distorted', 'distressed' writing and suits the bands style and fits with the magazines generic layout.<br />‘MUDERDOLLS’ is white however it has the effect of being worn down giving this gloomy look the double page is going for.<br />TWOS COMPANY in red could contrast with the two people underneath it looking angry and upset this could symbolise that maybe a band member has left and there’s only two left.<br />The whole background of this double page is dark. The only bright colour is white but with the effect of a worn out cracking look it makes this white colour dark and dim to.<br />The two people on the left hand page are wearing dark clothes, they have dark hair covering their faces and they have dark eye make up on with really pale faces, they are not smiling and look really angry giving off this ‘emo’ ‘metal head’ type feel to the magazine.<br />
  10. 10. The main photo isn’t just on one page it is integrated into the second of the double page it also includes another photo of the famous ‘singer’ that is presented on the main photo on the left that is integrating into the right.<br />Images seem to be the main focus point in this double page spread as they are large there's two of them and it takes up most of the double page spread.<br />There is a lot of text in black bordered by a white box.<br />Text isn’t main attraction as it is simple with small fonts.<br />‘S’ is in a large bold font, larger the rest of the articles text this is a clear over used use of how articles normally start.<br />The colours of this magazine are; White, Black and red. Also with a bluey colour that properly involves something different to what is presented on the double page spread.<br />
  11. 11. The background is a grey/white colour with USA in bold grey.<br />All on the left hand page is a photo of a famous singer. ‘Florence and the Machine’. She is dressed in all black with black heels and a black plain dress. She is sat on a flag which looks like to be part of the flag for the USA which is laid out over a box shaped seat. <br />The ‘D’ is in a formal italics style which is larger then the other text fonts. The small descriptive text is positioned on the right hand page.<br />The subheading in a bolder font, its at the top of the text. This draws the attention to the readers as its slightly bigger but it gives us more insight to what the article is about. And ‘Florence Welch’ is in blue as it is the singer whose photos on the double page and the article is about her, so her name being in a different colour shows her importance.<br />The colours of this page is grey, white, black, and red. With added colours of blue.<br />