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Presentation Mediaaa


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Presentation Mediaaa

  1. 2. This is one of my favourite album covers. The album cover has got a very unique and quirky look which reflects that the artists personality is like this. The album cover is different and makes a statement, this suites the artist who is known for making statements with fashion. The intended target audience is mainly for females, aged 16-25, females with attitude. The genre of Lily Allen's music is up to date pop. The background is a mixture of hand drawings and computer generated pictures.
  2. 3. This album cover is simple, yet effective. The album cover is for the prodigy, but pictures of them are not included. The white text has been placed on the black background to create a contrast and to make the writing stand out. The white text is intended to stand out which must mean that the text is highly important. The text is bold, scary and evil. This reinforces that the band is like this. The music is hardcore, the lyrics and the image. The back ground is black to make the album come across very dark and mysterious.
  3. 4. The genre of this music is Rnb. The stereotype of a male rnb artist is gangster, rich, famous and a ladies man. Akon fits well with his stereotype for many reasons, such as : music videos with woman hanging off him, sunglasses on the album cover to create a cool and suspicious look, suit to make him look wealthy, smart and dangerous. The background of the sunshine and sea reflects that he is living the life of a wealthy man with freedom.
  4. 5. The album cover is very plain, this means that without the album cover being all fancy, the band still stand out. The album cover is simple because they are simply good magicians. The background is cool and calm which relates to there music. The genre of the music is indie, it could also be listed as alternative.
  5. 6. The colour of the background says that the album is very dull, angry and dark. The pose is very natural, her pose in this photo is neither sexual or seductive. The main thing is that she wants to come across as very ordinary and that the title (her name) is the most important thing to stand out.
  6. 7. The picture of the artist is seductive because of the way she is sitting on her chair, this is used because sex sells. The picture is the main image of the album cover because it is a close up of her and she is the main attention. The text is written across her image so that everyone knows her name.
  7. 8. The bright colour used makes the album and music come across as fresh and vibrant. The artists name is wrote in large text to capture the eye of the potential customers. The sunglasses make the artist have a cool and laid back look. The album looks very retro and funky. The picture of the artist it outlined to make the picture stand out as well as the text.