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  1. 1. Be personable. Be friendly. Say "Hello". Speak to people in the halls. Be "a part" of the organization. Build personal relationships with a select number of people. Converse with them regularly about both personal and work topics. Be proactive and identify the key stakeholders for specific activities. The Art & Science of Nemawashi (BPs) H/R A/F Tech Planning Understand the "formal" organization and hierarchy and develop an understanding of the "informal" organization or layers and who has an established relationship. Nemawashi - The process of cross-organizational communication and consensus building Stay in touch with key stakeholders. Keep them informed of progress or activities. Share information with them. When building consensus, start with your peers across the organization and spiral up through the layers. Return to a lower level if necessary. As you start to gain concensus, others will become involved and use their partnerships. Have preliminary informal discussions, hand sketching concept and story if necessary Outline for Informal Discussions: a) Review the history b) Identify previous reviewers c) Relay current thoughts/alternatives d) Ask questions /Get Feedback e) Adjust thoughts f) Repeat process with others A B #1 B A #2 A B #3 ? Be Personable 1 Build Partnerships 2 Be Proactive 3 Build Pyramid 4 Be Provider 5 Begin with Peers 6 Break for Preview 7 Bare Prospects 8 RelationshipsCommunication