NEC NEOFACE- Biometric Face Recognition System


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NEC NeoFace combines an extracted analysis of the eyes with a
detailed determination of facial feature, using a GLVQ based multiple matching face recognition system.Providing a reliable verification solution.

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NEC NEOFACE- Biometric Face Recognition System

  1. 1. Biometrics identification solutions BIoMeTRIcS IDeNTIFIcaTIoN SoLUTIoNS “there are some reasons why biometrics face recognition has achieved high significance – not only in security applications, it has also become increasingly important in registering and verifying individuals as well as developing highly realistic user interfaces.”ABOUT NEC ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD Singapore-based NEC Asia Pacific is the regional headquarters for NEC Corporation (HQ: Japan) in the Asia Pacific region (South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania). As a leading infocomm technology provider and systems integrator offering regional sales and services support and consultancy, NEC APAC develops solutions on carrier network, global identity, RFID, enterprise server, unified communications, multimedia display, and contact centre, as well as provides outsourcing and managed services. To leverage on its technological expertise in the field of public safety, NEC APAC has established a regional competency centre (public safety) to expand its capabilities and expertise to support businesses in the Asia Pacific region. In line with the NEC Group Vision to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth, NEC also embarks on corporate NeoFace social responsibilities (CSR) initiatives to support and “make a difference” to the Nature (environment), Education and Community. tMTo learn more about our solutions, visit or email us at BIoMeTRIc Face RecoGNITIoN SYSTeMSingapore Australia India Indonesia Malaysia NEC Australia Pty Ltd NEC India Pvt. Ltd. PT. NEC Indonesia NEC Corporation of Malaysia Sdn. BhdNEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Regional Headquarters) New Zealand Philippines Thailand Vietnam NEC New Zealand Ltd NEC Philippines, Inc. NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. NEC Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. NEC Asia Pacific©2012 NEC Corporation NEC and NEC logo are trademarks of NEC Corporation
  2. 2. Biometrics Identification Solutions NeoFace TM NEC’s 2D face recognition procedure: Fast, exceptionally precise and efficientThe Setting Generalized Matching Face Perturbation Space Method Adaptive Regional Blend Face recognition Detection Method Matching Method -a special biometric procedure with perspective NEC has developed a standardized In order to achieve particularly fast and face model which enables the Individuals are recognized and identified based on several methods. First, there’s something the individual knows, reliable results, NeoFace™ combines derivation of different facial views. This like a PIN or password. Recognition is also possible by means of an ID, a chip card or a similar token that the an extracted analysis of the eyes with a procedure is known as the Perturbation individual owns. But the risky side of both these methods is that the information or token can easily be lost, forgotten, detailed determination of facial feature, Space Method. stolen or duplicated. using a GLVQ based multiple matching face recognition system. Generate the Image Biometric procedures, on the other hand, are the secured alternatives because they use automated methods to recognize individuals based on unmistakable physical characteristics. Unique Thanks to the Perturbation Space Method, the general range of facial Face recognition has interesting advantages over other procedures. For example, it enables faces to be recorded poses and lighting has ceased to from a distance. present major problems. The range of variation of different facial parts is still In addition, it can be expected to act as a crime deterrent because faces which have been recorded and archived a challenge, however. NeoFace™ uses can later help to identify a person. a very thorough matching procedure The illustration here shows how a number of different alternative poses can be generated which also works with photos of a from as a single registered face. person wearing glasses or a hat. To minimize the adverse effects of such In the future, it will be possible to partial modifications, NEC uses theBenefits take different lighting situations into Adaptive Regional Blend Matching consideration as well. By storing a Method. face in different perspectives in the system, it is possible for the face to be 2D face recognition recognized at various angles and under -results from 20 years of experience. various lighting conditions. For many years, NEC has concentrated on face recognition methods within the framework of Biometric security systems. NeoFace™ - at a glance The NeoFace™ SDK was introduced in 2003 as a competent, international solution. This procedure is specifically Features Exact, reliable verification NEC – The leader of Biometrics designed for the following areas in which positive face recognition must be carried out especially rapidly and Solution precisely: • Fast, exact face recognition • Optimal results through ARBM • GLVQ based multiple matching technology (Adaptive Regional NEC is one of the world’s largest • National ID documents face recognition system Blend Matching) manufacturer in IT and telecom • Border Control Management • Combination of extraction of eyes • Extraction of similar facial areas technology; its solutions for IT, • Access to Sensitive Zones or Network and recognition of facial features • Identification and authentication networks and electronic components • Airport Security Management • Reliable verification through based on individual facial features are in the vanguard. NEC has developed • Criminological Work classification with neural network • Can be flexibly adapted to existing biometric security solutions for more • Prison Management • Short processing time IT systems than 30 years and has installed large • High recognition rates • Can be integrated into many types number of AFIS systems worldwide, NeoFace™ accurately recognizes faces, records and registers their biometric characteristics. The features of • Face recognition regardless of of video monitoring systems making it one of the most renowned different faces can be compared using the following identification procedures: vantage point and facial changes • Perform 1:N matching and biometric specialists. (glasses, beard, expression) identification • Generalized Matching Face Detection Method • Interfaces to Automated Fingerprint • Perturbation Space Method Identification System • Adaptive Regional Blend Matching Method • Supports diverse graphic and video formats as well as live cameras