J75912 nec cloud brochure marketplace


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J75912 nec cloud brochure marketplace

  1. 1. Mobile World Congress 2012Carrier Cloud VAS PlatformNEC Cloud MarketplaceDeliver today the cloud services of tomorrow. Get access to ahuge portfolio of integrated ISVs ready to generate revenuesstraight away. Now you can bind the traditional carrieroffering with next generation cloud services. Expand your cloud business Carrier grade cloud services MarketplaceImproved Anything as a Service (XaaS) has increasingly become the most preferred method for delivery of business applicationsand cloud services to end-users. Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) are seeking to gain access to these services through trustedproviders that will enable them to adopt XaaS securely and easily. It is widely accepted that Telecommunication Operators andService Providers are best positioned to leverage their network assets and customer relationships to provide a secure and trustedservice to these users. NEC Cloud Marketplace is a robust and feature rich proven XaaS management and aggregation platform tosimplify cloud services delivery incorporating the necessary feature sets to ensure that the Operator’s XaaS portfolio is successful. New Cloud Services Customization IntegrationTargeted, Localized, Plug & Play Branded, Differentiated, Singular Billing, CRM, AuthenticationSpecifically designed cloud offering NEC Cloud Marketplace layout is The availability of a large number ofto match your customer segments fully customizable to meet carrier’s Billing and CRM connectors built inneeds. NEC broad ISV portfolio on branding and usability requirements. the NEC Cloud Marketplaceboth global and country level The ISV offering, categories, and minimizes the integration withenhances the attractiveness of the appearance order can be configured carrier’s legacy systems down to fewcloud offering. The set of application on the fly to meet particular specific weeks. In order to enhance the endproviders includes both well known business and marketing objectives. user experience a single sign oncloud brands and local players in Traditional carrier services such as capability is created between NECyour market meeting your customers voice and data plans can be sold as Cloud Marketplace, existing carrier’sneeds. Furthermore, NEC can part of the marketplace either in customer management portal and allsupport carriers’ partnerships with standalone mode or as part of cloud the cloud services. New ISVsapplication vendors in order to services package in order to create incorporated into the platformexpand service portfolio in line with unique market offering. become instantly available forcustomer strategic needs. carrier’s cloud portfolio extension. NEC Cloud Marketplace http://www.nec.com
  2. 2. NEC Cloud Marketplace Solution Features List Categories Features • Customizable application store front • Friendly user interface automatically adapted to the customer profile • Applications promotion, browsing & contracting • Role based privileges - End user, Company admin, Salesperson/Reseller Marketplace User Portal • Authentication with carriers existing portal (via Single Sign On) • Automated applications provisioning • Visible purchase history and auditing • User self help support tools (FAQs, forums, document repository) • Single Sign On access to subscribed applications (via SAML, WebServices) • Product management (pricing, description, brochures, logos) • Flexible charging & promotion models (subscription, trials, once-off) Service Management • Integration with carriers backend systems (OSS, BSS) • Bundling of several cloud services or carrier traditional services • Automated product recommendation engine based on user profiles • Intuitive graphical administration dashboard • Support tools including user data & application management Operation and Support • Impersonate function • Reporting (usage statistics, platform & product analytics) • Content management system (marketplace maintenance) • Rapid cloud services accelerator program (product ingestion) • ISV selection & integration assistance New Services Integration • Simulation & staging tools • Cloud services hosting platformForfurther information please contact us at us atFor further information please contactmarketing@nec-saas.comgcc_saas@gcc.jp.nec.comNEC CorporationNEC Corporation7-1, Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku,Anabel Segura 7, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid. SpainTokyo 108-8001 Japanhttp://www.nec.com/www.nec.com© 2012 NEC Corporation NEC and the NEC logo are registered trademarks of NEC Corporation 2011071001