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The Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 8


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Chapter 8 of my Sims 2 Royal Kingdom Challenge. A long overdue next chapter, which will serve as a sort of recap. I hope no one gets too lost.

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The Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 8

  1. 1. The Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 8
  2. 2. Michelle so I saw a note in your signature today and it said you thought your himself might be a YA. Guess what you were. Nice try getting out of hanging out in my game. Should I be worried?
  3. 3. Um? I have no idea. So here’s the thing. I saw you commented on Celestia the other day and then I realized I wanted to try to get back into the hood. Problem is I haven’t loaded up the hood in over a year so I’ve got a crap ton of pics and I don’t remember at all what happened.
  4. 4. “I hate playing ahead and not writing as I go too.” “Yeah I know. Hey I actually recognize this pic. That’s Luke McCarthy…the toddler I mean. What’s his mother’s name again…uh…you don’t know do you?” “Seriously? Of course not.”
  5. 5. Oh yeah it’s Lyanna, yeah she was a Peters..she’s Vanessa’s daughter. Thanks for reminding me.” Michelle’s simself: “….”
  6. 6. This is Luke as a baby I do believe. Sorry this is going to be all out of order, but that’s not going to be a problem for you I’m sure.” Michelle: “Wait what’s going on?”
  7. 7. From what I do remember Lyanna and George are a lovely couple. A nice quiet little family.
  8. 8. Okay so this is one of the Hashmi noblewomen I know that much. She’s part of the whole scandal that family’s got going on right now. The heir doesn’t have a son, and isn’t the best liked. His younger brother has a son and is way more popular with the people. Hopefully that’s gonna pan itself out.
  9. 9. I do know the red headed one is the one with the son, married to the younger brother. Mary there is married to the current heir and has no son, just popped out daughters…but she’s pregnant again right now.
  10. 10. Michelle: “You really need to work on remembering names or at least take notes.” “I did take notes, but honestly it was over a year ago and I have no idea where I’ve put them.”
  11. 11. “No idea some random boy…probably an heir to someone’s house. Moving on.” Michelle: “You’re moving me in to this hood aren’t you?” Of course. Wasn’t that obvious right away?
  12. 12. “That’s Lord Hashmi the dude with no son yet. I think. Or is he the younger brother with the son. I honestly don’t remember.” Michelle: “I am in so much trouble.”
  13. 13. Oh wait I know this one. That’s Isabella Shahan, she’s a teenager now. Actually all of Catherine’s girls are teens currently. Michelle: “You don’t play favorites at all do you?” Shut-up.
  14. 14. Mistress Sims here is doing just peachy transplanted all the way from Avonlea. I really miss all my old simmies.
  15. 15. Oh this was before Fanny had aged up and that’s her brother crap what the hell did I name him again? Man I really wish I had my notes. Oh well you’ll figure it out. No wait that’s right that’s Prince Ryker and heir to the throne. Silly me.
  16. 16. Oh yeah I do think the long haired Hashmi is the spare and it’s Pranshu there that’s the heir and he doesn’t have a son yet. The boy’s name is Manomay, yeah that was it.
  17. 17. Michelle: I am so confused.
  18. 18. See here’s proof the triplet girls did grow up into teens. I think one of those is Fanny and the other is Anne. Don’t quote me on that though.
  19. 19. Is that Manomay? I don’t know. Anyway that’s the son of Catherine and Peter and heir to this whole place. The green one.
  20. 20. What else is going on in the kingdom right now. Oh yeah Vanessa here is still in a crummy marriage, poor thing.
  21. 21. Isabella took up basket weaving apparently.
  22. 22. Okay, I have a lot of pictures of the Shahan/Sims house. Yeah yeah I know I play favorites, as well as having many other faults as a simmer. Let’s just move on.
  23. 23. Oh yes this little scandal. So you remember Marcus Nugen? The spare to the Nugen peasant family? The one that didn’t get married. Turns out he had a little fling with a city guard Agnes and well she had a kid. It’s a boy. His name is James Glenham. Michelle: “It’s a miracle you actually remembered something!” Michelle your himself is a bit rude. :)
  24. 24. Agnes just got her own place, and is gonna rough it on her own. Marcus isn’t exactly the helping a girl out type.
  25. 25. Ah yes Princess Kaya got married to Lord Eglisfielde one of your underlings in the Moon Islands. “My underlings?” Yeah I’m making you Duchess of the Moon Islands. What you didn’t think I wouldn’t give you privileges did you?
  26. 26. So here’s Adam and their little girl. I’m sure you’ll see them around a lot.
  27. 27. They’ve got a lovely pool which I’m sure they will love to let you hang out in. Michelle: “..”
  28. 28. Don’t worry Adam is an excellent fighter so I’m sure he can help you keep order in the Islands if you need too. Michelle: “If he doesn’t can I smite him?” Uh I’ll get back to you on that.
  29. 29. Isn’t their house lovely? I think I downloaded it from MTS.
  30. 30. The Princess holds regular galas for nobles to party at.
  31. 31. Ah yes this lovely Noble family. I can’t stop breeding this family, but these kids have such interesting/adorable genetics in my opinion.
  32. 32. Plus, what is this townies name again? I rarely marry her in or play her. I’m drawing such a blank. Anyway, her pregnancies have been a breeze.
  33. 33. They currently have 3 daughters, but they are expecting again. There are a lot of Noble girls this generation. Not helping with the population control guys.
  34. 34. This family is just so gosh dang adorable! If you’re ever in Celestia properly you should stop by this house. Peasant or not they’re great.
  35. 35. See how cute this kid is? Just look at her!
  36. 36. Oh and I caught Ruth swinging on an ice box door. What would your Grandmother Ruby say? Heee. And see, see the Noble girls are soooooooooo cute. Michelle: Breathe Mystery. Just breathe.
  37. 37. Gilbert Nugen the heir to my other peasant family is a teen now too. He’s currently hanging around with a shopkeeper’s daughter. We’ll see where that leads soon enough I guess.
  38. 38. Wishing well matched them up, with Amy Jones though as they can’t afford the matchmaker services directly, but Gilbert seems to be keeping his options open as I also think he has a crush on Isabella too..
  39. 39. Kimmie’s still around and runs her flower shop. If you need snapdragons her shop’s the place to stop.
  40. 40. Catherine gets around the kingdom a lot. You’ll probably see her in your welcome wagon even though you live in another land. She’s magic.
  41. 41. Oh yes these guys had a bit of a late addition. A little girl named Alexandria Stupid ACR and surprise pregnancies.
  42. 42. Michelle: Hey at least it was just one. True
  43. 43. Over at the Lampright Estate things are going pretty well. These poor kids have smashed up faces, Story’s is particularly rough but I still love them.
  44. 44. They still invite over their neighbor’s tenant David Gordon for Mahjong every now and then. He and Lord Thomas actually get along really well.
  45. 45. I belive that’s Manomay and Ruth again. Ruth is my resident gossip Ruby’s grand daughter.
  46. 46. This Ruby Coldwell. Not Ruby that’s the daughter of the peasant fisherman that runs the fisher’s market David.
  47. 47. Her son Noah is a nice enough fellow, it’s just you gotta watch out for his mom. She’s a little nuts. (as in a lot crazy)
  48. 48. Here’s a front view of Ruth. She’s quite pretty. She has a little sister too Esther. Or is she Esther and the toddler is Ruth…I forget.
  49. 49. Either way, the heir to the Coldwell family is definitely named Paul.
  50. 50. Leo and his daughter-in-law get along. She’s a brave woman to live in a house with Ruby…I love her.
  51. 51. Wait no the shopkeeper’s daughter Gilbert is seeing is Ruby Gordon. Duh the wishing well matched them. Well it tossed him out when Ruby used it I mean. Obviously tossed out Amy in Gilbert’s case. Michelle: Couldn’t you go back and change the earlier slide. Yeah, but I’m too lazy.
  52. 52. Gordon’s little fish shop is still not doing very well. I’ve even expanded it to a full market, but yeah it’s still like rank 3.
  53. 53. David’s heir Archie is now a child.
  54. 54. I think Armando Nugen is trying to win favors to get his grandson married off to the Gordon spare.
  55. 55. Ruby certainly is a nice catch I’ll admit.
  56. 56. Do you remember how I said genetics were not kind to the Lampright ladies….well look at this one. Yeah…
  57. 57. Spare lord Lampright now oversees a small set of lands for his older brother. One of the Noble spares moved in here and help work the lands.
  58. 58. The little Noble lass isn’t doing much better than the proper lady living in residence though.
  59. 59. I think it’s quite a nice little place for them to live don’t you?
  60. 60. Finally here’s the crown Princess Beatrice.
  61. 61. The heir to the throne’s just turned into a teen, but I don’t have a teen pic of him apparently.
  62. 62. Oh and Lord Yasutora is a child now too. He’s Lord apparent of the third noble house of Celestia the Chen’s.
  63. 63. I think that about catches you up on everything. Hopefully you’re not too too lost. *puppy eyes* Michelle: “Yeah, no of course I’m not.” Great!
  64. 64. See everyone next time! Huge thank-you to Michelle for letting me borrow your simself and abuse her for a recap, and for your support of my stories.