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How to Better Leverage SharePoint through Microsoft Teams


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Presentation given at the Digital Workplace Conference New Zealand on May 1st, 2018. This session walks through some of the latest updates on SharePoint, discusses the changes happening within the collaboration space, makes a case for Microsoft's architectural decisions around Office 365 Groups and the Microsoft Graph, and how Teams can provide a powerful and flexible collaboration solution that complements SharePoint to meet most enterprise collaboration scenarios.

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  • Thanks Christian ...a very helpful slidedeck and a great presentation: as always!
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How to Better Leverage SharePoint through Microsoft Teams

  1. 1. How to Better Leverage SharePoint through Microsoft Teams Christian Buckley CollabTalk LLC
  2. 2. Christian Buckley Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC Microsoft Regional Director & MVP @buckleyplanet
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. SharePoint: The building blocks of your intranet
  6. 6. SharePoint and OneDrive Momentum
  7. 7. Biz Apps Intelligent rollups Social highlights Hub sites Themes Site designs across your sites… … within your sites
  8. 8. Vendor agreements Legal portal Regional partner outreach Policies Customer Event planning HR Quarterly reports Company-wide Benefits Acquired sales Eco Adventure Travel Programs Customer connections Travel innovation SalesRegional sales Recognition & rewards EMEA sales Expense tracker Cultural Big wins Benefits planning New hires EMEA Records center
  9. 9. Vendor agreements Legal portal Regional partner outreach Policies Customer Event planning HR Quarterly reports Company-wide Benefits Acquired sales Eco Adventure Travel Programs Customer connections Travel innovation Sales Regional sales Recognition & rewards EMEA sales Expense tracker Cultural Big wins Benefits planning New hires EMEA Records center
  10. 10. Considerations for the modern intranet ▪ News, announcements & information (top/down, bottom/up) ▪ Find what you’re looking for (Search, discovery, browse/navigation) ▪ Collaboration & communication ▪ Personal, team, division, cross-company ▪ Usability, reliability, recognizable (theming and branding) ▪ Reorg, acquisition, growth ▪ Continuous innovation, change management ▪ Mobility and flexibility – informed & engaged ▪ Intranet AND extranet ▪ Who should and can access, create and consume (governance) ▪ Secure and compliant (proactive and reactive) ▪ VPN, multi-factor authentication ▪ Apps and services integration ▪ Out-of-the-box, configuration, customization – budget vs. requirements
  11. 11. your sites Communication sitesTeam sites Department Team Project Extranet (Partner, Customer) Committee (Planning, Executive) Initiative, campaign or event Share work with organization Community of practice or interest Training and policies Updates and reports
  12. 12. Communication sitesTeam sites
  13. 13. Communication sitesTeam sites Created by users or admins Created by users or adminsCreated by admins Navigation Theme and logo Search scope Hub sites A communication site or team site News and activity rollup
  14. 14. Communication Sites in Office 365
  15. 15. What it takes to make your intranet successful: ▪ Governance – Roles, platform, app dev, tools, and review team ▪ Strategy – Align your initiatives with strategic drivers ▪ Support – Know your options from Office 365 and key vendors ▪ A Great Team – Have strategy, IT, dev, and design covered ▪ Funding – Don’t underestimate time & budget ▪ Change Management – Know what’s coming from Microsoft and vendors ▪ Education – Plan for ongoing training, community management, and evangelism ▪ Flexibility – Recognition that no single solution will meet the needs of everyone
  16. 16. But does the SharePoint intranet model fit every collaboration scenario?
  17. 17. 1. 2. 3.
  18. 18. Groups Building Blocks
  19. 19.
  20. 20. When Microsoft talks about Intelligent Communications, much of the content you find online points to the effort to move Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams What makes Microsoft Teams powerful is that is delivers a single hub for teamwork, with built-in, fully integrated voice and video. Teams also tightly weaves communications into the apps teams use to collaborate every day, alongside AI, Microsoft Graph, LinkedIn, cognitive services and more, Teams is a game-changer for how we collaborate and communicate.
  21. 21. Office 365 – intelligence at work for you
  22. 22. Adding Microsoft Teams into the mix
  23. 23. What are ‘Intelligent Communications’? Microsoft talks about “harnessing the power of intelligence” It’s beyond chat and online meetings, encompassing: • Cognitive services • Machine learning • Microsoft Graph • IoT
  24. 24. Meet Microsoft Teams
  25. 25. Extending how we think about collaboration and communication Microsoft Teams will become the core communications client for Microsoft Office 365 customers Teams will help organizations surface and utilize content and data residing within existing infrastructure, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and Exchange Artificial intelligence will transform how we interact with our data, and each other
  26. 26. The Future of Business Meetings
  27. 27. Envisioning intelligent communications in our day-to-day work experiences Before a meeting, insights, history, and deeper context After a meeting, notes and actions captured and distributed in context to relevant projects, powering search and eDiscovery During a meeting, improved connections with in-person and online participants, sharing of relevant information
  28. 28. Built-In Intelligence Microsoft Cognitive Services and the Microsoft Graph will transform how content, conversations, and data are captured, classified, and surfaced Discovery will be integrated into every app and solution, putting relevant files and history at your fingertips Transcription, translation, and speech recognition will connect even more people in one streamlined experience Artificial intelligence will auto-generate notes and next steps based on company, team, or individual methodologies and best practices, and make suggestions to optimize and improve
  29. 29. Intelligent Communications vision ▪ Intelligent communications go beyond traditional unified communications, enabling you to complete tasks more efficiently with minimal context switching, participate in more productive meetings that cover the entire meeting lifecycle, and better manage your everyday communications overload. ▪ Microsoft Teams is at the core of Microsoft’s vision for intelligent communications—bringing together conversations, meetings, files, Office apps, and third- party integrations—to provide a single hub for teamwork in Office 365. More details: Intelligent Communications in Office 365 in FastTrack
  30. 30. The successful adoption of Microsoft Teams requires a change in behavior for most organizations. Teams is more than a product – it represents a different way of working. Change is about people – and re-wiring corporate culture.
  31. 31. Chat for today’s teams Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know Customizable for each team Tailor your workspace to include content and capabilities your team needs every day. A hub for teamwork Give your team quick access to information they need right in Office 365 Chat-based workspace in Office 365 Security teams trust Get the enterprise-level security and compliance features you expect from Office 365.
  32. 32. Chat for today’s teams ▪ People can see content and chat history anytime ▪ Team chats and activities are visible to the entire team ▪ Use private chats for small group conversations ▪ Mobile access on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  33. 33. A hub for teamwork ▪ Chat, content, people, and tools live in a team workspace ▪ Voice and video meetings right within Teams ▪ Built-in access to SharePoint, OneNote and Planner ▪ Work with Office and other documents right in the app
  34. 34. Customizable for each team ▪ Create different channels for work streams and topics ▪ Add tabs to frequently used files and cloud services ▪ Get updates from the apps your team uses every day ▪ Customize notifications so you don’t miss important info ▪ Build integrations with developer preview APIs
  35. 35. Security teams trust ▪ Broad compliance standards support: Accessibility, ISO27018/01, SOC 1 and 2, HIPAA, EU Model Clauses & more ▪ Information protection with Archive, eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Compliance Content Search, Auditing and Reporting1 ▪ Tier-C Compliant ▪ Data encryption at all times, at-rest and in- transit. ▪ Multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection. 1 Archive, eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Compliance Content Search, Auditing and Reporting are in E3 and above suites.
  36. 36. Office 365 Security and Compliance Portal
  37. 37. Adding Tabs ▪ Provide an interface into relevant content ▪ Surface sites and tools in context to conversations ▪ Remove the “which tool do you use when?” argument
  38. 38. Adding Connectors
  39. 39. Adding Connectors ▪ Push rich content to Microsoft Teams ▪ Connect to services like Trello, GitHub, Bing News, Twitter, etc. ▪ Receive notifications of team activities for each service / stay in sync ▪ Complete tasks within a channel
  40. 40. Leveraging Bots
  41. 41. Leveraging Bots ▪ Automate manual tasks ▪ Enhance a conversation thread ▪ Act as a personal assistant to find information and content ▪ Ability to answer natural language questions ▪ Run surveys ▪ Provide quick status updates on open projects and tasks, kick off workflows, etc ▪ Improve the user experience
  42. 42. SharePoint Inside! ▪ SharePoint Online is a required component for Teams. ▪ If you don't have SharePoint Online enabled in your tenant, Teams users are not always able to share files in teams. ▪ Users in private chat will not be able to share files because OneDrive for Business is required for that functionality.
  43. 43. Exchange Inside! ▪ Exchange Online is also a required component for Teams. ▪ Conversations and meetings are captured within Exchange Online. ▪ Private chats are captured within a hidden folder in the user’s Exchange Online profile, and accessible/discoverable through the Compliance Center. ▪ Hybrid users are still able to collaborate and participate in private chats via the hybrid connector. ▪ While official Microsoft documentation states that hybrid user private chats cannot be managed through the Compliance Center, community members have found that private chats are currently stored within the Teams chat service itself, and can be found through the Compliance Center.
  44. 44. Office 365 Groups Inside! ▪ When you create a team in Microsoft Teams, on the backend, you’re creating an Office 365 Group ▪ Existing groups can be transitioned into teams ▪ Restricting team creation can be accomplished through group creation policies
  45. 45. Memberships and Roles Team owners are able to invite anyone in the organization they work Three roles in Teams: ▪ Owner: person who creates the team or assigned the role. Responsible for managing team-wide settings and membership, including invitations ▪ Team member: the people that have been invited to join the team ▪ Guests: Office 365 users who are outside of your tenant can be added to the team by team owners (more info @
  46. 46. Guest access ▪ Guest access is a tenant-level setting in Teams and is turned off by default ▪ Once enabled, a team owner in Teams can add and manage guests in their teams via the web or desktop. ▪ Only Azure Active Directory or Office 365 work or school account are supported at the moment
  47. 47. Common question: Does using Teams replace my need for SharePoint?
  48. 48. No, of course not. SharePoint is a core infrastructural component of Microsoft Teams, and works side-by-side with Teams to provide powerful and flexible collaboration options for your organization, with multiple ways to connect with and leverage your legacy – and future – SharePoint content.
  49. 49. Using SharePoint within Teams – as a Tab ybridguy/2017/10/28/microsoft-teams-use- an-existing-sharepoint-library/
  50. 50. Using SharePoint within Teams – in Files ybridguy/2017/10/28/microsoft-teams-use- an-existing-sharepoint-library/
  51. 51. What are the “Best Practices” for using SharePoint with Teams?
  52. 52. Office 365: Supporting the unique workstyle of every group Complete Collaboration Solution Office 365 addresses the breadth of collaboration needs across organization Integrated Experiences Office 365 Groups and Graph enable integrated experiences that facilitate effective collaboration Security and Compliance Office 365 provides the security, compliance and manageability required in today’s workplace Mail & Calendar Outlook Voice, Video & Meetings Skype Chat-based Workspace Teams Sites & Content Management SharePoint and OneDrive for Business Enterprise Social Yammer Office 365 Groups
  53. 53. Implementation Phases Gather your team – stakeholders, champions & early adopters Prioritize business scenarios Complete technical planning (network, security, mobile support & deployment) Complete pilots and broad onboarding Measure, manage, & drive adoption Envision Onboard Drive Value For Office 365 and Teams
  54. 54.
  55. 55. Christian Buckley @buckleyplanet Thank you very much!
  56. 56. +1 425-246-2823 Contact Us Strategy. Influence. Amplification.