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Big Data Versus Teachers


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Part 1 of 7 in the Series-Education in the Cloud. Introduction at:

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Big Data Versus Teachers

  1. 1. Big Data vs Teachers
  2. 2. Big Data’s Classroom Coup No Child Left Behind = High Stakes Testing Race to the Top = Value Added Model + School Report Cards Every Student Succeeds Act = Stealth Assessments + Non-Cognitive Measures Pay for Success/Social Impact Investments = Deals Evaluated by Educational Data
  3. 3. Devices Face-to-Face Instruction
  4. 4. Metrics Relationships
  5. 5. Surveillance Privacy
  6. 6. Learning With Others Devices Learn You
  7. 7. Learning “Anywhere ” Learning in Schools
  8. 8. Digital World Physical World Convergence Internet of Things
  9. 9. Cloud-Based Cognitive Computing Internet of Things in Education Smart Chairs Pressure-Motion Sensing Eye-Tracking Device Cameras Activity Trackers Fit-Bits in Gym RFID ID Cards Attendance / Access Galvanic Skin Bracelets Smart Board Emitters Tablets, Chromebooks, Phones ECG Authentication Wristbands Brain-Sensing Head bands “Muse” iBeacons Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Headsets
  10. 10. Education Skills
  11. 11. Time to Experiment Pressure to Specialize
  12. 12. Predictive Analytics Free Choice
  13. 13. Life Registry A Clean Slate Blockchain Ledger
  14. 14. Local Control Out-Sourced Governance Solutionism
  15. 15. DO MORE With Less
  16. 16. Public Funding Public-Private “Partnerships” $$
  17. 17. Impact Investing Metrics & Efficacy Social Impact Bonds
  18. 18. “Smart” Cities Internet of Things Sensors Deliver Real Time DATA Digital Education Out of School Badges & iBeacons“Smart” Classrooms e-learning Social Impact Bonds underwrite “smart” Infrastructure & ed-tech. $ROI on programs meeting set “success” criteria. Preferences ed-tech. DATA used to assess deals. Smart Cities Generate Data
  19. 19. Constant flow of student DATA via dashboards informs investment risk. Digital Education Impact Investors Seed Ed-Tech Sell Hardware & Software & Generate DATA Neighborhood Schools Virtual Schools Out-of-School Time Charter Schools Dynamic, data-driven education becomes a speculative commodity of global financial markets. Blended Learning Dynamic Data Drives Impact Investment Returns
  20. 20. Neighborhood Schools Student “Personalized” Pathway Weighted Funding Follows Student Blockchain Automated Smart Blockchain Contracts Badges Certifications Skills Social Traits Competencies Logged In The Ledger Trigger Payments to Educational Provider ESA Educational Savings Accounts $ $ Work-Based Learning Online Gaming Makerspace Projects Service Learning Cyber Courses Private Instruction Museum Programs Badges, Competencies & Digital Micro-Payments
  21. 21. Students Generate Data Dashboards Aggregate Data Devices, Apps, LMSs & Sensors Transmit Data IoT Blockchain Registers Credentials Social Impact Investments Seed Ed-Tech Data Informs Human Capital Management Predictive Analytics Blockchain Smart Contracts Transmit Payments Data in Motion
  22. 22. Philanthropy & Social Impact Investments Seed Ed-Tech & “Smart” Classrooms Derivatives Markets Built on Education Data Speculation Education Investments Securitized Credit Default Swaps = Profit for Some When The System Fails Digital Education = The Next “Big Short” Futures Market in Education Data