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Design Architecture Review Board (ARB) to Enable Digital Strategy


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Architecture Review Board (ARB) to Enable Digital Strategy Execution - *Based on case study of establishing Architecture Review Board (ARB) at a multinational manufacturing

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Design Architecture Review Board (ARB) to Enable Digital Strategy

  1. 1. Architecture Review Board (ARB): Enabling Digital Strategy Execution* *Based on case study of establishing Architecture Review Board (ARB) at a multinational manufacturing Author: Mohan K (Enterprise Architect with extensive consulting background) or
  2. 2. Organizations continue to execute their corporate digitization strategies, requiring CIOs and IT leaders to engage with business stakeholders to deliver specific outcomes. • Such engagement must be governed by the organization’s processes, operating model, and technology governance to ensure robust, scalable architectures and roadmaps. Among my first tasks with the EA team for a multinational chemical company was redefining the global architecture governance process. • These processes were being reviewed to enable programs to realize the digitization strategy. Background
  3. 3. Lights-On Digitization • Continual improvement and productivity gains • Automation of manual processes • Efforts are driven by IT leaders Customer centric Digitization • Digitization targeting customers and external engagement • Require strong business insights and are generally steered by senior functional executives. Digital excellence • Enabling emerging technologies and processes • New sourcing and support models • Require strong collaboration between IT teams and functional subject matter experts (SMEs) to pilot and operationalize the ideas. IS Lead IS Supported IS Enabled Digitization and Information Systems Digital Transformation context
  4. 4. Digital excellence Lights On Customer centric Digitization Digital excellence Lights OnCustomer centric Digitization Digital Enterprise Digital transformation is generally not a single, long-running program. In large organizations, digitization to address aspects of “lights-on” “digital excellence” and “customer-centric digitization” might evolve across business units, and there may be concurrent efforts underway. For example, an organization might sponsor programs to enhance its e-commerce platform while also evolving programs for automating supply chains, ERP, and third-party collaboration. As the digital capabilities mature in specific areas or lines of businesses, these programs may begin to converge Converging digital initiatives
  5. 5. Value of digitization Horizon 3 Horizon 1 Horizon 2 Time Year 1 Year 2 Year X Digit al exce llenc e Light s On Custom er centric Digitizati on Digit al exce llenc e Light s On Custom er centric Digitizati on Digital Enterpri se Digit al exce llenc e Light s On Custom er centric Digitizati on Digit al exce llenc e Light s On Custom er centric Digitizati on Digital Enterpri se Digit al exce llenc e Light s On Custom er centric Digitizati on Digit al exce llenc e Light s On Custom er centric Digitizati on Digital Enterpri se Even if an organization decides to sprint toward a digitization goal, the value realization of digitization initiatives may take a while to evolve Evolution of digital initiatives.
  6. 6. When to redesign an ARB? Laissez-faire : little governance and oversight required Governed: Well governed and end-to-end governance policies and practice Challenges Addressed: • Review occurs late in project design, giving rise to rework or refusal to modify the design. • Perceived as overhead - Unable/unwilling to bring project to ARB due to business pressure to stay on schedule • Lack of knowledge management and architecture principles There are various reasons to revisit Architecture Governance. In our case, the catalysts for ARB re-design was to a) Ee-balance the swing of governance pendulum from Laissez-faire and establish a lightweight ARB b) Enable Digital Transformation
  7. 7. Right Sized Design Enterprise Context Stakeholder Alignment Architecture Governance Predictable processes Operational Efficiency Governance with predictable outcomes Efficient and Transparent Processes Identify and Engage stakeholders Clarity of enterprise context and drivers Design of Architecture Governance - ARB A Sample framework of key elements in establishing or re-design of an Architecture Review Board
  8. 8. Architecture Governance in Context Leadership Teams Corporate Governance: It involves regulatory and market mechanisms, and the roles and relationships between a company’s management, its board, its shareholders and other stakeholders, and the goals for which the corporation is governed. Architecture governance: is the practice and orientation by which enterprise architectures and other architectures are managed and controlled at an enterprise-wide level. Technology Governance: Controls how an organization utilizes technology in the research, development, and production of its goods and services. Although it may include IT governance activities, it often has broader scope. IT governance institutionalizes best practices for planning, acquiring, implementing, and monitoring IT performance, to ensure that the enterprise's IT assets support its business objectives. Board Large program governance Small Change and maintenance Identify your Architecture governance touchpoints Design Reviews Project governance Portfolio governance Recognize the Architecture governance context Validate your understanding with key stakeholders and sponsors
  9. 9. A Sample RACI Business Drivers Key Activity Enterprise Architect IS Architect Business Architect Business Partner <other roles> Shaping Enterprise Strategy Understand external business landscape I I C A Identifying and defining business capabilities and roadmap I I A R Defining IS standards and patterns C A C C Enabling Business strategy Understanding and shaping functional business Portfolio I I C C Identifying and defining IS capabilities & roadmap C A C C Define and validate a stakeholder map. Use simple tools like a Responsibility assignment matrix* RACI -
  10. 10. ARB Design : At a Glance Low- Risk Project? Med- Risk, Project? Hi-Risk, Spans CoEs? • Roadmap • Domain Principles • Project docments • Expected outcomes • As-Is Architecture • SDD Project Self-Governance • Accountability for architecture governance of small projects /changes delegated to Project Manager Delegated ARB • Domain lead may delegate ARB Accountability to Project Manager • Periodic Review/Audit for compliance Domain Managed ARB • Domain lead Accountable for ARB • CoE Lead approves exceptions to ARB (or offline ARB) Global ARB • Large programs spanning domains or BUs • Other high impact projects delegated by Leadership • Core ARB Team: Delegates and respective Domain Architect •To-be Architecture •Updated Roadmap •Updated Solution Design •Arch. Decisions No No Yes Yes Yes No Inputs ARB Framework ARB Outputs Architecture and IS Leaders Exceptions Informed
  11. 11. Drivers for ARB: Architecture Governance at ABC&Co. What How Minimize time and effort for Architecture reviews  Published calendars reduce number of (ad hoc) meetings Enforcing ABC’s best practices and Architecture principles  Key architecture decisions are being captured from ARB’s and published for reference  Domain Principles and “best practices” are being updated to a level of maturity to guide all projects Ensuring project alignment with roadmaps  Updating functional and domain roadmaps based on stakeholder inputs Align with Portfolio Management Process  Increasing awareness of ARB as the key Architecture governance process to align with Portfolio Management  Ongoing improvements in ways of working, including visibility into project “pipeline”  Seamless Handoff to other governance bodies – e.g Design Authorities and project governance Adding value without appearing to be a overhead  Head of Architecture is a member of the Portfolio investment body. He is enabled to speak to an Architecture decision during reviews. Predictable reviews and outcome  ARB is attempting to bring in consistent ways of working  Consistent and predictable governance: reviews are not an after thought (Illustrative) Quantifiable, measurable outcomes
  12. 12. • Enabling Successful EA Governance with an Architecture Review Board (ARB) - by Mohan Babu K (Cutter IT March 2015) • Enablers for Right Sizing the Architecture Review Board - Mohan K (Architecture and Governance Journal, March 2015) • Executing Digital Strategies - by Mohan Babu K (Cutter IT - March 2016) References