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Media institutions OT


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Media institutions OT

  1. 1. Media InstitutionsWhen deciding on a media institution to synergise with, we would need to take inthe different values of the companies while also keeping to a realistic andproductive choice in order to be successful. As our product had a low budgetfunding, it would be only acceptable to start distributing with a less popular andsmaller distributing media institution, which could then develop and evolve into abigger film through the help of the organisation. This therefore means that wewould be ruling out the Hollywood blockbuster institutions such as UniversalPictures or 20th Century Fox as they are most likely too involved with the globalmainstream movies.
  2. 2. I have researched different media institutions and found that there are two whichwould be most suitable for our production, these being Touchstone pictures andColumbia Pictures, both smaller yet still hugely valuable and profitable.Touchstone PicturesThe media institution Touchstone Pictures would be a perfectlysuitable distributer for our film. They have distributed a widevariety of films, however, two specific ones can relate to our filmitself, these being the highest-grossing film release Armageddonand the spy-thriller Enemy of the State. There is a connectionbetween Armageddon and our film as they are both disaster filmsand involve environmental issues. We can see how synergisingwith Touchstone Pictures would be a great advantage as the filmthey distributed, Armageddon, became the highest-grossing filmof 1998 worldwide (surpassing the Steven Spielberg war epic,Saving Private Ryan). If the same effect happened with our filmwe would be extremely successful. Enemy of the State also hadsimilarities in genre, being about government agents andconspiracy. The audiences for these existing films may feelencouraged to view our film if distributed by the same mediainstitution.
  3. 3. Columbia PicturesColumbia Pictures is an extremely large, power globalcompany which distributes Hollywood blockbusters as wellas alternative films with a whole range of different genres.Films such as Salt and The Da Vinci Code have synergisedwith this institution and became extremely successful. Onceagain, these films have a relation to the features in our ownfilm, Salt being about conspiracy and agents, whereas TheDa Vinci Code involving mystery. This media institutionwould also be a great distributor of our film, its experienceand success would help our film in marketing andproduction.Overall, I think Touchstone Pictures would be the perfectmedia institution to distribute our film compared to therest. Its a smaller company, and therefore makes it moresuitable and appealing for our film as it is not a mainstreamblockbuster, but instead an alternative, ecological thriller.