Evaluation Question 2 - Dominic Ranwell-Jones


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Evaluation Question 2 - Dominic Ranwell-Jones

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2 Dominic Ranwell - Jones
  2. 2. Main and Ancillary  Throughout the process of creating our main and ancillary texts we had to keep in mind the fact that continuity had to be shown in all areas of what we were doing. We ensured that all of our texts were in someway connected, whether it be through the purpose that they serve, the target audience or the way in which our own texts conform to the general conventions shown by real media products.  We tried to make the combination of our main and ancillary texts as effective as possible in order to allow the viewer to easily relate and identify with our texts.
  3. 3. Conformity By conforming to real media products as much as possible it shows that we are delivering a higher standard of product than something that had not conformed to anything to do with real media products, we know we are delivering our product at a higher standard because large corporations will not be making an amateur product as they wish to sell it and make as much money as possible, so by ensuring that we do things that they do, we know ourselves that we are creating a product that is going to be much better quality.
  4. 4. Conformity  As you can see in the slide before when creating our actual broadcast and our title sequence, we tried to conform to as many conventions of real media products as possible, in the previous slide the top left picture is from an ITV news video from YouTube, it clearly shows that the backdrop of their studio is of lots of computers, this is showing that a lot of work goes into finalizing their broadcast, when we came to create our broadcast, we too had a room with lots of computers but when we actually took the shot we forgot to include the computers into the shot, this is a fault on our behalf because if we had included the computers we would have been able to conform to even more of the general conventions of real media products.  The two middle pictures are from the title sequence of both ours and ITV’s, as ITV broadcast to the whole country, they have to include things that are relevant to the country, in this instance I have chosen the Big Ben part of their sequence to show you as this is one of the countrys most famous landmarks, so that is why they have chosen to use it. As we are only broadcasting to the torbay / devon area, we decided to follow the same rules as itv and get shots of our local area and such things that will be easily recognised by the local people that will be watching our broadcast.  In the two photos on the right, you can see that in the ITV studio they have a tv with their logo pictured on the screen when it is not in use, we found this very important to conform to as it is also a part of brand identity, because without the logo there it would be hard to tell the difference between wheter you were watching BBC, ITVor even Channel 4 news.
  5. 5. Brand Identity  As I have mentioned before, without knowing your brand you couldn’t tell the difference between one and another, by having our company logo shown in many different places we are advertising ourselves to our audience without them even knowing it, we have our logo shown on the tv when we are presenting but not using the tv, we also have our logo at the end of our title sequence, and on our website. We also used a blue background on the website because of course we are called sea view news so the blue further imprints our logo into the audiences mind.
  6. 6. Brand Identity  BBC have also got a continuous color scheme throughout their main and ancillary texts, for example, the colours of the BBC news intro are all red and they also have the globe as another main part of their logo. On the BBC news website the banner at the top which include all the links to other parts of the website is also red in colour and again includes the globe logo. By having their logo and colour scheme continuous throughout the viewer slowly becomes more and more familiar with the brand identity.
  7. 7. Use of Media  Throughout our process of creating our project, we tried to include a few different forms of media, we have included videos embedded on our home page, RSS and Twitter feeds and links to all of our social networking pages. The reason we included these forms of media is to try and get our audience interacting with the website as much as possible, our videos are embedded on the page because when they click on the video it will keep them on our website and not redirect them to anywhere else so they cant get distracted, our twitter feed lets users comment on recent news reports and get involved with all the stuff that were doing. We also added in some related links to direct our users to other websites that are related to our recent stories such as torbaycouncil.org and torbayevents.org.uk.
  8. 8. The Report  When we started shooting for our actual report, we took a look at other news reports, and followed the conventions set by them, by diong so we could conform to their reports as much as possible to create and deliver a quality product to our audience.  The things we tried to conform to were, our use of camera angles, our attention to detail, editing, title sequence and soundtrack.  We made our use of camera angles reflect the professional quality of the reports by such news corporations as the BBC and ITV. We conformed to all the conventions such as.. Having the news presenter reporting with a tech savvy background, having an on location reporter talking and walking towards the camera. And including shots of the surrounding area whilst also having a voiceover.
  9. 9. The Report  With our soundtrack we tried to create a similar introduction soundtrack to the one created by the bbc, we had an electric drum beat with a brass track on top to create a funky and happy way of enticing our audience to watch more of our news report, and throughout the course of editing our broadcast we had to put our editing skills to work to add in voiceovers and other sounds to our main text.  Of course when it comes to creating a broadcast that is trying to deliver a product similar to the quality of one delivered by such news corporations as BBC and ITV, we had to pay extra attention to detail, for example, we watched an interview on a BBC broadcast where the lead anchor was speaking to an on location reporter, we noticed there was a small pause in between where they were speaking to one another, the reason for the pause is because the technology is taking a while to interact with eachother, when filming me and Luc speaking to each other we added pauses in so that we could try and recreate the time pause to create an added sense of reality.