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Track it easy

  1. 1. Track it easy!Simple and accurateinbound calls tracker for your website
  2. 2. Alloka is web-based, no-install and easy-to-start call-tracking service that lets you know everything about phone callers from your website:• How many and what quality calls does your site bring to you.• Which marketing channel, Facebook, Google Adwords or... whatever, works for you and which doesn’t.• Which site pages are hot, bring you maximum calls.• Which search engine keywords give you maximum calls.• Which referrals work to generate calls. No more annoying question:«Wheredid you hear about us?» No more blind marketing: choose only advertising that brings you leads
  3. 3. Our vision We are eager to be as commonly used by marketing managers as website clicks analytics My Siteis (e.g. Google Analytics) became some years My Calls! ago. Not justEveryone gathers statistics clicks. about site visitors. Why does nobody care about callers? In our vision it is much more important to analyze inbound calls than just clicks. Clicks are not something that businesses really need. Businesses need calls and orders, so use Allokaand track them.
  4. 4. Market opportunity Global Online Advertising Market to Reach US$72.76 Billion by 2015* Global market for $76 $3.8bln online marketing analytics to reach in 2015 bln/year $1-1,5 bln OUR TAKE! We assume at least 30-50% ofthe*According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc market.
  5. 5. Steps to realizeMarket opportunityWe havea credible claim to become the number one playerin theEMEA market and to be in the topthree in the global market.1) We are firstin theRussian,East Europeanand ASIAN market2) We are the only company to offer a FREE serviceas one of our plans3) We plan to open our SDK for developers to make apps using our platform andbranch into other markets through this collaborationWe make all these steps faster than anyone else andbecome one ofthetop 3in theglobal market by user baseby2015!
  6. 6. The product is a web-based call tracker which, being embedded in a site, shows the source of everyinbound call by landline or mobile phone Solves the eternal problem of marketing managers know the source of every call received not waste advertising budget choose perfect (or at least adequate) marketing channels  increase conversion rates and receive maximum of leads forone’sadvertising budget (which is always insufficient)
  7. 7. Our customers areSMEs which have a website and receive leads through the internet. They spend WOW! I received moneyonwebsite promotion and strive to TWICE MORE increase website conversion rate. They LEADS for the evaluate general contact cost and try to same advertising reduce it. budget!The person who writesus a check is usuallythe marketing manageror business owner(entrepreneur)Average check isfrom $20 to $100monthly
  8. 8. Customer Case Customer: Real Estate Developer Object:New apartment complex Budget for advertising: $20K/month Duration of campaign: 3 months Advertising channels: 20 Cost of lead after 1st week:$150 Cost of lead after using Alloka: 65$A company built a new apartment block in the city. Toattract buyers it planned an online advertising campaignat 20 websites and advertising networks.It used Alloka to track inbound calls (the most importantmoment in the story!).After the first week they made first analytical slice. Only40% of chosen websitesgenerated leads.The company rearranged its advertising plan,rejecting media with low conversion rates andreceived 55% more leads for the same amount ofmoney.
  9. 9. How we are sellingThe main idea for selling the service is “freemium”:The «Free plan userbase» brings us «PRO» clients.To attract customers we use1) Direct advertising2) Referral program3) Educational articles4) Collaboration with other services for cross-sellingThe cost of acquiring a client is not higherthan 1 month of commercial use of serviceWe use our own technology to reducethe cost of leads we receive!
  10. 10. The team Mikhail Denisov, founder, idea maker. Has experience launching and developing internet startups and mobile services:,, More than 7 years in internet marketing. Alex Pomazov. Co-founder and commercial officer. Has experience launching and managing an advertising agency for 7 years. Has connections in top management of top 10 telecom companies of Russia and media holdings. Maria Podolyak, product manager. Worked for Yandex (Russian competitor to Google) as product manager. After Yandex she gave birth to a beautiful child and took part as co-founderof an Israel-based tech startup Licensario where she continued to improve skills in product development management. Konstantin Siniushin. Mentor.Founder at The Untitled Venture Company, ex CEO at ЕМС Russia. Investor at seed stage of Alloka. Co-founder at Epam (IPO company). Has experience managing global IT-companyand experience selling tech-startups to strategic investors.
  11. 11. Revenue modelUsers pay us for minutes of tracked calls.Economically speaking,we add value to voice traffic webuy at telecom providers.We haveseveral plans:1) Totally free2) Pay as you go3) Basic / $19.99 per month4) PRO / $99.99 per month5) Enterprise (customized for agencies and corporations)One minute of a call forwarded from website costs from $0.01 to $0.17depending on location and chosen tariff.
  12. 12. Competitorsand Complimentary Services challengers leadersAbility to Execute Twilio Calltracking Alloka Рекламер Yandex Google niche players visionaries Completeness of Vision
  13. 13. Competitorsand Complimentary ServicesRound A $3 mln.September, 2010 Round A $1,8 mln. From InVenture, June 2012$34mln. in Rounds A,B,C.From Bessemer Venture Partners, UnionSquare Ventures and 500 Startups+ round from Infocomm InvestmentsinJuly, 2012 for Asian expansion RoundA$2,6 mln. fromEden Ventures, May 2012Round B $16 mln.От Second Century Venturesв2011
  14. 14. CompetitorsFeature Alloka AdInsight Freespee ifbyphone twilioDynamic numbers in • • • • •calltrackingFixed channel call • • • • •trackingOnline registration • • • • •and start of useSimple 3 step •integrationAbsolutely free plan • •API for integration • • • • •SDK for Apps •
  15. 15. FeedbackProject Manager at Real Estate “We are ready to use Alloka as a service of call statistics for our clients”Project Manager at “We would use Alloka as anti-fraud service against phone call cheaters and to gather statistics of advertising conversions”Business Development Manager at Begun “Alloka would be perfect for our needs”
  16. 16. Road map Product Marketing and business Markets to go and investments development neededStage 1 -Перевод функционала сайта и Russia техническойservice -Translating документации на Ukraine6 английский язык interface documentation and Balticsmonths -API -toEnglish Регистрация нероссийкой Finland -Dynamic numbers in call -Registratingcompany in компании tracking -Delaware,US Открытие счетов и заключение -pay per minute billing договоров infrastructure to deal -Preparing с сервис-провайдерами западных рынковclients and withinternational 327 978$ partnersStage 2 Germany France12 Israelmonths USA - SDK for Apps -Sales and supporttonew markets _____ 1 685 976$ -IVA - intellectual -Localization to German, French advertising integrated and Spanish languages Hong Kong into service + RTB - Localization to eastern markets Japan -developing features Asia South America
  17. 17. Thank you for attention! Allokally yours!