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Integrated Marketing Communciation Plan for a Web Development Company


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An integrated marketing communication (IMC) plan for a web development company created for Emerson College's MA in IMC Capstone class. This plan was selected by the client, Verndale, as the winning project.

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Integrated Marketing Communciation Plan for a Web Development Company

  1. 1. Situation Analysis: Market Analysis  Information Technology $150B+ Market  Consistent annual growth and demand  Economic downturn increasing outsourcing  New England region, 6 out of 8 for IT demand  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  2. 2. Customer Analysis: Growth Opportunities Private Public IT • Professional Services • Biotech/healthcare • Healthcare/biosciences • Technology • High-tech • Financial Services • Staffing • Finance • High-tech • Construction • Manufacturing • Retail • Manufacturing • Education Boston Business Journal, 2009 Book of Lists
  3. 3. 1) Boston Web Design • Additional: email design marketing, flash animation (6 of 7) • Not Offered: Managed hosting 2) Pixel Bridge • Additional: ecommerce, extranet/internet, web portals, interactive marketing (6 of 7) • Not Offered: Integration services 3) Four Mangos • Additional: Print, market research (6 of 7) • Not Offered: Web support and maintenance 4) Dreaming Code • Additional: Creative marketing/branding (6 of 7) • Not Offered: Web consulting 5) Silverscape • Additional: Strategy and creative services (5 of 7) • Not Offered: Web consulting and Contact management
  4. 4. Strengths Weaknesses Transparency  Only 7 practice areas  Depth of expertise  Limited institutionalized marketing  Flexible, transparent pricing options.  Branding and positioning  Internal workflow  Heavy on Microsoft  Microsoft product integration  Experiencing growing pains  Established presence in Boston market  High percentage of referrals – 90% Opportunities Threats Legal, Health, Technology, and Worsening economy could impact Marketing agencies strongest vertical IT spending during campaign period sectors  Increasing influence of cost during  Renewable Energy, Health, and IT client decision-making process growing thanks to Stimulus Bill  Competitors that offer full range of  Web 3.0 trends and technologies services  Down economy increasing IT outsourcing
  5. 5. Legal Health Technology Agency
  6. 6. The Big Idea
  7. 7. IMC Objectives Increase brand awareness among target audience by 50% Increase website traffic by 40% Increase media hits in Boston market by 20% Increase new business referrals from existing customers by 30% Increase knowledge among current clients of Verndale's 7 practice areas by 50%
  8. 8. “The Verndale Difference”
  9. 9. Creative Objectives  Create a stronger brand identity  Develop a clear understanding of quot;The Verndale Difference”  Increase knowledge of 7 areas of expertise  Position as an extension of the client
  10. 10. 4 Creative Concepts  Client Testimonials  Verndale Webinars  SEM Tip Weekly Emails  Value in a Weak Economy
  11. 11. Interactive Objectives  Increase brand awareness through the innovative use of leading web properties and technologies  Drive website traffic through strategically placed online advertising and through user driven content sharing  Increase new business referrals by solidifying positioning  Increase knowledge among current clients by optimizing and creating new channels
  12. 12. Interactive Strategies  Expand advertising and SEM  Leverage professional and social media networks  Expand original educational offerings and introduce interactive channel assets  Leverage emerging technologies  Enhance site to route inbound traffic to optimized areas  Enhance the Client Center  Launch mobile version of site
  13. 13. Banner Ads Twitter Text Ads Facebook Microsites Original LinkedIn Content Interactive Email SEO Marketing Web Widgets Videos Verndale Client Mobile Center
  14. 14. Online Advertising: Banner
  15. 15. Online Advertising: Text
  16. 16. Interactive: Original Content  Online articles and beyond  Distribute  Repurpose  User driven content sharing  03. Our Thinking  05. Who We Are  Increase SEO
  17. 17. Interactive: Videos  Webinars  Promotional video  Video podcasts  Video blogs
  18. 18. Interactive: Enhanced Client Center
  19. 19. Interactive: Email Marketing  Capture and  “Verndale segment by vertical Difference” template  Identifiable  “Resource” &  Click stream and “Invite” behavioral targeting  User Preferences
  20. 20. Interactive: Online Community Optimization
  21. 21. Promotions Objectives  Promote Verndale as leading Boston web development firm servicing targeted verticals  Increase awareness of Verndale’s complete suite of services to current and potential clients  Drive traffic to Verndale website, specifically to targeted vertical landing pages and micro sites  Increase rate of “add-on” work by current clients  Increase customer retention
  22. 22. Promotions Strategies  Strengthen relationships with current and potential clients  Leverage existing clients as means to attract new clients  Provide incentives to stimulate new business from potential clients and additional work from current clients  Leverage knowledge and expertise of founding partners
  23. 23. Client Referral Programs Consultation Direct Mail Promotions Enhanced Trade Collateral Premium
  24. 24. Promotions: Enhanced Collateral
  25. 25. Promotions: Direct Mail  First Class Letter  Branded USB Hub
  26. 26. Public Relations Objectives  Increase media hits among targeted publications in the Boston market  Increase brand awareness among targeted verticals  Position Verndale as leading web development firm servicing targeted verticals in Boston market  Tell the story of “The Verndale Difference”  Increase knowledge of Verndale’s suite of services among current clients  Drive traffic to the Verndale website, specifically to targetedmicrosites
  27. 27. Public Relations Strategy  Place informational/promotional news in targeted vertical publications  Establish presence at events and trade shows  Leverage existing Verndale  Leverage knowledge and expertise of founding partners  Cultivate relationships with influential bloggers
  28. 28. Target Publications Article Sponsorships Marketing Trade Shows PR Blogger Relations Client Events Testimonials Networking
  29. 29. TARGET PUBLICATIONS ALL VERTICALS LEGAL HEALTH TECHNOLOGY MARKETING Boston Globe Massachusetts Bar Managed Mass High Tech - Marketing Sherpa Boston Business Association Healthcare The Journal of New AMA – Marketing Journal Strategies: The Executive England Management ProfNet as issue Journal of Legal Med Ad News Technology B2B – The experts Marketing Business Insurance BtoB: Inside Magazine for Modern Healthcare Technology Marketing Legal Marketing HealthLeaders Marketing Strategies Association (LMA) Medical Marketing TMC: Technology Service Provider & Media Marketing Center Directory American Chief Marketer Law Technology Marketing AMA – Directory of News Magazine Association (AMA) Interactive LMA national and – Marketing Health Marketing and NE regional Services Software Services websites Healthcare – Executive technology/busines Pharmaceutical s pages Executive Managed Care Magazine PharmaVOICE healthcare/busines s pages
  30. 30. Article Blogging Client Marketing Testimonials
  31. 31. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES (business associations) All Verticals Boston Chamber of Commerce Networking Group International Association for Business Communicators, Yankee Chapter (IABC) Legal Legal Marketing Association of New England (LMA/NE) Health Massachusetts BioTech Council Annual Meeting Massachusetts Hospital Association Technology MITX: Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange Marketing Boston Chapter of American Marketing Association (AMA) Boston Interactive Media Association (BIMA)
  32. 32. Events Trade Shows Sponsorships
  33. 33. Email Communities Site Promotions Online Advertising Measurement Evaluation Measurement PR Objectives
  34. 34. Campaign Budget $99, 942 Public Interactive Relations 43% 45% Promotions 12%
  35. 35. Interactive Budget $44, 558 Promotional video 16% WebEx online webinar service Boston Business 2% Journal online advertising 37% LinkedIn online advertising 23% Boston Chamber of Commerce online advertising 22%
  36. 36. Promotions Direct Mail Budget 2% Trade Show booth $12, 978 8% Trade Premium give- away 2% Client Referral Program 43% Branded USB Hubs 44% Brochure for USB hub mailing 1%
  37. 37. Public Enhanced Collateral Relations 2% Budget 4 Verticals 7% $42, 406 Legal 14% Marketing Agencies 26% Health 21% Technology 30%