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Api economy


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The API Economy is here and it is driving the next generation of digital banking. Learn how the face of banking is changing with rapidly evolving fintech and how API Management is going to make a difference.

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Api economy

  1. 1. API Economy Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved; Fiorano, the Fiorano logo, FioranoMQ, Fiorano Middleware Platform, Fiorano Cloud Platform, Fiorano ESB and Fiorano SOA Platform, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Fiorano Software Inc. and affiliates. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. Driving Next Generation Digital Banking
  2. 2. About Fiorano Global Information Awards and Achievements Headquarters : California, USA Offices : 11 World wide Development : Bangalore, India Founded : 1995 Deployments : 500+ World wide  Global Partner Network  Global Distribution Network Awards and Achievements SD Times names Fiorano as Leader and Innovator in Integration & Middleware for third consecutive year Fiorano ESB - Winner of WSJ's “World Class Product Award” Intelligent enterprise names Fiorano Software a "Company to Watch" Fiorano ESB-"Best Java ESB” Fiorano MQ- "Best Java Messaging Tool”
  3. 3. Integrating Multiple Delivery Channels Fiorano has helped many leading banks Integrate their core banking system Fiorano has been featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant for 10+ years! Enable Digital Banking
  4. 4. 4 Fiorano… Product portfolio…  Fiorano SOA Platform  Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (Fiorano ESB™)  FioranoMQ® (Messaging Middleware)  Fiorano Micro Services  Fiorano IDE, Components, Adapters and Tools  Fiorano API Management  Fiorano B2B  Fiorano Cloud Platform  Fiorano Solution Accelerators: Temenos T24, SWIFT, SAP and Salesforce.Com
  5. 5. What is API Economy? They have evolved into a business model driver and have become a boardroom discussion topic. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are no more only a development technique. APIs are the new must-have for business, representing the shift in business engagement with clients, partners and community. Partners VendorsClients Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved;
  6. 6. API Evolution 60’s-80’s First connections between different network protocols. Beginning of programmatic exchange of information. TECHNOLOGY USED: Proprietary technologies, TCP, ARPANET, etc. 80’s-90’s Remote interactions over network. Function calls, procedure calls and object broker through interfaces. TECHNOLOGY USED: Flat Files, EDI, RFC & Point-to-point integration 90’s-2010 Better Integration methods and tools with middleware technologies. Introduction to concept of services and message queues. TECHNOLOGY USED: MQ, ESB & SOA 2010 onwards APIs are employed for rapid service enablement. Cloud based integration. REST based services with protocols like JSON. TECHNOLOGY USED: API, RESTFUL services & JSON *ProgrammableWeb, Today there are more than 14000 public APIs in “Programmable Web” Today*
  7. 7. Technology Disruption in Banking The likes of Alibaba, WeChat, Apple, Tencent, and Google offering financial services, predominantly around payments are disrupting the value chain. Non-Traditional Financial Service Providers Immediate steps for Banks:  Embrace technology disruption  Innovate new business models  Harness digital technologies Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved;
  8. 8. New Customer Requirements The millennial will soon constitute up to 50% of the global workforce by 2020 and it is only natural for banks to pay heed to their concerns for a more customer focused services. Banking to-date has focused its attention on delivering a native banking App onto the mobile channel. By just going mobile, it doesn’t cater to all the needs of millennial generation!  “I want to access my bank from inside my preferred social media App.”  “I want to order and pay for a taxi in a single App interaction.”  “I want to buy a car so I expect to find, research, finance, insure, pay for and manage the car using my favorite ‘Motoring App’.” Customer Demands Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved;
  9. 9. API Use Case • Mobile Apps: Create Customer centric Apps by including Mobile specific advantages like: • Ability to use camera for depositing a check • Utilize GPS and LBS to identify nearest Branch/ATM • Partner Programs: • Provide APIs to Partners allowing them to sign up for services, access information about their accounts and provide services to their customers using the Bank’s services. • Enroll more programs like Rewards, Loyalty programs, Gift cards, etc. • Offer vertical specific loans like Student loans through educational websites, Car loans through automotive websites, real estate loans through property websites, etc. • Digital Wallet: • Opens up new business opportunities to extend payment services. • Builds new relationship to create increased traffic for your banking services. Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved;
  10. 10. API Use Case Loyalty Programme Uber, Grab, OLA PayTM, Apple Pay, Google Wallet Aggregator Websites Bill Payments/ Ecommerce Fiorano API Management Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved; Firewall Customer Database Core Banking System Loan & Asset Management
  11. 11. Fiorano API Management – Driving Business Agility  Comprehensive analytics for business insight across all channels  Single interface across corporate ecosystem  Expand business by enabling enterprise APIs quickly  Reduced development costs via configuration-based API Assembly  Integrated reuse, monitoring, security  Managed services through versions, policies and contracts Leverage API-based mobile applications for consumers Leverage APIs to enhance business relationships with Customers, Partners and Suppliers Partner & Customer communities Leverage APIs and drive innovation across external developer ecosystem Company Web Sites and Applications Fiorano API Management INNOVATEAPI STRATEGY MANAGE EXPAND BUSINESS CONNECT SECURE MBaaS
  12. 12. Optimal API Design • Assemble APIs through configuration Assemble • Set policies to manage and meter API usage Secure • Test and Debug an APIs within the framework Test & Debug • Use analytics to monitor APIs and identify performance bottlenecks Monitor • Scale via caching capabilities over peer-to-peer infrastructure Scale • Version APIs for ease of deployment management Version Iteratively Create and Expose APIs in a Single User Interface Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved;
  13. 13. Use APIs to Extend and Externalize Your Enterprise Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved; Drive enterprise agility by leveraging APIs across partner channels and mobile applications for consumers Use best practices to design and deploy a secure, managed set of APIs to get API Management operational Educate your Executive and Technical teams on APIs and API Management
  14. 14. Fiorano Consulting for API Management Architecture Assessment Workshop Entire Contents © 2016, Fiorano Software Inc. All rights reserved; Industry-specific API strategy Strategies to leverage external and partner developers Optimize your API for a specific use case End-to-end lifecycle management of APIs across the infrastructure
  15. 15. Fiorano Services for API Management Installation, validation, testing and production certification of Fiorano API Management environment Reusing internal enterprise resources (including existing middleware infrastructure) Designing, Configuring, Securing and Scaling your APIs Socializing your APIs via branded Developer portals Implementation Services
  16. 16. Thank You To find out more about Fiorano’s solution, please visit or Email us at AMERICA’S Fiorano Software, Inc. 230 S. California Avenue, Suite 103,Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA Tel: +1 650 326 1136 Fax: +1 646 607 5875 Toll-Free: +1 800 663 3621 Email: EMEA Fiorano Software Ltd 3000 Hillswood Drive Hillswood Business Park Chertsey Surrey KT16 0RS UK Tel: +44 (0) 1932 895005 Fax: +44 (0) 1932 325413 Email: APAC Fiorano Software Pte. Ltd. Level 42, Suntec Tower Three 8 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038988 Tel: +65 68292234 Fax: +65 68292235 Email: