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Work place violence


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Work Place Violence, Types, issues, possible preventive measures,

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Work place violence

  1. 1. Workplace Violence REGMI, Milan ASIAN ISNTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY School of Management
  2. 2. Plan of the Presentation Rationale of the Study : Definition and Prospects of WPV 2 Types of Workplace Violence Cognitive stages of WPV and warning signs How can we Prevent it : Possible ways Example : Case
  3. 3. Any Act which intimidates , abuses threatens and assaults an employee whether at work place or off-site work is considered as WPV WPV is independent of the size of the firm or organization. It is ultimately dependent upon the behavior that the employees /people exhibit. 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Types of Workplace Violence 5 Criminal intent: ● Created by someone who does not belong to workplace (robbery, vandalism any crime leading to violence) Customer/ Client intended: ● Directed against Employee by customers, clients or any other who provide services to organization and vice versa
  6. 6. ➔ Worker-on-Worker ● Violence against authority, colleague, co- worker or manager ➔Personal Relationship: The person doesn't have any relationship with workplace but have a personal relationship with an employee.
  7. 7. Cognitive Stages of Workplace Violence and Warning signs 7
  8. 8. Cognitive Model 8 → Aggressive response is a result of perceived Injustice → These responses are not spontaneous → It follows a gradual process → Three Cognitive Stages: 1. Assessment of Injustice 2. The Accountability Stage 3. Decision to React to Injustice
  9. 9. Stage 1: Assessment of Injustice → Victim makes a judgement about the events → Actual events compared to perceived Injustice → If there is a deviance then the victim perceives it as Injustice 9
  10. 10. Stage 2: The Accountability Stage → Who is the responsible person → Who to Blame for inappropriate action 10
  11. 11. Stage 3: Decision to react to Injustice → The victim shows his Response towards Injustice → Selects a particular form of violence 11
  12. 12. How does this help ? Organization can find a person likely to commit a workplace violence The preventive measures can be applied before the violence takes place. 12
  13. 13. Keys of resolution ● Open communication ● Conflict management trainings ● Counselling services ● Establish clear code of conduct ● Employee Screening 13
  14. 14. Strategies ❖ Raise value of relationship among team members ❖ Encourage the acceptance of individual differences ❖ Implement security programs to protect employees 14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Image References Angry-guy.jpg home-banner-IRSST-en.jpg pcb1.png stopviolence21.jpg?w=300 Workplace-relationships.jpg Workplace-Violence.jpg 16
  17. 17. Thank you for your Patience :) Twitter handle : @regmimilan Email: 17