High Tech High Tour - 2010


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This was a quick recap for Perkins+Will education designers after our tours at High Tech High in San Diego.

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High Tech High Tour - 2010

  1. 1. architecture of PROFILE | HIGH TECH HIGHeducation San Diego, CaliforniaHigh Tech High Schools What you see around High Tech High SchoolsDuring the March Center of Excellence retreat in San Diego California, Open, agile lobbies that double, triple quadruple in purpose • Teamedwe had the privilege of visiting High Tech High and speaking with their classrooms • Mobile partitions • Shared, transparent office space •01. Director of Facilities, Chris Geber, 02. CEO and visionary, Larry Distributed leadership • Windows everywhere • A grade level commons/Rosenstock, and 03. Facilities Developer, Paul Dooley. Before diving project area • Murals • Power tools • UN conference room • Studentinto the spatial features of the HTH family of schools, we began with a work displayed on walls and suspended from vaulting ceilings •discussion of their pedagogical philosophy. Some highlights: Exposed duct work • Poured concrete floors • Engineering classrooms • Garage doors • Real time energy monitors • Light • Exposed corridors •High Tech High is known primarily for its use of Project Based Learning Native plantings • Teachers collaborating • Students in groups •and interdisciplinary approach. As such, Homemade hydroponic planting systems • Online, digital portfolios •The HTH model is based on four integrations. Integration of: Fluidity with the outdoors • LEED • Green screens • Projects in all• Social classes and ability levels - HTH are lottery based schools that states • Philosophies made visible • Art practice full inclusion. This is to honor the notion that schools are democratic, public spaces. www.hightechhigh.org• Head and hand - based on Deweyan philosophy that understanding is best derived from doing.• School and community - The school space is open to and involving of By Numbers the community. Founded: 2000• Secondary and post secondary - Education does not exist in a Students: 3500 vacuum, the work of school should bridge to the work of the world Employees: 300 and feature education. High Schools: 5 Middle Schools: 3It also employs four educational design principles: Elementary: 1 .02 .03• Common intellectual mission .01 College Accept.: 100%• Personalization• Adult-world connection Four year Uni.: 80%• Teacher as designer Graduate SchoolCentral to HTH aren’t high stakes tests, but rather Presentations ofLearning to display to peers, teachers, family, and community of Education on site: 1st k12coemembers your academic development. 2010
  2. 2. architecture of PROFILE | HIGH TECH HIGHeducation San Diego, California High Tech High | Middle Point Loma - San Diego, California
  3. 3. architecture of PROFILE | HIGH TECH HIGHeducation San Diego, California High Tech High | Chula Vista Chula Vista - San Diego County, California
  4. 4. architecture of PROFILE | HIGH TECH HIGHeducation San Diego, California High Tech High | International Point Loma - San Diego, California