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An overview of the Professional Development Institute at Saint Leo University

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SLU Inst For Professional Development Brochure

  1. 1. The Saint Leo University Institute for Professional Development What you need for where you’re going Founded 1889 Institute for Professional Development 2
  2. 2. What you need for where you’re going Founded 1889 welcome. The Saint Leo University Institute for Professional Development INDEX Mission 1 Who is Saint Leo University? 1 Why Saint Leo? 2 Resources 2 Leadership Center 3 Leadership Development for Teachers (LDT) 4 Relationships With School Districts 4 Criminal Justice Center 5 Generational, Culture & Diversity Center 6 Center for Testing and Certification 7 Consulting and Custom Course Development Services 7
  3. 3. By offering non-credit courses, certification and licensure programs, testing and assessment, The Saint Leo University Institute for Professional Development Leadership Center provides blended learning opportunities for individuals and organizations seeking • The Leader’s POV™ to build their knowledge and skills, increase their productivity and effectiveness and • The Executive Leader’s POV™ ensure the capabilities and capacity needed for success in the ever changing and • The Nonprofit Leader’s POV™ challenging workplace of the 21st century. • The Emerging Leader’s POV™ • Leadership Development for Teachers Criminal Justice Center • Asset Forfeiture Mission • Executive Certificate in Public Safety The Saint Leo University Institute for Professional Leadership Development is dedicated to assisting our clients – Generational, Culture & Diversity Center individuals, groups, and organizations - in meeting • Generational Awareness • Conversational Language Skills their business, professional and career goals by for the Workplace • Cultural Awareness and Diversity providing high impact learning opportunities, Training recognized subject matter experts, cutting-edge Certification and Testing Center technology and certifications of value to create end- • Professional Certificates to-end professional development solutions. • Non-credit Certification Programs Who is Saint Leo University? Saint Leo University has provided world class academic degree programs to its students since its founding in 1889. Today the university offers 41 academic programs including some of the most sought after majors you’ll find anywhere. Our academic mission is straightforward: we are here to help you become a better you. And we’re confident students will love the person they become here. Saint Leo University is a proven leader in adult education, and our adult students know we have what they need for where they are going. In addition to the traditional University Campus located just 30 miles north of Tampa and 90 minutes west of Orlando, Saint Leo University offers programs in 41 centers and offices strategically positioned in 7 states: California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Saint Leo University is one of the nation’s largest providers of higher education to the military and one of the largest providers of online education in the country. Institute for Professional Development 1
  4. 4. Why Saint Leo? Resources Founded in 1889, Saint Our team of experts bring many years of experience in the areas of: Leo University is a Catholic, co-educational, liberal arts • Fortune 500 Organizational Services Consulting university that welcomes and • Instructional Design serves people of all faiths and • Web-Based Learning Development backgrounds. For more than • Graphic Arts and Multimedia Founded in 1889 36 years, the University has • Project Management offered undergraduate and graduate degree programs in today’s • Subject Matter Experts, With Significant Field Experience most sought after fields. • Technology • Assessment and Evaluation As working adults, we know what we need to do our jobs. We • Coaching and Mentoring know where we have passion about what we do, and want to learn more about that - to become recognized as an organizational Saint Leo University leverages cutting-edge technology to assist asset when it comes to a particular subject, process, skill or talent. your efforts to reduce costs of training while maintaining the We also know that we are competing for jobs, for promotions, for highest standards of learning. pay raises, and for recognition. Some have degrees, others don’t, some have many years of field experience, others don’t. It’s hard to stand out in the crowd - to rise above at the right time, for the right opportunity. Adding recognized professional certifications of value to your resume is one way to do just that. When undertaking non-credit learning, you really want to trust your provider - will they provide you with the kind of quality learning experience that is going to make a difference? Will they provide that learning in a way that makes sense to you - your current work schedule, your family obligations, and the rest of your life? Saint Leo has long been one of the premier providers of Online, Distance Learning, and Weekend & Evening Programs for degree-seeking students. Not a degree seeking student, but want to continue to advance in your chosen field? We think we have something of value to assist you in meeting your goal. Take a look at some of our current offerings and know that we are constantly adding more to meet the needs of our world - your world of work. Institute for Professional Development Institute for Professional Development 2
  5. 5. The Centers at the Saint Leo University Institute for Professional Development Leadership Center Leader’s POV™ Programs The Executive Leader’s POV™ The Leader’s POV™ programs provide a highly engaging learning An invitation only, one-day guided discussion during which chief experience that helps participants define, refine and clearly executives will share how their individual point of view impacts articulate an individualized, strong leadership point of view their response to trends and issues facing today’s organizations. (POV). Through assignments and activities designed to increase awareness, lead to exploration, improve the leader’s ability to direct and ensure action, the Leader’s POV™ programs equip leaders with information and skills they need to effectively and fully lead LEADERSHIP AWARENESS their organizations in a way that is consistent with that leader’s • Self point of view. MODEL AWARENESS • Others • Culture • Conditions • Challenges Leader’s POV™ A blended learning program that includes pre-session assignments and assessments, 24 classroom hours and three post-clasroom virtual activities. Participants will be seasoned leaders with significant responsibilities for people, budgets and results who are seeking an opportunity to re-vitalize and re-charge their own leadership. ACTION POV EXPLORATION Emerging Leader’s POV™ A blended learning program that includes pre-session assignments ACTION EXPLORATION and assessments, 24 classroom hours and three post-clasroom • Execution • Delegation • Conceptual Clarity • Best Practices virtual activities. Participants will be individual contributors, • Accountability • Tracking • Proven Approaches • Promising Solutions managers or persons newly promoted to a leadership responsibility, • Evaluations • Adjustments • Innovations and who are seeking to discover and develop their leadership abilities and define the leader they intend to be. DIRECTION The Institute also offers industry specific versions of each program DIRECTION • Vision • Communicating Desire State model (i.e. Nonprofit Executive Leader’s POV™; Faith Based • Methods • Strategy © CODA Partners Leader’s POV™; or Emerging Leader’s POV™ for Healthcare.) and will customize the program for clients seeking a closed enrollment program. Institute for Professional Development 3
  6. 6. Leadership Development for Teachers (LDT) Relationships With School Districts Is a 45 -hour blended classroom and web-based Saint Leo University enjoys collaborative relationships with over professional development course consisting of 18 25 school districts, and numerous private schools, including classroom hours, 20 hours of web-based activity formal partnerships for leadership development and informal (2 hours per week for 10 weeks) and 7 hours of collaborations to address the needs of local school districts, job-embedded application of course concepts. university teacher preparation programs, and K-12 student learning. University faculty members regularly serve on school The LDT course is designed to meet the needs of teachers who district committees, panels, and school boards. Likewise, local have a desire to engage in developing their leadership knowledge school district leaders regularly serve as Saint Leo University adjunct and skills in order to improve student outcomes. Three broad faculty members, teaching both graduate and undergraduate components of the course include Personal Assessment, School courses and serving in advisory capacities for continuous program Context, and Influencing Strategies. The course is designed to improvement. Graduates from the Education Department of Saint be highly interactive and to provide teachers with opportunities Leo University are recognized in their districts as teacher leaders to focus within and beyond their own individual classrooms. and outstanding administrators. Participation in an on-going team situation enables teachers to give and receive feedback and develop collegial relationships. • Teachers engage in a series of self-assessment activities. • Teachers explore and apply the concepts of teacher leadership to gain understanding of school improvement and change. • Teachers develop plans for classroom or school change, carry out Influencing Action Plans and prepare to affect change in their professional settings. • Teachers envision what is and what could be in their classrooms and schools while gaining knowledge of the complexity of change. • Teachers develop influencing strategies as they practice and receive feedback on impact and influencing skills. • Teachers select and present viewpoints on current issues related to school change. • Teachers gain the skills to handle conflict pro-actively and to reach agreements with colleagues on current school issues. • Teachers develop a Leadership Log as a reflective activity to examine their past, present, and future leadership. • Teachers practice new leadership roles as recorders, reporters, and facilitators of small group meetings. Institute for Professional Development 4
  7. 7. Criminal Justice Center The Department of Criminal Justice has been offering its traditional academic and professional courses to meet the individual needs of our students for over 40 years using a wide range of student friendly delivery formats. Criminal Justice is an occupation that continues to offer growth among the private sector, federal, state and local agencies. Today, we find the more successful criminal justice employee is one who embraces lifelong learning opportunities. Our difference is our faculty who are experienced practitioners We are pleased to offer the following certifications: who have extensive backgrounds in Criminal Justice and remain • Administrative and Regulatory Law committed to providing the most innovative and applied approach • Anti-Money Laundering Investigator to educating students at all levels. Our creative specializations in • Asset Forfeiture Investigator (flagship program) the field remain popular and in high demand among all levels • Bioterrorist Investigator within Criminal Justice. • Clandestine Operations • Commodity Diversion Investigator We seek out contemporary emerging trends designed to meet • Confidential Source Recruitment Investigator the needs and demands found in a complex global world. Our • Corporate Assets Protection Investigator certification programs offer students the opportunity to complete a • Criminal Intelligence Analyst series of unique program topics from management-leadership, to • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Investigator developing investigative skills in flexible formats designed to save • Cybercrimes Investigator costs and time. • Executive Certificate in Public Safety Leadership • Expert Witness Certification Saint Leo University embraces the opportunity to offer its rich • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act traditional history of practitioner faculty with real world experience • Fraud Investigator (concentrations in financial crimes) to the forefront of offering these professional development courses. • Global Transnational Crimes Investigator • Health Care Fraud Investigator Our focus is innovation. In keeping with global emerging trends and • Intellectual Property Crimes Investigator career opportunities in criminal justice, the faculty have identified • Internal Affairs Investigator a series of courses that provide students with the ability to obtain • International Smuggling Investigator certification in a wide range of exciting and cutting edge topics. • Interstate Theft and Stolen Property • Law Enforcement Manager As an added benefit for students who enroll in our Professional • Law Enforcement Planner Development courses, we offer the input and recommendations • Maritime Security Investigator of experts in all the course disciplines as well as the legal analysis • Pharmaceutical Drug Diversion Investigator from Circuit Court Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys to • Pseudoscience Crimes Investigator aid in the investigation and prosecution of violations of law. • Terrorism Investigator Institute for Professional Development 5
  8. 8. Generational, Culture & Diversity Center Navigating in a Multi-Generational Workplace We are pleased to offer the following courses: In today’s environment, organizations have to do more with less. Productivity affects the bottom line. With four generations in Introductory Course (Pre-requisite) our workplaces employees, teams and leaders find themselves • Looking Across the Generations challenged as they discover or re-think how work will be done, information communicated, and employee engagement secured. Core Courses Organizations that embrace the unique skills and talents of • Communicating in a Multi-Generational Workplace each generation are well balanced and poised to succeed. For • Navigating the Multi-Generational Workplace organizations looking to explore the issues and find solutions, • Leading Through the Generational Lens the Institute offers individual courses and a certificate program focused on Generational Awareness. Generation Specific • Millennials in the Workplace: How Different Generations Perceive This series of 12 courses launches with Looking Across the Generations, which recognizes generational influences and the Me and My Generation resulting workplace behavior of each generation. Additional • Millennials Communicating with Management: core courses concentrate on effective generational leadership, How I Integrate into Corporate Life communication preferences that resonate with each generation • Enduring Successful Millennials and navigation through generational clash points. These courses • Xers Rising address each generation’s unique expectations, desires and • Caught in the Middle: Generation X as the Manager challenges as they relate to On-Boarding, motivation, engagement, • Retaining Boomers and Their Knowledge securing peak performance, career advancement and retention. Additional Courses Generation specific courses include two that focus on helping • On-Boarding and Training with a Generational Perspective Millennials understand the perceptions of others, integrate • Cross Generational Co-Mentoring themselves into the workplace, and proper communication with management to align with culture, mission, vision and values. Cultural Awareness Gen X as the Manager addresses the specific challenges they The Institute for Professional Development provides online and face as they supervise the work of older (Boomers) and younger interactive classroom training opportunities designed to raise employees (Millennials) from the middle. Similarly, Retaining awareness of and knowledge regarding other cultures. Outcomes Boomers and Their Knowledge in an environment of changing include how to apply the knowledge in a diverse workplace. needs and expectations is critical as they redefine retirement. While new programs are added to our offerings, we also work Cross-generational Co- Mentoring assists organizations to harness consultatively to design and deliver programs that meet the unique the power of creative diversity essential for today’s competitive needs of your organization. corporate landscape. Language Programs The language programs offer conversational language skills needed in the workplace to include supervisory communications, safety, and customer service. These short term courses engage participants in real-world conversations and focus on “survival language” for today’s workplace. Institute for Professional Development 6
  9. 9. Center for Testing and Certification Consulting and Custom Course Development Services The Center for Testing and Certification has entered into agreements with several professional, technical, and health related certifying The Institute also provides consulting and custom course and licensure bodies to serve as a testing and assessment location development services. We have successfully partnered with for their programs. organizations to create unique learning and professional development solutions to fit their needs. Whether your group needs Persons wishing to develop and demonstrate they have one course, or an end-to-end training solution, we can assist. competency around a specific body of knowledge may enroll in one of our many non-credit certificate programs. Certificates are Leveraging an expansive state-of-the-art virtual training network, currently available for criminal justice, leadership, administrative with synchronous and asynchronous teaching technology, we assistants, project management, generational awareness, cultural are able to meet the demands of adult learners and corporate awareness, diversity awareness, and mentoring. employees in real time, every time. The Institute also provides comprehensive blended learning programs for individuals and In addition to providing Saint Leo Institute for Professional organizations seeking to build their knowledge and skills, increase Development Certification non-credit programs, we also partner their productivity and effectiveness, and ensure the capabilities for with outside organizations to deliver preparation coursework for a succession planning and ROI are met. variety of certification exams. Our goal is to create relationships that provide you with “start to finish” certification prep courseware We provide custom course development, design, and delivery to and testing for those professional certifications of value in your corporate clients, colleges and universities. Advanced degreed, chosen career field. Please check our website for more details as seasoned instructional designers and technical developers work we anticipate new opportunities will be added frequently. with clients to create end-to-end learning programs which include pre and post training activities, onsite live or virtual course sessions, assessment opportunities, branded portals, sound metrics and comprehensive reporting. With economic downswing, the landscape of corporate America is looking for ways to do things cheaper, smarter and with the same or fewer people. But to be successful in that philosophy means that you must invest in the employees who are retained. Nobel Laureate Gary Becker, professor of economics and sociology at the University of Chicago noted that “Any company has to recognize that not only is the human capital of their employees a major asset, it is also a depreciating asset that needs continuing investment.” Institute for Professional Development 7
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  11. 11. Since the University’s founding in 1889, Saint Leo • Excellence aspires to provide one-on-one attention, flexible learning • Community opportunities, and a solid foundation for personal • Respect fulfillment and career advancement. Saint Leo University • Personal Development offers a practical effective model for life and leadership • Responsible Stewardship in a challenging world. Our learning environment emphasizes these core values: • Integrity
  12. 12. What you need for where you’re going Founded 1889 P.O. Box 6665 Saint Leo, FL 33574 (352) 588-7373