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Nashville Brochure

  1. 1. Diploma Plus Network Services As the developer of Diploma Plus, CommonwealthDP Students Experience: Corporation (CommCorp), a Massachusetts-• Graduating prepared for both college and career chartered non-profit organization, continuously• Opportunities to accelerate their education works with DP schools to refine the model, supports• Academic connections to the real world program implementation at all sites, and convenes• Supportive relationships with caring adults the DP regional and national networks.DP Students: National Office• Have been failed by a traditional education Diploma Plus National and New English system that did not adequately nurture their Commonwealth Corporation: 617-727-8158 gifts, curiosity, intelligence, and power as learners.• Are over-aged and under-credited, been unsuccessful in middle or high school, or desire an engaging alternative high school experience.• Demonstrate a wealth of creativity, honesty, courage, and hopefulness in pursuit of their high school diplomas. Transforming Students’ Experiences Nashville Diploma Plus High School Jill Bates, Lead Administrator NOW 160 Rural Avenue Nashville, TN 37209 and for the 615.352.3137 Main 615.352.3911 Guidance 615.352.5703 Fax FUTURE schools/diploma plus
  2. 2. Admission: DP schools are built on four To enroll in Nashville Diploma Plus High School, a key essentials: student must: • Performance-Based Approach to Curriculum and • Complete the application, which may be Instruction, Assessment, and Promotion. Curriculum downloaded at (link to application). Applications Diploma Plus’ Path To Success: is built from the DP competencies and state and are also available at the school, located at 160 Rural local curriculum frameworks. Student progress is Avenue, or through the MNPS Customer Service Diploma Plus schools have three phases- based upon completion of authentic performance Center, located in the Metro Schools Administrative the Foundation, Presentation, and Plus Phase. In and project-based tasks. Building. Applications should be submitted to all three phases students meet content objectives • Supportive School Culture. Diploma Plus schools the MNPS Customer Service Center, 2601 Bransford through clearly defined competency expectations focus on developing and maintaining a positive and Avenue, Nashville, TN 37204. while participating in real-world experiences and building relationships with caring adults. supportive school culture that is rigorous, student centered and culturally responsive. • Complete a personal interview with Diploma Plus administration. This interview should include the The Foundation Phase focuses on: • Future Focus. DP schools implement a multi-year student and his/her family or other supportive • eighth-grade prioritized standards, career an sequence of career and college exploration activities adult. college exploration activities, and advisories. and services that are embedded in advisories, The Presentation Phase highlights: classroom activities, and out-of-school time. • Demonstrate a reading level at or above 6th grade. • tenth-grade prioritized standards, college • Effective Supports. DP schools possess a variety of exploration, job shadows, Gateway portfolios organizational features and management systems Space is limited and applications are evaluated in the and presentations. that support implementation of the DP model and order they are received. The Plus Phase emphasizes: the delivery of a high quality educational program. • post-secondary transitional experiences that Nashville Diploma Plus High School is a Metropolitan include: community-based projects, independent Nashville Public School that is supported through the academic work, participation in small learning Alternative High School Initiative. communities, relevant internships, and completing post-secondary courses.DP is an alternative in the best sense of the word. Its role is to transform our students’ lives from what they’ve been told they can’t be to what we know they can and will be.