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Digital transformation at RAU

Presentation given to the Landex team, Thursday 7th June 2018

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Digital transformation at RAU

  1. 1. Digital transformation at RAU Landex presentation Thursday 7th June 2018 Marieke Guy, Learning Technologist Rachael Foy, Senior Lecturer
  2. 2. Digital transformation work • Digital strategy • Gateway – our VLE • myRAU • RAU Resource Lists • Learning and teaching • Future work
  3. 3. RAU Digital strategy will… • Comprise of: • Vision statement with high-level goals (external facing) • Underpinned by implementation plan (internal facing) • Connect with other strategies • Align with areas of strategic importance • Have clear measures of success • Allow staff and student feedback and contribution • Currently at 2nd viewing by IT strategy group
  4. 4. RAU Digital strategy • Goal 1: Improve the student digital experience • Goal 2: Enhance learning and teaching using technology • Goal 3: Strengthen student voice by engaging them in their digital journey • Goal 4: Design for inclusion • Goal 5: Deliver smart digital solutions that make effective use of staff time and university resources
  5. 5. Gateway – our VLE • Jisc have carried out VLE review • VLE working group in place • Trello board with improvements list • Gateway Baseline • Gateway exemplar page • Templates for module and programme pages • Discussions with partners on Gateway use – training, template
  6. 6. myRAU • Comprehensive student portal software – ‘university in a box’ • Available as a desktop and as a mobile app • Can be customised by the student • Targeted dashboards for different student groups • Links to courses, email, calendar, charges, library account, newsfeeds, most important web pages (internal and external) • Have completed usability testing for main dashboards • Now in soft launch phase – use and testing by a larger group of students – students giving feedback • Launch start of academic year (September)
  7. 7.
  8. 8. RAU Resource Lists • Dynamic online resource list – centrally managed • Can include online resources, videos, digitised content • Lists are connected to a hierarchy based on our centres, programmes and modules • The service is connected to the library catalogue and to library acquisitions • Lists can be integrated in Gateway (our VLE) • Will hopefully bring a better student experience • More clarity around list expectations and more current lists • Training programme for summer • Launch start of academic year (September)
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Learning and teaching • TEL resources • Lesson bank • Panopto sessions • Jisc student digital experience tracker • Digital capability investigation • Increased use of existing tools including Panopto & Mahara
  12. 12. Future work • Turnitin changes • Data dashboards • Virtual reality lesson ideas • 360 video resources • Digital exams • More interactive resources • Staff digital capability building • The digital transformation at RAU blog:
  13. 13. Ext: 4411, IT services