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Evaluation question 1 Cara


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation question 1 Cara

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1 By Cara
  2. 2. Crowd shots Example: Crowd shots are often seen in a lot of mainstream music videos to show the popularity of the artist. We tried to replicate this in our video.
  3. 3. Lip syncing Example: Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Lip syncing is also very conventional of mainstream music videos, particularly rap.
  4. 4. Black & white effect Example: Kanye West - Mercy We put our whole video in black and white, this is also conventional of mainstream music videos. Jay-Z and Kanye West are known for using the black and white effect in their videos.
  5. 5. Lyrics on screen Example: Kanye West – The Good Life We also used lyrics on screen which is also used often in many rap music videos. Again, artists such as Jay-Z and Kanye west have been known to do this.
  6. 6. Example: Rihanna – What Now Close-ups Close-ups of the artist’s or subject’s face are also very common of many mainstream music videos, so we added a few close-ups in our video.
  7. 7. Mirror effect Example: Jay-Z ft. Kanye West – N*ggas in Paris The mirror is another effect to be widely used in many music videos, so we added the effect to our video too.
  8. 8. Green screen Example: Marina & the Diamonds – I am not a Robot The Green Screen is a modern piece of technology that is now widely used in mainstream media, so we incorporated it into our video.
  9. 9. Split-screen Example: Roman Tomé - Mojo The split-screen effect is less often seen in mainstream music videos but we felt that it worked for our video, so we incorporated it.
  10. 10. Bright lights/strobe Example: Jay-Z ft. Kanye West – N*ggas in Paris Bright/strobe lighting is conventional of mainstream music videos to keep viewers attention and to add visual interest.
  11. 11. Dance Example: Beyoncé – Single Ladies Dance and/or movements and hand gestures are used in almost all music videos usually to help viewers connect with the rhythm of the music.