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Presentation on Presentations


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Some quick points to help in providing technical presentations.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business

Presentation on Presentations

  1. A Presentation on Presentations Yo dawg.
  2. Types of Presentations Sales or Product-based Training Technical
  3. Define the Problem You got a problem with that?
  5. Tell a Story Tell a story Make one up Retell something that happened to you Choose a historical event and make it relatable
  6. Solve the Problem If you’ve got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.
  7. Take Your Time Breath Pause between slides Drink some water Slow down
  9. Keep it Interesting Inject Humour Use Pictures Flickr Creative Commons Search
  11. Bullets Don’t go overboard Don’t reveal everything all at once
  12. Code Highlight the important stuff Don’t reveal everything all at once
  13. Questions? I can’t promise answers.