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Plant Trip Seminar Fall 2010


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Plant Trip Seminar Fall 2010

  1. 1. Brought to you by Career Services On-Site Company Visit and Overview of Benefits
  2. 2. Tonight’s Special Sponsor
  5. 5. Stick Around for the Raffle Hire  University and corporate gifts  Gift certificates from local merchants  A month parking pass for the President’s Lot
  6. 6. On-Site Company Visit Sometimes known as: “The Second Interview” “The Plant Trip”
  7. 7. Purpose of Company Visits  Company has more time for in-depth assessment of you.  You can decide if this is the right organization and location for you.
  8. 8. Preparing For Your Visit  Review initial interview notes  Review more interview questions  Thorough review of employer’s web site  Industry/business association publications  Alumni or contacts within company
  9. 9. Resources For Company Information  LinkedIn  HuskyLink  Wikipedia   Hoover's Online
  10. 10. Additional Resources  Fortune 500 biggest U.S. Companies  Business Week 100 best small U.S. companies  Inc. list of 500 fastest-growing U.S. companies  Forbes list of best small companies in America  Career Services  Faculty & Staff, Family & Friends
  11. 11. Understand Travel Arrangements Email is preferred for communication  A detailed itinerary  Who makes travel / hotel arrangements?  Is the company financing your travel? Pre-paid or reimbursed? Keep all receipts!  Married? Will your spouse accompany you?
  12. 12. Details About The Trip Important details  Directions to the company  Dates/times and places you are to meet  Recommended way to get from airport to hotel or company (shuttle, limo, cab)  Expected dress code  Required materials you should bring
  13. 13. What To Take  ID, passport, credit cards, some cash  Resumes, transcripts, references, portfolio  Appropriate clothing and shoes  Professional binder with note pad and pens  Briefcase/shoulderbag vs. backpack
  14. 14. Arrival and Hotel Details  Can use hotel alarm clock & wake up call  Set your cell phone alarm  Avoid room charges Local calls, room service . . . Movies???  Do not bill long distance calls to your room
  15. 15. Be Professional, Everywhere  You are being evaluated during EVERY part of your trip.  Everyone from receptionists, staff assistants to janitors may communicate with your prospective employer if they were
  16. 16. The Interview Day  May need to check out of the hotel that morning  Don’t trash the hotel room  Know how you will get to the facility  The day is usually filled with interviews  Two types of plant trips:  Individual
  17. 17. Individual Interviews  Average 3-5 interviews with various people  Potential supervisors  Department managers  VP or plant managers  Share what you know about company and yourself  Ask appropriate questions  Avoid questions about pay, benefits
  18. 18. Individual Interviews  May be asked the same question many times Remain upbeat and energetic Don’t worry about repeating your answers  Dining with the company You are always being evaluated Business and Dining Etiquette Dinner: Wednesday, October 20, 5:30 at the MUB
  19. 19. Group Interviews  Could be as many as 20 – 40 candidates  Common in consulting industry  Useful to employers to “efficiently” reduce the pool of candidates  Teams are selected to complete an exercise, solve a problem
  20. 20. Group Interviews  May have one-on-one interview time  Company will observe your behavior in a group:  Who asks questions  Who communicates easily with others  Who dominates conversations  Who hides in the corners  Who can lead effectively
  21. 21. Testing  Technical Skills  Psychological Profile  Aptitude  Drug Testing (hair, urine)  Criminal Background Check
  22. 22. After The Trip  Take good notes for self  Write a thank you note to your main contact  Send brief notes to others who had significant meetings with you
  23. 23. Patience  Find out when company plans to make decision  No news yet? Contact company after the “decision date” to inquire about your status as a candidate
  24. 24. Congratulations, You Got The Offer!!  You do not have to take the first offer  You may get a week or more to make decision  How to delay a decision Ask for more time Contact Career Services for guidance  Consider all your options  But, once you accept, avoid reneging
  25. 25. Salary and Cost of Living Resources   Calculates cost of living comparisons between cities  Lots of information about salary negotiation tips
  26. 26. Salary and Cost of Living Resources Michigan Tech Career Services' Salary Information Salary Survey with recent grad data Remember to fill out a job offer form on Career Services' web site:
  27. 27. Overview of Benefits Much to Consider: Can add as much as 30% to the value of your base pay Health Insurance Choice of Plans (HMO or PPO) What will be your contribution Monthly Premiums Co-payments Deductibles Out of Pocket Limits Lifetime Maximums
  28. 28. Overview of Benefits Much to Consider: Dental Insurance Vision Insurance Retirement (401K) Your contribution and company’s matching contribution Life Insurance
  29. 29. Overview of Benefits Much to Consider: Relocation Expenses Tuition Reimbursement Vacation Days/Personal Days Paid Holidays Other Miscellaneous “Perks” Visit with Career Services staff for guidance
  30. 30. It is Raffle Time! Good luck