Plant Trip Seminar Fall 2010


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  • First Year Class started this week. Graduate (maybe 2015)
    You started 2006, 5, 4???
    Advice you would like to offer those first year students???
    Information about job search
    All year process, maybe longer.
  • List of fall seminars
  • List of fall seminars
  • List of fall seminars
  • List of fall seminars
  • List of fall seminars
  • Raffle time
  • Plant Trip Seminar Fall 2010

    1. 1. Brought to you by Career Services On-Site Company Visit and Overview of Benefits
    2. 2. Tonight’s Special Sponsor
    5. 5. Stick Around for the Raffle Hire  University and corporate gifts  Gift certificates from local merchants  A month parking pass for the President’s Lot
    6. 6. On-Site Company Visit Sometimes known as: “The Second Interview” “The Plant Trip”
    7. 7. Purpose of Company Visits  Company has more time for in-depth assessment of you.  You can decide if this is the right organization and location for you.
    8. 8. Preparing For Your Visit  Review initial interview notes  Review more interview questions  Thorough review of employer’s web site  Industry/business association publications  Alumni or contacts within company
    9. 9. Resources For Company Information  LinkedIn  HuskyLink  Wikipedia   Hoover's Online
    10. 10. Additional Resources  Fortune 500 biggest U.S. Companies  Business Week 100 best small U.S. companies  Inc. list of 500 fastest-growing U.S. companies  Forbes list of best small companies in America  Career Services  Faculty & Staff, Family & Friends
    11. 11. Understand Travel Arrangements Email is preferred for communication  A detailed itinerary  Who makes travel / hotel arrangements?  Is the company financing your travel? Pre-paid or reimbursed? Keep all receipts!  Married? Will your spouse accompany you?
    12. 12. Details About The Trip Important details  Directions to the company  Dates/times and places you are to meet  Recommended way to get from airport to hotel or company (shuttle, limo, cab)  Expected dress code  Required materials you should bring
    13. 13. What To Take  ID, passport, credit cards, some cash  Resumes, transcripts, references, portfolio  Appropriate clothing and shoes  Professional binder with note pad and pens  Briefcase/shoulderbag vs. backpack
    14. 14. Arrival and Hotel Details  Can use hotel alarm clock & wake up call  Set your cell phone alarm  Avoid room charges Local calls, room service . . . Movies???  Do not bill long distance calls to your room
    15. 15. Be Professional, Everywhere  You are being evaluated during EVERY part of your trip.  Everyone from receptionists, staff assistants to janitors may communicate with your prospective employer if they were
    16. 16. The Interview Day  May need to check out of the hotel that morning  Don’t trash the hotel room  Know how you will get to the facility  The day is usually filled with interviews  Two types of plant trips:  Individual
    17. 17. Individual Interviews  Average 3-5 interviews with various people  Potential supervisors  Department managers  VP or plant managers  Share what you know about company and yourself  Ask appropriate questions  Avoid questions about pay, benefits
    18. 18. Individual Interviews  May be asked the same question many times Remain upbeat and energetic Don’t worry about repeating your answers  Dining with the company You are always being evaluated Business and Dining Etiquette Dinner: Wednesday, October 20, 5:30 at the MUB
    19. 19. Group Interviews  Could be as many as 20 – 40 candidates  Common in consulting industry  Useful to employers to “efficiently” reduce the pool of candidates  Teams are selected to complete an exercise, solve a problem
    20. 20. Group Interviews  May have one-on-one interview time  Company will observe your behavior in a group:  Who asks questions  Who communicates easily with others  Who dominates conversations  Who hides in the corners  Who can lead effectively
    21. 21. Testing  Technical Skills  Psychological Profile  Aptitude  Drug Testing (hair, urine)  Criminal Background Check
    22. 22. After The Trip  Take good notes for self  Write a thank you note to your main contact  Send brief notes to others who had significant meetings with you
    23. 23. Patience  Find out when company plans to make decision  No news yet? Contact company after the “decision date” to inquire about your status as a candidate
    24. 24. Congratulations, You Got The Offer!!  You do not have to take the first offer  You may get a week or more to make decision  How to delay a decision Ask for more time Contact Career Services for guidance  Consider all your options  But, once you accept, avoid reneging
    25. 25. Salary and Cost of Living Resources   Calculates cost of living comparisons between cities  Lots of information about salary negotiation tips
    26. 26. Salary and Cost of Living Resources Michigan Tech Career Services' Salary Information Salary Survey with recent grad data Remember to fill out a job offer form on Career Services' web site:
    27. 27. Overview of Benefits Much to Consider: Can add as much as 30% to the value of your base pay Health Insurance Choice of Plans (HMO or PPO) What will be your contribution Monthly Premiums Co-payments Deductibles Out of Pocket Limits Lifetime Maximums
    28. 28. Overview of Benefits Much to Consider: Dental Insurance Vision Insurance Retirement (401K) Your contribution and company’s matching contribution Life Insurance
    29. 29. Overview of Benefits Much to Consider: Relocation Expenses Tuition Reimbursement Vacation Days/Personal Days Paid Holidays Other Miscellaneous “Perks” Visit with Career Services staff for guidance
    30. 30. It is Raffle Time! Good luck