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UN 1010 Classroom Presentation Fall 2010


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UN 1010 Classroom Presentation Fall 2010

  1. 1. Career Services YOUR Resource Julie Way Career Advisor
  2. 2. Develop Your Career Choose to Use Your Career Services  Michigan Tech Career Services… ◦ We’re on your team ◦ We talk to companies and recruiters ◦ We educate ourselves ◦ We educate, mentor, and guide students ◦ We plan and organize 2 valuable career fairs ◦ We host numerous recruiters for interviews almost daily ◦ We strive to help as many students as possible attain their dream job during and after their education experience
  5. 5. Career Services  Provides numerous campus-wide services:  Educational Seminars  Job Search  Resumes  Interviews  Plant trip visits  Career Fair Prep  Networking  Business and Dining Etiquette Dinners  Interview Skills Week  Resume Blitz  MUB - Fall and Spring Semester  Residence Halls - Spring Semester  Interview Skills Week
  6. 6. Career Services  Provides one on one help with all your career development needs:  “My Plan” A personal assessment tool  Resume and cover letter writing  Interview coaching and practicing  Job Search Strategies including our on-line recruiting software – NACElink  Career Fair Prep  On-campus interview scheduling  Offer negotiation and benefits evaluation  Business etiquette advice  Networking Skills
  7. 7. The Resume Create an Outstanding and Effective Resume  The first and perhaps the most vital step in preparing yourself for a successful job search is to create a powerful resume that will open doors and generate interviews.  And you’ll want a powerfully effective and attractive resume because: “On average, most recruiters spend about 30 seconds scanning a resume and cover letter before sending it to the “yes” or “no” pile.”
  8. 8. What do employers want from me? Employers are looking for people with these Top 10 skills and experiences:  Co-op and/or Internship Experience  Teamwork and interpersonal skills  Communication skills (both written and oral)  Leadership experience  Strong work ethic  Computer Skills & Technical skills  Motivation & Initiative (can you think outside the box?)  Problem solving/Analytical skills  Flexibility/adaptability  Accomplishments/Achievements  Confidence Your resume should provide EVIDENCE that you possess many of these skills
  9. 9. Evidence  Use your resume to provide evidence of the skills companies are looking for.  Provide detailed examples.  If you don’t have many of those skills, start developing them NOW!
  10. 10. At the Top: CONTACT INFORMATION  Make it easy for recruiter to find you  Include name, permanent and/or school address, telephone number, e-mail address  Avoid information that is about to expire  E-mail address should be business-like  URL of personal webpage may be included, if only professional information
  11. 11. How do I create a resume? Consider the following categories: Objective - what you want to do, who you want to work for Education - schools, locations, degrees, dates, GPAs Co-Op and/or Internship Experience – who you worked for and what you did Project Experiences - Enterprise, Senior Design, Coursework, Extra-Curricular Leadership Experience - project manager, campus involvement, university athletics Work Experience - paid, unpaid, volunteer Skills - Computer, Technical, Language Accomplishments - don’t be shy Activities – Hobbies, personal interests, music , (Broomball)
  12. 12. EDUCATION Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI B.S. Electrical Engineering Expected May 2009 Minor: Concentration: Focus: GPA 3.1
  13. 13. CO-OP/INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE Caterpillar, Inc. Peoria, IL Manufacturing Co-op Engineer 2008  Researched  Designed  Processed  Fabricated  Tested  Identified  Programmed  Assembled  Repaired  Upgraded
  14. 14. ENTERPRISE/SENIOR DESIGN/PROJECT EXPERIENCE Michigan Tech University Enterprise Program – SAE Formula One Project: Fuel Systems Team Objective: to design and build a small formula style race car that will compete in a national competition against 100+ technical universities and colleges Methods:  Working on a team of 10  Researching and analyzing fuel injection systems  Identifying optimal systems for use in car  Designing and tuning engine systems using GTPower  Fabricated efficient fuel system and installed in race car Results: successfully built race car that beat the pants off of all our competition
  15. 15. ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ACHIEVEMENTS LEADERSHIP/VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE  Scholarships  Awards  Honors  Certifications  4-H  Honor Society  Boy Scouts  Athletic Teams  Missions  Church Youth Group  Martial Arts  Aviation  Entrepreneurial Experience
  16. 16. COMPUTER SKILLS Operating systems: Windows (98, XP) UNIX Programming: Java,C++, C, Fortran, Assembly Software: Mathematica, CADKEY, DATACAD, Matlab, MathCAD, Verilog, UGNX, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Labview, Star Office
  17. 17. WORK EXPERIENCE ABC Electrical Company Anytown, MI Electrician Assistant Summers 2006, 2007  Installed electric service  Designed circuits from blueprints  Wired outlets, lights, switches, hot water heater Country Diner Anytown, MI Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Summer 2005
  18. 18. REFERENCES Name Title Department Company/University/Organization Address Address Phone email
  19. 19. Facebook – just not a good idea  Do a careful reading and observation of your web presence.  Ensure your public or social web space is a positive reflection of you. ◦ What you think is cute and funny, may be interpreted in a completely different way by your audience.  Or…seriously consider removing any personal social networking websites at this time.
  20. 20. The Interview: “So…tell me about yourself”  Is the first question an interviewer asks in the vast majority of times… Develop and memorize a 60 second infomercial. This is where you set the tone for the interview.  Make the next half hour a pleasant one for your interviewer by smiling, and being confident and enthusiastic.  Tell STORIES about your academic, professional, and personal background.  Be unique and funny if you can.
  21. 21. Your Turn…  Be sure to ask intelligent, informed questions of your interviewer. This shows you know their company and you’re making an educated decision to work for them.  Some Sample Questions:  Ask about a specific project you know the company is working on.  What is the company’s biggest challenge at this time.  Where would the company like to be in 5 years?  Ask your interviewer about his position and work history with the company.  Ask about professional development opportunities  Ask about advancement opportunities  Finally – Don’t forget to send an immediate THANK YOU letter. This is appreciated and expected!
  22. 22. Co-op and Internship Education  The single most important qualification on your resume  Invaluable experiential education for students  Important recruiting tool for employers  About 85% of Co-op students receive a full-time job offer from the company they co-op for
  23. 23. Two Annual Career Fairs:  The 2010 Michigan Tech Career Fair is February 22, 2011  Hundreds of companies travel to Houghton to entice, meet, and interview you!  They’ll all be in one place – The SDC  They offer casual, informal pre and post Career Fair informational sessions  Check out our website for who’s coming  Then…
  24. 24. Prepare and Plan  Identify 5 – 10 target companies  Do your homework! Research the company in order to determine what they’re doing and how you’ll benefit them  Practice that 60 second “infomercial”  Let them SEE that you’re serious:  Suit  Tie  Dress shirt  Good shoes  Impeccably groomed
  25. 25. NACElink
  26. 26. Connect with companies who want YOU… with YOUR recruiting software NACElink This software will help you manage and publish your resume, search job postings, and connect with hundreds of employers from around the world. Upload your new or renewed resume to NACElink soon! Go to
  27. 27. A Lot to Think About… It’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for your future. You’re not alone…we’re here to help you. Choose to use your Career Services Resources.
  28. 28. Visit us at Career Services  Located in the Harold Meese Center on Houghton Avenue  Office Hours: Monday – Friday… 8 am – 5 pm  Call for an appointment @ 487-2313  Check out our website –